Design textile labels: This is how you can add an individual label to your homemade items!

Design textile labels, recognize quality, sew on, print

Everyone is happy about homemade products that come from the heart. Not only beautiful, but also practical gifts are particularly popular. Patchwork pillowcases, colorful shoppers and stylish table runners: Nowadays even beginners can tailor creative presents themselves with the right handicraft instructions. Advanced learners often turn their hobby into a profession and sew or knit unique items that they sell online or in boutiques. Regardless of whether it is a business or a passion, labels give the product an individual touch. We will give you an overview of the different variants and share useful tips on how to design textile labels. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Design textile labels: recognize high quality woven labels

Textile labels design your own collection

Lovingly sewn bags, printed T-shirts or hats: a woven label should not be missing on clothing and fabric accessories. Nowadays the textile labels can be provided with text and symbols according to your own preferences. The combination of font, colors and decorative frames give the design a personal touch. Those who choose to do this have to learn to recognize high quality labels. Ultimately, not only the product / gift itself, but also its fabric label should last a long time. If you Order textile labels, so you need to pay attention to the following:

1. The material: Most textile labels are made of plastic. The woven polyester offers many advantages: it retains its shape after many washes, feels pleasant on the skin and is extremely durable. Its ends can be heat sealed. Cotton is sometimes offered as an alternative. Although it scores with a natural look, it also has many disadvantages and proves to be impractical, especially for labels. For example, the fabric label can shrink after washing, the edges cannot be heat-sealed and must therefore be sewn over.

Textile labels design rucksack sew on fabric

2. Colors: High quality textile labels remain colourfast after many washes.

3. Smooth Edges: When the ends are heat sealed, the edges are guaranteed not to fray.

4. Care instructions from the manufacturer: Qualitative labels can even be washed at higher temperatures and are suitable for tumble drying.

5. Attach fabric labels: Most woven labels are offered in two versions. They can either be sewn on or ironed on.

6. Minimum quantity: Usually the minimum quantity is 25 pieces.

High-quality woven labels are ideal for small businesses and boutiques who pay particular attention to quality and want to make a good impression on their customers. Woven labels are mostly sewn on, but can also be attached to knitted fabrics with rivets.

Design textile labels: design and iron on printed fabric labels

Design textile labels DIY gifts decorate cosmetic bags

Craft enthusiasts who want to make small gifts for the guests of an event, a large family celebration or a wedding themselves can opt for the inexpensive alternative. Anyone can design printed fabric labels online in 2 minutes. You can optionally use your own design. In this case, the manufacturer’s instructions regarding size, text height, file format and colors must be observed. Printed iron-on fabric labels can be attached quickly and are particularly practical. Simply carefully remove the protective film, place the label and place baking paper over it. Iron the parchment paper for 20 seconds until the label sticks properly. complete!

Printed textile labels are suitable for everyone who, for example, quickly applies a label to advertising goods such as T-shirts or scarves and then wants to distribute them to visitors to a trade fair, event or celebration.

Leather labels give the product that certain something

Jeans leather label design tips

Leather labels are absolute eye-catchers and look particularly attractive on denim. The text is engraved on real leather, its color is automatically matched to the selected leather color. Optionally, the labels can be punched with a laser so that they can then be quickly attached to the goods. As far as care is concerned, leather labels are sensitive. They can be washed up to 40 degrees and are dryer-proof.

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