Decorate your house with this great DIY fall garland

diy autumn garland paper-pennants-pine-cones-artificial-berries

As much as we love summer, we can’t hold onto it forever. Like it or not, autumn is approaching. But autumn also has its beautiful sides, such as the bright and warm colors with which it is associated. These include the colors brown, yellow, orange and rust-colored. The diversity of nature in autumn with colorful leaves, pine cones, berries and pumpkins, for example, is impressive. It’s not so great that winter follows autumn, but that’s a topic in itself and you can certainly find a lot of positive aspects there too.

Make your own autumn garland – Instructions:

autumn-garland-tinker-house-decorate-berries-cones-autumn leaves

While you are expecting autumn, you can prepare yourself for it with a few decorations and we have instructions for you on how to create a rustic one Autumn garland from pennants that contain the diversity of nature and the wonderful colors.

You might even have a couple of the materials that you can use for that Autumn garland need, already collected last year, which are just waiting to be used. If not, you have a great reason to take the family for a refreshing walk and look for something suitable.

Materials for the Autumn garland:


– artificial leaves (these should preferably be a little darker at the edges)

– orange, yellow and white artificial berries

– Pine cones (drill small holes in the top and screw hooks into them so you can hang them)

– Scrapbooking paper in shades of brown, rust and beige that you cut into triangles (pennants)

– Quilted fabric in autumn colors, the fabrics can also be leftovers

– a long strip of fabric

– a hot glue gun

– a drill

– eyebolts

1. Add two holes to each triangle at the top two corners.

Pennant-garland-autumn-decoration-punching out

2. Now place two leaves on top of each other, then the berries and a bow over them that you tie from the strips of fabric.


3. Use the hot glue gun to glue all of this on.


4. A long strip of the patchwork was unfolded and sewn lengthways so that the edge frayed.


5. Then line up the decorative pennants alternately with pinecones and connect them with another strip of fabric.


6. Since the pennants and pine cones are threaded onto the strip, they can be carefully pushed back and forth along the strip of fabric so that the Autumn garland gets a length of approx. 75 cm, as shown in the photos. The garland can also be up to 3 meters long.


That was it. As you can see, this is Autumn garland not difficult to imitate at all. With it you can decorate the rooms in the house as well as the garden or the terrace. It’s entirely up to you.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with crafting the Autumn garland with pennant!

autumn-garland-do-it-yourself-pennant-berries-pine cones

autumn garland-tinker-pennants-artificial-berries-pine cones