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Kokedama is a delightful decoration with Bonsai plants, which is very common in Japan and enjoys great popularity. The word “Kokedama” comes from Japanese and is translated as “Мооsball” (Koke ​​- moss, dama – ball). The bonsai is a hanging ball on which an ornamental plant grows. In the next few paragraphs you will find out how you can make such a hanging decoration yourself.

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Kokedamas need a sunny location and need regular watering. The following materials are required for production:

– moss

Bonsai plants (mostly young plants are used as starting material)

– Akadama earth (red clay) and keto (black peat)

– Base (e.g. ceramic plate)

– Scissors

– fine wire (e.g. made of aluminum)

– Cover net

Decoration with bonsai plants – form a ball out of Akadama, Keto and water

Decorate with plant moss balls

Kokedamas are formed from wet Akadama soil and keto in a 3: 7 ratio by mixing them with water. the Bonsai plants are planted in this mixture. The whole thing is formed into a ball. A corresponding shape is cut from the covering net. This is tied together with the aluminum wire.

Make hanging decorations yourself

Knead Akadama Keto moss ball

Finally, the Bonsai plants Covered all around with moss, which gives the decoration its special charm. Let yourself be inspired and create your own individual green oasis in your own four walls.

Make your own Kokedama

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