Decorating jeans with pearls – 4 instructions and even more ideas

Jeans with pearls -decorate-ideas-rivets-roll up-ankle-length

Decorate jeans with pearls is a wonderful and really not expensive way to give your old pair of jeans a new, individual touch and to feel like doing it again. The jeans are always up-to-date, but can appear boring, bare and unimaginative. We offer ideas and instructions on how to give denim a fresh flair.

Decorate jeans with pearls – pearls, rivets, rhinestones and sequins are possible

Jeans with pearls -decorate-ideas-self-adhesive-decorative-stones-rhinestones-colored

Would you like more color or do you stick to the natural, restrained colors when it comes to clothing? Accordingly, you should also choose suitable pearls, rivets or rhinestones. Ultimately, it would be nice to have the pimped up jeans combined with several pieces. Self-adhesive glitter is also a good alternative, but it doesn’t last long and will likely fail the first time you wash it.

Decorate jeans with pearls and look stylish

Jeans with pearls -decorate-ideas-roll-up-the knee-colorful-rhinestones-decorate

A cool idea is to decorate the knee area with pearls and glittering stones. The colored decorative elements look playful and are reminiscent of summer and spring with the blue background of the denim fabric.

Decorate the knee area with colored self-adhesive rhinestones

Jeans with pearls -decorate-ideas-kneel-decorate-ankle-length-roll up

Rolling up trousers and jeans is celebrating a revival and has recently become very topical. We can only guess whether it has something to do with the global economic crisis or not. It is undisputed that rolled-up, ankle-length trousers look very chic, especially with heels. In everyday life with flat shoes, these stand for urban street style.

Stylishly decorate jeans with pearls – white is always in

Jeans with pearls -decorating-ideas-boyfriend-used-look-stylish-discreet

Decorate the entire length of the trousers with white pearls, which you arrange and fix relatively evenly on the trouser legs. For a stylish appearance, choose medium-sized pearls and leave enough space between the individual decorative elements.

Asymmetrically decorate acid washed jeans with pearls


The acid washed jeans were very popular in the 80s, today they are back in fashion. The uneven, white coloring that is achieved by washing with chlorine is characteristic. An asymmetrical ornament that creates a chic and feminine look would be particularly suitable for this type of jeans.

Decorate jeans shorts with pearls


Jeans shorts with torn trouser legs are a popular item for summer days that teaches a youthful and feminine appearance. Spice up your old shorts with beads or studs and bring them to new life.

Roll up your jeans and decorate with pearls – instructions


Jeans rolled up is in again, but can look even more attractive. Decorate the bright, turned inside out area with pearls, rivets and rhinestones. When looking for decorative elements, make sure that they are not too big, otherwise they would look confusing “hanging”.

Get useful materials: beads, rivets, hess glue, thread and needle


Get hold of the useful supplies – beads, thread, needle, scissors, and hot glue. With a small drop of it you fix each bead in the desired place and then sew on. Combine pearls of different shapes and avoid putting multiple colors together.

Jeans with pearls – fix each pearl with transparent hot glue


Jeans with pearls – decoration sew on


Combine and sew on different beads


Decorate rolled up jeans individually with pearls


Decorating ripped jeans with pearls – instructions


Jeans with rips and cracks are very trendy every season. These with a wide silhouette can be worn equally well in everyday life or at a party, with flat or high heel shoes. But these can be spiced up in a very stylish and interesting way.

Materials – different sizes of white pearls and all-purpose transparent glue


With jeans like this – boyfriend type with tears, it is advisable to opt for single-colored pearls and perhaps use several sizes. Obtain a transparent all-purpose adhesive that you will use to attach the decorative beads to the fabric.

Jeans with pearls – fix pearls with the glue …


… then sew it on by hand with a needle and thread 


Place the pearls in the area next to the cracks to accentuate and flatter at the same time. After the glue dries out completely, you can sew on the beads with thread and needle.

Arrange the white pearls nicely next to the cracks


Jeans with pearls and flat shoes for everyday wear


Jeans with heels for parties 


Decorate the denim vest on the shoulder strap with pearls – instructions


The denim jacket and vest never go out of style, but they shouldn’t always look the same. Spice up your denim part with beautiful embellishments on the shoulder strap!

Useful materials – braid in old gold and various white pearls


Take small and large pearls mainly in white and some in a different color, as accents – gold and silver are always a stylish combination. For an even more gorgeous appearance, get a beautiful border that would serve as a real highlight.

First, sew the border onto the shoulder strap


The border looks slightly epaulets, which are often reinterpreted on the catwalk. Go for one that doesn’t look too flashy as it will only serve as a base for proper decoration.

Jeans with pearls – place the bigger ones first


Start with the large beads – place them unevenly and arrange with smaller ones. Leave the border underneath visible.

If desired – sew on even smaller beads


As an alternative to decorating with pearls – decorating jeans with sequin fabric – instructions


As an alternative to the pearls and equally popular as a decoration for clothing, the sequins appear. These are available as individual parts, as a chain and even as fabric. This can be used to decorate larger areas in a really glamorous way.

Useful materials – denim shorts, sequin fabric, scissors, thread, needle, pattern paper


We offer this pattern with sequin fabric instead of single pearls as an alternative for embellishing jeans that will surely attract attention.

Create a pattern based on the jeans shorts


First, you should prepare a sewing pattern. Take the denim shorts and draw the area you want to cover on pattern paper. Accordingly, cut out a part of the sequin fabric that you will then apply to the jeans.

Cut the sequin fabric according to the pattern

jeans-shorts-with-sequins-decorating-instructions-fabric-paper-sewing pattern

Sew the sequin fabric onto the jeans shorts


When sewing on, pay attention to the little things, such as jeans loops and the area around the zipper.

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