Creative gift for best friend – 23 original ideas to make yourself

DIY gift ideas for your best friend ring plate-bff-tinker

You can always rely on best friends and they are always there when you need them. If you would like to surprise your best friend with a creative present for her birthday or any other occasion, then you have come to the right place. You can find a lot of original ones in our article DIY gift ideas for your best friend, which will certainly put a smile on the face of the ABF.

Classic gift for best friend

DIY gift ideas for your best friend make friendship bracelets yourself

Handmade friendship bracelets are a gift idea that you can’t be wrong with. From simple cotton thread or embroidery thread and rocailles in different colors, colorful bracelets can be knotted, which symbolize friendship and are considered a good luck charm. You can also decorate the friendship bracelets as you like and make an individual gift for your best friend yourself.

Easy gift for best friend

DIY gift ideas for your best friend picture frames-creative-design

The gift for your best friend shouldn’t necessarily be too big or too expensive. You can also surprise them with a simple gift, especially if it’s something personal. With a little color you can, for example, spice up a simple picture frame and make it as a gift for BFF. For example, you can put a loving picture or a favorite photo of the two of you in the frame.

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Edible gift for best friend on birthday

DIY gift ideas for best friend rose bouquet cupcakes

Edible BFF gifts are another popular gift idea, especially if they are homemade. You can create a loving cupcake bouquet yourself from several cupcakes with frosting and give it away for a special occasion.

Make cupcake bouquet yourself

DIY gift ideas for your best friend make cupcake-bouquet-yourself

For a cupcake bouquet, you first need a suitable container, such as a flower pot. You will also need pretty paper cases for cupcakes and a ball of floral foam that fits in the flower pot. You need several wooden skewers to attach the cupcakes and tissue paper in any color to decorate the bouquet. Once you have collected all the materials, you should bake enough cupcakes to cover all of the floral foam. The cooled cupcakes are finally sprayed with frosting and sprinkled with sugar sprinkles if desired.

DIY gift ideas for best friend – personalized mug


Personalized gifts are another popular best friend idea. For example, you can easily transform a white mug into an individual gift by decorating it with your very best friend’s initials. You can do this with an oil-based marker and a letter sticker, for example. Simply stick the sticker on the cup, decorate all around with the marker and finally remove the sticker.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend – make jewelry


The handmade jewelry is very popular and fits perfectly with the everyday look. If you would like to make the gift for your best friend yourself, then you are right with a homemade necklace. Try to adapt the design to the style of the BFF to make a really good gift.

Jewelry as a gift for your best friend yourself do


The quartz necklace from the example above is perfect for every season and can be easily copied. However, experience in making jewelry yourself would be an asset. The materials required for this are quartz crystals, jewelry wire, bent tubes, a chain, jump rings, a lobster clasp and wire bending pliers.

Creative DIY gift ideas for your best friend

diy-gift-ideas-best-friend-necklace-modeling clay

You can also make simple jewelry yourself with modeling clay, especially for your best friend. Any figures can be made from this, which are then baked to harden. Finally, you can use it to make original necklaces yourself, specially designed for you and your BFF.

Homemade gifts for best friends made from modeling clay

DIY-gift-ideas-best-girlfriend-bff-ring bowl-halves-do-it-yourself

If you would like to make a practical gift for your best friend yourself, you can make a simple ring plate out of modeling clay. An additional storage option on the dresser is helpful for every woman and ensures more order on the dressing table.

Make a heart ring plate out of modeling clay – Instructions

diy-gift-ideas-best-friend-instructions-ring-bowl-molding compound

You can design the ring bowl made of modeling clay as a heart and label it with a saying or word for friendship. If you divide the heart in two, each of you will get an identical plate for jewelry. In the picture you will find step-by-step instructions for this gift for BFF.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend – earring holder


If your very best friend is a real earring fan, you can make an original earring holder yourself as a DIY gift. Large earring holders can be made from a simple picture frame, and for a smaller one you can use a small sheet of plywood and mini easel.

Make your own earring holder as a gift for BFF


First you should drill several holes for the earrings, leaving enough space for the earrings between the rows. You can then decorate the wooden plate as you like and conjure up a creative design. With painter’s tape you can easily create different geometric patterns.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend – spice up jewelry boxes


Again with painter’s tape and different colors you can turn a simple jewelry box into a personal gift for your best friend. Instead of color, you can also use washi tape or another decoration of your choice.

Practical DIY gift ideas for your best friend


The hair clips often hit the bottom of the handbag and can only be found after a long rummage. You can therefore make a container for hair clips yourself as a present for your best friend. You can use a tic-tac box for this and decorate it as you wish.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend – a partner look mobile phone case


Best friends, especially when they are teenagers, like to wear clothes, shoes and all sorts of things in a partner look. You can also make matching mobile phone cases yourself instead of buying them and conjure up a very personal design.

Do-it-yourself personal gift for best friend – design a surprise box


If you want to surprise your best friend for her birthday, you can design a box with surprises. You can either make the gift box yourself right from the start, or you can simply decorate and fill a box you have bought.

Ideas for the gift box


You can fill a surprise box as you like, for example with small BFF gifts or shared memories. If the box is a DIY present for a birthday, you can not only put a present in it, but also fun party accessories such as confetti, flowers, birthday candles, etc..

Make BFF gifts yourself – colorful surprise


With photos you can make the surprise box more personal and put a big smile on your friend’s face. Instead of lots of small objects, the box can also be filled with lots of balloons, which are sure to create a party atmosphere.

Great gift for best friend on birthday tinker

diy-gift-ideas-best-friend-birthday-manicure-set-mason jar

If the beautiful manicure is an important part of the life of your very best friend, then you can create a great manicure set as a DIY gift. Get the essentials for a good manicure and put everything in a mason jar. With a little decoration, the manicure in the mason jar is ready as a gift.

Wellness gift box for best friend


Another gift idea that is sure to be appreciated is a wellness box. It is a collection of cosmetic products for the body, face and hair. You can also make the products for the Wellness Box yourself instead of buying them.

Homemade bath balls as a gift for a best friend on her birthday


Fragrant bath balls are easy to imitate and are a good idea for a DIY gift for your best friend. You can make bath bombs in different shapes and with different aromas and make a special gift yourself.

Creatively wrap a gift for your best friend


Beautiful packaging is an important part of any gift. Creative packaging for small or large gifts can be made from paper, making the gift even more special.

Make BFF gifts yourself – candles with a motif of your choice


Candles are well suited as DIY gift ideas for your best friend, especially if they have a beautiful motif. With a simple technique you can conjure up a motif of your choice on the candle and make it perfect as a gift.

Instructions – printing candles


The desired motif is printed on wax paper and then transferred onto a white candle. To do this, you should carefully wrap the paper around the candle and then blow-dry it over the motif. With fonts, you should print mirror-inverted.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend – glitter vases


If your best friend likes fresh flowers, you can make pretty vases out of glasses yourself as a DIY gift. For example, you can easily create a sparkling design yourself with napkin glue and glitter powder.

DIY gift ideas for your best friend with photos


The DIY gift ideas with photos are really personal and will certainly be appreciated by your best friend. You can create a photo collage from your favorite photos and decorate it creatively.

Creative photo collage as a gift for best friend


You can also design letters made of cardboard as a DIY photo collage. You can print the photos in black and white and make beautiful hangers. So they can be used as an original wall decoration.

Decorated initials as DIY gift ideas for your best friend


Instead of photos, you can spice up your best friend’s initials with colorful decorations. Such decorative letters are perfect for decorating individual rooms in the apartment. Colorful decorations such as wool pompoms create a playful atmosphere and represent an atmospheric gift idea for your best friend.

Loving DIY gift ideas for your best friend


If you want to surprise your best friend and show her how much you love her, the “Open me if” letters are a wonderful idea. You can put photos, congratulations and all other creative things in it. Just let your creativity run free and make a personal gift for your best friend.