Concrete shuttering blocks are used creatively in the home

diy-furniture-apartment-shelves-desk-concrete shuttering blocks

Concrete shuttering blocks are specially made stones with a hollow core, which are usually used in masonry and house construction. But you can also find many other uses in the house and garden. With a few inexpensive materials and a little creativity, functional furniture and decorations made of scarf stones can be created in no time at all that will inspire you. Check out the great examples below and see for yourself!

Creatively implement concrete formwork blocks in DIY projects


Build an inexpensive bookcase that is suitable for any room in your home with a few boards and scarf bricks. Turn the scarf stones so that the openings are aligned with the room. There you can store tea lights or various little things. A shelf made of shawl bricks is also a great way to keep the garage tidy.

Concrete shuttering blocks are versatile

concrete-shuttering blocks-desk-wooden board-home-office

This is an ideal desk for any minimalist. It’s also really quick and easy to build. You only need four scarf stones and a wooden board. The gaps in the scarf stones act as drawers and shelves where you can display some pretty decorative pieces.

Flower pots made from scarf stones

planter-bowl stones-succulent-balcony-coffee-table

If you have always wanted to have a small garden in the apartment, you can use the scarf stones as planters or simply build a vertical garden for the balcony.

Bed made of scarf stones

Concrete-shuttering blocks-bed-foundation-mattress-shoe racks

Pallet beds were a hit last year and are great for industrial or rustic style bedrooms. Scarf stones also offer a good alternative to pallets and also serve as the basis for the mattress. The coolest thing about it is that the openings in the scarf stones are also ideal for storing shoes.

low standing shelf in the living room

Concrete shuttering blocks shelf-build-yourself-plywood board

The perfect TV stand can sometimes be difficult to find. You are never sure how much storage space you need and how much space you actually have available. So you can build a TV stand yourself and create space for everything you need (DVDs, game consoles, speakers, etc.).

cool idea for DIY bedside tables


Low board for TV and audio system

self-made-tv-stand-shell stones-wooden boards

Store DVDs neatly


red painted scarf stones


Self-made sofas for youth rooms and balconies


concrete-shuttering-blocks-shelf-balcony-clay peppers-flowers  Bookshelf - living room-build-it-yourself-shell-stones-wooden boards

Concrete shuttering blocks wooden plate-bookshelf-build-kitchen island

concrete-shuttering blocks-tv-stand-bookshelf-wooden boards

concrete-shuttering-blocks-shelf-living room-books-decoration

concrete-shuttering blocks-plant shelf-side table-bluementoepfe  shelf-bedroom-plywood-shell stones


concrete-shuttering blocks-side table-flowerpots-wooden ladder

concrete-shuttering blocks-balcony furniture-sofas-seat cushions