Cozy terrace design – modern ideas for balcony furniture and arrangement


Create your individual and cozy terrace design by collecting ideas from this article. If you have a roof terrace, you can look forward to wooden floors and rattan furniture, because they create a great ambience for every moment in the open air. Whether you want to spend a pleasant time with family or friends, the balcony design is your personal symbol of taste and your own preferences.

Cozy terrace design – urban style

Urban style terrace design roof terrace

If you live in the big city, the roof terrace is your little paradise at home. Cozy terrace design you will create an exceptionally comfortable atmosphere with lots of green plants and garden flowers, as well as a roof where you have placed the balcony furniture. Not only the great view of the skyscrapers, but also the liberating feeling of not being reached, of being a little closer to the sky – that’s just a strong feeling!

Cozy terrace design – oriental style


The typical red natural stone tiles, the fence with concrete, the minaret towers, painted in a row in the upper edge of the fence, all of this speaks for an oriental and cozy terrace design. Take some sun loungers and an umbrella and enjoy a cup of black tea or Arabic coffee. What a treat!!!

The succulents and the pebbles are an exotic terrace design option


Plant decorations and tricks create a cozy atmosphere on every terrace

Terrace-with-a-fence-made-of-concrete-and-natural-stone-plant decoration

Romantic furniture

Vintage style patio decor

Original ideas for terrace design

Plants-are-beautiful-decorated-terrace design

The European way of creating a terrace or balcony



Make the terrace level attractive


Balcony design, wall cladding and bench

Terrace-with-windows-colorful-designed-winter garden

Large format natural stone tiles


Wood and textile go hand in hand


Southern way of designing a terrace in a modern way

Sofa-and-chairs-cushions-table-made of wood

Plastic patio furniture-deck chairs-and-balcony-plants

Open terrace as a natural transition


Big city terrace design ideas


Terrace garden design with lots of wood and bright colors


Round elements in a small space


There is nothing like a modern roof terrace