Craft ideas for Christmas – design Christmas tree balls

Craft ideas for christmas decoration christmas tree balls buttons fabric instructions

Would you like to design your Christmas tree decorations yourself this year? Then you have landed at the right place. We’ll show you some great ones Craft ideas for Christmas, that you can imitate in no time. You will certainly already have the materials you need at home. Otherwise, you can assume that they will get worried quickly.

Craft ideas for Christmas – pack Christmas tree balls nicely

tinkering ideas christmas pack bauble idea red green net

The Christmas tree balls can be decorated in many ways. If you use transparent glass or plastic balls, these can be designed both inside and outside. You can fill the balls with small decorations, paint or stick them on. Very popular craft ideas for Christmas are also those that use styrofoam balls. They are perfect for sticking fabric or sequins.

If you are now curious, just take a look at our DIY ideas for Christmas and get started right away with your children!

Craft ideas for Christmas with feathers

tinker ideas christmas romantic feathers glue tree decorations colorful nature

Feathers are romantic in and of themselves. For this reason, you can implement these handicraft ideas for Christmas if you want to achieve an extraordinary Christmas decoration. The feathers can either be glued to the outside of the ball or you can fill them with it.

Feathers for Christmas in a glass ball

craft ideas christmas colorful feathers idea pretty fir tree

Fabric for handicrafts for Christmas

craft ideas christmas simply video instructions folding fabric vintage

Some craft ideas can also be implemented with fabric for Christmas. Here you again have the choice between filling or “tightening” the ball. A fun and at the same time wonderful idea is, for example, the upper variant with a styrofoam ball, in which the fabric is simply folded and pinned with needles. You can find a video with the instructions at the end of the article.

Tinker Christmas baubles

craft ideas christmas fabric fold stuck needles christmas tree styrofoam

Vintage craft idea

craft ideas for christmas vintage fabric white stripes year ribbon red

Tinker with felt for Christmas

tinkering ideas christmas red white ball christmas bouquet dots

Christmas tree decorations made of linen

craft ideas christmas fabric design vintage inspiration snowflake ball

Styrofoam balls for handicrafts for Christmas

craft ideas christmas fabric stuck inspiration green pink blue trailer

craft ideas christmas fabric stuck instructions simply christmas balls

Craft ideas for Christmas with paper

Craft ideas for christmas paper roll ball shape original

Paper is also suitable for decorating Christmas tree balls and is therefore not missing in our craft ideas for Christmas. For example, tape them or cut out strips with messages and fill transparent glass or plastic balls with them.

craft ideas for christmas glue balls christmas tree notepaper glue

craft ideas christmas stripes paper decoration ball fir tree jewelry

Color the Christmas tree balls

Craft ideas christmas decorative ball glitter colors red green

Would you like to color the transparent Christmas tree balls in any color? Such craft ideas are very easy! All you need is acrylic paints that you put in the ball. Distribute the color by rotating the ball. You can then drain excess paint back into the bottle. The Christmas tree ball also looks particularly pretty if you use glitter paint for this purpose.

craft ideas for christmas drawing idea flowers light blue fir tree ball

craft ideas christmas pine needles jewelry gold winter forest diy

craft ideas christmas materials drawing glitter ball gold

craft ideas christmas diy gold ball glue fir tree paint

craft ideas christmas glitter glue decoration gold diy

tinker ideas christmas forest picture gold white glitter christmas tree ball

Tinker with sequins for Christmas

craft ideas christmas colorful sequins styrofoam ball flowers star

Sequins don’t just look great on dresses and accessories. You can also use it to decorate a styrofoam ball. The sequins are simply inserted into the ball with needles. Other handicraft ideas with sequins are also those with glue. A glass or plastic ball can easily be stuck with sequins.

craft ideas for christmas blue glitter christmas tree decorations stick sequins

tinkering ideas for christmas tree decorations styrofoam ball sequins stuck pink

tinkering ideas christmas sequins colorful, elaborate design styrofoam

More craft ideas for Christmas:

craft ideas for christmas transparent ball photo decoration christmas tree

craft ideas for christmas ornaments christmas tree gold glitter effect accent

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tinkering ideas christmas white romantic bauble artificial snow loop

craft ideas christmas white ball christmas tree make yourself artificial snow

 Christmas ornament with crepe paper

craft ideas christmas crepe paper green pink yellow glass balls

craft ideas christmas glue instructions crepe paper glue

craft ideas christmas children diy instructions sticking christmas tree decorations fun

craft ideas christmas napkin technique paper gluing glue children

tinkering ideas christmas glue paper transparent stripes colorful loops

craft ideas christmas shimmering ribbons filling transparent balls

craft ideas christmas rustic decoration linen balls happy wishes

craft ideas christmas popcorn inspiration original glass ball loop red white

craft ideas christmas pearls transparent ball filling blue nuances loop

Craft ideas christmas shells starfish sand beach theme rope christmas tree decorations

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craft ideas christmas handprint original white red ball christmas tree

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Craft ideas christmas beach style stones broken glass filling ball

tinkering ideas for christmas christmas tree decorations gold and white knoepfe

tinkering ideas christmas bauble colors inside blue-gray jewelry deco