Design and decorate an envelope for Christmas – 15 ideas to imitate

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Are you planning to make Christmas cards this year and send them to your friends? Or do you traditionally write someone a letter for Christmas and would like to arrange it nicely? Then you can make the greeting cards or letters even more original by decorating the envelope. For this purpose, we have collected many great ideas and suggestions in the article on how you can design an envelope for Christmas. Let yourself be inspired and send this year’s Christmas cards and letters in creative envelopes!

Beautify envelopes for Christmas

Envelopes decorate christmas greeting cards

Greeting cards just look nicer in a matching envelope and are also more personal that way. If the card is put in an envelope, only the recipient will read its contents. And if the envelope is creatively designed, the recipient is sure to be more delighted. Our suggestions show you how you can quickly and easily design an envelope for Christmas.

Paint the envelope with Christmas motifs

envelope christmas design idea simple

Christmas is associated with many different motifs, all of which are wonderfully suitable for the design of Christmas cards and envelopes. Whether Christmas wreaths, fir trees, colorful lights or funny snowmen, the possibilities are diverse. You can simply paint or draw all of these motifs on a simple envelope and the Christmas design is ready.

Christmas envelopes decorate colorful fairy lights

You don’t have to be good at drawing to decorate an envelope with Christmas designs either. There are also simple ideas that anyone can succeed. Really interesting and playful envelopes are also created when the children take part in decorating. For example, you can draw these lights yourself, which the little ones then paint in bright colors.

design envelopes decorate fir fairy lights

If you are sending the Christmas card or letter by post, then it is advisable to create a design that does not contradict the rules of addressing. Otherwise Swiss Post will not be able to send your letter at all. To do this, only decorate the envelope in the permitted places, i.e. not at the top left and bottom right where the sender or recipient should be.

Christmas envelopes decorate idea diy

If you plan to give the Christmas cards to the recipient personally, then you can decorate the envelope as you wish. A winter landscape, for example, goes well with the occasion and is super easy to design on brown paper. All you need is white and black markers or paints and brushes, as well as a little imagination. Draw the landscape with the black marker and use white to recreate snow.

Design an original envelope for Christmas

Envelope decorate cutouts for christmas trees

If you want to design original, modern Christmas cards with envelopes, then take a look at the following idea. The envelopes are provided with cutouts through which you can see different parts of the card inside. With this simple method, every white envelope can be designed for Christmas and this without much effort. All you need for this craft project is:

  • envelopes
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • Stencil knife
  • Cutting mat

ideas envelopes christmas design template

How to design these envelopes yourself:

First of all, you should draw the chosen design on the envelope. It is best to choose simple shapes with straight lines that are easy to draw and cut out. In the example you can see how beautiful abstract Christmas trees and simple stars look. The shapes should also not be too big and placed in a corner, otherwise the envelope can become a little less stable. You can also adapt the exact location of the cut outs to the design of the Christmas card.

When the outlines are ready, place the envelope on the cutting mat and cut out the shapes along the lines you have drawn. If there are any remains of pencil, use the eraser to remove them.

Finally, put the card in the decorated envelope and you’re done!

Make an envelope for Christmas with washi tape

washi tape envelope design christmas

One material that is really versatile and is perfect for decorating and decorating is washi tape. With the colored adhesive tapes with different patterns you can also decorate the envelopes for the Christmas cards in an atmospheric way. You decide for yourself whether simple lines with colored tape or different motifs created from them.

envelope for christmas design gift washi tape

If you want to decorate the envelopes creatively so that the areas for addressing remain empty, then decorate them like gifts. All you need is some washi tape. Glue the ribbon in the shape of a cross and use four smaller pieces to create the bow. In the middle you can glue a small star or another Christmas motif.

envelope gift tinker patterned ribbon

Instead of washi tape you can of course also use a simple decorative tape and glue it to the envelope with glue. Ribbons with Christmas motifs are best for this.

Design a Christmas envelope with children

tinker envelope decorate christmas kids idea

With a simple envelope as a template, you can make more envelopes in any color and any pattern. Various types of paper can be used for this, such as construction paper, wrapping paper, wrapping paper, newsprint, etc. With brown craft paper, for example, you can make an envelope and design the reindeer for Christmas with Rudolf. All you should do is make the antlers out of light brown paper, glue googly eyes and attach a red pompom as a nose in the middle.

envelopes christmas cards kids templates

If you design the envelopes with motifs such as reindeer, snowmen or Santa Claus, then of course the children can join in too. With a little imagination and creativity, every simple envelope can be designed for Christmas and transformed into a funny figure.

Envelope for christmas design fingerprints reindeer

If you traditionally send Christmas cards from the whole family, you can make them even more personal by decorating the envelope with the family’s fingerprints. For example, you can first print the names of the family members on the envelope and then stamp the appropriate fingerprint over the respective name. A funny figure can then be made out of this, like the reindeer in the example above.

Make the inner lining of the envelope Christmassy

Envelope lining decorate christmas

If you don’t want to decorate the outside of the envelopes, but rather leave them as is, you can decorate the envelope lining instead. A funny decoration inside will certainly put a smile on the recipient’s face and make the Christmas cards even more special. You can use wrapping paper with any pattern and simply stick it on the inside of the envelope.

The inside of the envelope embellishes the light pattern

It is best to choose a Christmas motif when decorating the lining of the envelopes for Christmas. Colorful lights, small Christmas trees, sweater patterns or lots of small stars – the possibilities are many. We hope you enjoy decorating the envelopes for your Christmas greetings.