Decorating flower pots – craft ideas with blackboard paint and decoupage

Flower pots decorate textiles glue flowers

Terracotta pots don’t have a lot of personality. Fortunately, you can change that with little effort. Give the cheap terracotta pots a completely new look with bright colors and creative ideas. With simple techniques and a bit of color, you can create yours Decorate flower pots and design it individually.

Decorating flower pots – a great idea with blackboard paint

Clay pots decorate blackboard paint idea plant names

Avoid the green colors for the flower pots unless the green shade contrasts nicely with the leaves. Even very small and complicated designs on the flower pot cannot be seen well from a distance, unless they are at eye level. So, it is better to choose bright and bright colors if you have the Decorate flower pots.

 Decorating flower pots – picture instructions

Decorate flower pots yourself

clay pots terakotta decorate yourself table paint

Flower pots stencil butterfly blackboard paint craft idea

Flower pots decoration butterfly painting blue


Beautify clay pot with textile and decoupage technique

Decorate flower pots yourself decoupage textiles clay pot

Glue vintage lace on the clay pots

Flower pots decoration lace glue vintage romance

Decorate flower pots with lace

decorate terakotta pots lace yourself glue

Glue pages from the old cookbook onto the clay pot

Flower pots creatively decorate vintage cookbook pages

Spice up clay pots with bright pink dots

Decorate flower pots yourself stickers colored dots

Paint the teracotta pots in pink and gold

Make flower pots yourself pink gold colored sap plants

interesting idea with pencils

Flower pots decorate pencils purple ribbon

Zigzag pattern on pillows and flower pots

Flower pots decorate decoupage textile pillow zigzag

Decoupage technique on clay pots

Flower pots ideas decoupage fabric glue pink green