Create a miniature garden yourself on the old side table

Create miniature garden yourself coffee table wire pergola

If you can live in the middle of nature, you can bring at least a small part of it into your home. One easy way to do this is to get a Miniature garden to tinker yourself. And not in a simple container or basket, but on an old side table.

Tinker miniature garden yourself

Create a miniature garden side table yourself

First, of course, you’ll need to get hold of an old coffee table. Or .. a wooden box and a frame. Then you need tiny accessories and furniture for the mini garden. You can find these as accessories for the dollhouses. Then start with the plants and decorations. As you can see, this is quite an involved crafting project. It has pebbles, various types of plants, a wire pergola, and even a bird house. You can design and decorate your miniature garden individually.

Miniature garden with tiny accessories

Make a miniature garden yourself, gravel, moss, pergola, wire

Pick those plants that have similar needs – water, open air, soil, etc. They will eventually be planted side by side. After that, lay the stepping stones and make tiny walkways. Use your imagination and experiment with something original. These mini gardens are perfect not only for the terrace but also for the living room. Just make sure the plants are getting enough light. If you want to use the side table again, then place a glass plate on it. Then the miniature garden becomes a real terrarium.

Gravel walkway and wire pergola

Create a miniature garden yourself, use an old side table

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