Craft ideas for Easter – decoration for spring mood at the table

Easter bunny Easter eggs painted garland flowering tree branches

Decorate the table with imaginative arrangements! We give them  Craft ideas for Easter with fresh flowers, ceramic figurines and Easter eggs.

Craft ideas for Easter – arrangements with spring flowers and Easter eggs

Porcelain figurines tree branches eggs Easter bunny

the Craft ideas for Easter start with arrangements with spring flowers and Easter eggs. Arrange the table with spring flowers and painted Easter eggs – a spring bouquet under the glass bell attracts attention. Blow out 20 eggs and paint / or spray the eggshells with glitter spay. Or write letters on the eggs with black marker and hang them up to create the heading Happy Easter. Place the eggs in rattan baskets or in a linen bag on the table. Decorate with fresh grass and daisies. Decorate the candles with rhinestones – this creates a festive mood. The ceramic figures also put you in a good mood – rabbits, chickens and other animals symbolize spring.

Craft ideas for Easter – this is how the holidays are fun!

make white flowers yourself, blue candle holders, green napkins yourself

Bring joy to the children – with these Craft ideas for Easter! For example, you can collect tree branches together and then decorate them with ornaments. Let the children help – older children can cut out the ornaments from paper, smaller children can paint them. Complete! You can find more cool ideas for festive arrangements on pottery barn – they offer decorative pieces and home accessories, but always leave room for creativity. So everyone can decorate the table according to personal preferences.

Original ideas for decoration in the house

Napkins bunnies white tulips Easter eggs bird nest

Decorate the house and garden in white and green

Happy Easter Grass Eggs Label Blow Out Table Decoration Ideas

Porcelain figurines, fresh flowers and green grass

Decorate table arrange festive mood

Spring flowers and ceramic figures as decoration on the table

Decorative napkins tie Daffodils to celebrate spring

Cut out ornaments from paper and use them to decorate the indoor plants

Branches of paper ornaments Easter decoration ideas Shokoeier

Lantern with rhinestones and LED candles

Make rhinestones candles LED Easter decorations yourself

Nice surprise for the kids

Surprise Basket Arrange Shoko Eggs Plush Animals

Yellow accents on the table

white lantern easter eggs yellow color ceramic chicken easter

Bunny wooden table Easter eggs lanterns glitter elements

Tree celebrate flowering tree branches decorate house

Glitter candles table tulips bell jar Easter bunny ceramic figure

Decoration ideas house entrance tulips fresh flowers