Design a t-shirt – this is how you spice up boring designs

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T-shirts are one of the most popular items of clothing for spring and summer. Numerous designs are offered in the shops so that everyone can choose the right one. Anyone who wants a special / and significantly cheaper / design can be themselves Design a t-shirt. We’ll show you some ideas on how to do this quickly and with little effort!

Create a t-shirt – designs inspired by the catwalks

Cut out t-shirt-gucci-ideas-modern-stylish

A haute couture shirt for 5 euros? Yes, that is possible. In the picture above left is the inspiration – a model from the Gucci fashion house. For this craft project, you’ll need a body-hugging black crew-neck top, scissors, and chalk. Simply trace the figures and then cut them out – done!

Design a t-shirt – backless models

Design a T-shirt, cut the back, cut the ideas, and wrap it

Numerous variations of these backless models are possible. We’ll show you two of those, and see the photo below for more detailed instructions. The backless T-shirts are just perfect for beach parties or for vacation. They look super cool and can be easily combined with anything.

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Instructions in three easy steps


If you want to copy such a model, first cut the back section horizontally. This creates thin strips of fabric, of which you first take the top one between your fingers and place it over the next strip from above. Now take the second strip and repeat the whole thing with the third, then with the fourth and so on.

Spice up a white shirt with a Chanel print with lace


Plain white models can be spiced up with a stylish fashionable print. If that’s not enough – just decorate the T-shirt with lace. This makes the top a real eye-catcher and is guaranteed to reap compliments.

Beach dress in three easy steps


You can sew a nice summer dress from your friend’s old t-shirt. The procedure is shown in the photo above. All you need to know is a few basics of using a sewing machine.

First cut open the T-shirt, then wrap the back and sew it back together


Show your beautiful back with this shirt design. Use a wide top that you turn halfway inside out, so that such a knot is created in the back area. The idea is very easy to imitate and very practical in hot summer when airy clothing is needed.

Laces on the shoulders


With the help of laces, you can create an interesting lacing design in the area of ​​the shoulders. To do this, equip two strips of fabric with rivets through which you can then thread the cord. Cut a top open to make two pieces (from the sleeve to the collar, along the shoulder). Sew the perforated strips to the edges and tie the two halves of the T-shirt together with the string.

Backless top from the old t-shirt


You can also design a wide top with slits as in the instructions above, without twisting or knotting the strips afterwards. The areas on the sides were also cut out and redesigned here. This makes the outfit perfect for a sports bra. Combine with short jeans.

More cool ideas for t-shirt design


Cut up the old shirt – fringes are totally in at the moment!


Sporty top

T-shirt-design-age-top-wrap-design yourself

Brief instructions for the sporty top


Off the shoulder t-shirt for spring

T-shirt-design-your-own-off-the-shoulder ideas

Design a t-shirt with rivets – a cool idea


Print your own t-shirt


 Wrap the t-shirt in a spiral and then pour two colors. Let dry and wash. Complete! You can find another idea on fabric printing here.

Cut the side of the T-shirt


 Design your own backless t-shirt