Decorate kitchen cabinets and freshen up without remodeling


Kitchen cabinets that look dated can really spoil the overall look of the kitchen. Unfortunately, closets are one of the most expensive components when it comes to renovation time. It is possible to decorate the cabinets and without stripping and reworking or painting. Here you will learn how to decorate simple ways and freshen up without remodeling. With a few simple additions, you can completely transform the kitchen and enhance the look of your favorite room in the house.

Handles and knobs of the kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets-freshen-up-decorating-handles-knobs

One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to update a kitchen cabinet is with new handles and knobs. When the hardware finally looks dated and worn out, switch out those old handles and make a notable difference. If cabinets and drawers didn’t have handles or knobs, they can only be added. With careful leveling and sizing, adding the hardware is a very simple task and this alone will give the kitchen cabinets a whole new look.

Kitchen cabinets with fake carvings

Kitchen cabinets-decorate-fake-wood-carvings

Did you know that there are wood reliefs that can be glued onto wooden furniture and cupboards? Visit almost any local woodworking dealer and you will find dozens of carvings made. All you have to do is remove the cabinet doors or drawer fronts, and after the carvings are stained and sealed, secure them with good quality wood glue. Keep the doors and drawer fronts on a horizontal work surface until the glue dries completely. Once the doors and drawer fronts are reinstalled, they look completely new and remarkably different.

Kitchen cabinets-freshen up-decorate-fake-wood carvings

Moldings and stickers

Adding decorative wood elements is another easy way to decorate and freshen up the cabinets without remodeling. The thin strips are available in many colors, designs and widths. They are easy to cut and glued into place along the edges. You will get a unique kitchen cabinet design and add appeal to the kitchen.

Folding cabinets

Kitchen cabinets-fold-out-sink

You can freshen up folding cabinets and drawers by adding a little extra storage space. Drawer fronts can be fitted with practical drop down doors where you can hold sponges, small kitchen utensils, or anything else. You will find that these are very inexpensive online or at most major hardware stores.


When you’ve added new hardware and other decorative additions, the kitchen cabinets look completely different, don’t they? For far less than the cost of completely remodeling the kitchen or adding a new kitchen front, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look. If the existing cabinet models are solid and in good condition, there are several ways you can find different ways to bring them to the present day and improve the overall look of the room.

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