Chestnut decoration for autumn – the most beautiful ideas and lots of simple DIY instructions!

Chestnut decoration autumn table decoration ideas candle lights

The leaves of the trees are colorful and autumn is slowly arriving. With the change of season, of course, nature also changes – the trees shed their colorful autumn leaves and various fruits, such as chestnuts. Chestnut decoration exudes a special warmth and cosiness and with it many wonderful decorations for autumn can be tinkered. Read on and be inspired by our great ideas and simple DIY instructions!

Wonderful chestnut decoration

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Autumn chestnut decoration is an excellent way to save a little money and at the same time a nice activity to do at home on a rainy day. Thanks to its unique texture, you can use it to create an incredible number of beautiful decorative elements. Door wreaths with chestnuts look extremely elegant and extraordinary. By adding autumn flowers, leaves or even vegetables and fruits, you set great colored accents that immediately create a good and festive mood.

Make original autumn table decorations with chestnuts

Table decoration ideas with candles Fall decoration ideas DIY

If you decorate your candles with autumnal materials such as leaves and chestnuts, you create a particularly cozy and romantic atmosphere.

For this you will need:

  • an elegant serving platter or a decorative bowl
  • Block candles in colors of your choice
  • a couple of chestnuts and chestnut peels
  • Acorns, colored leaves or something else – let your creativity run wild

First, place the two candles on the serving plate – whether at the two ends of the plate or right next to each other is up to you. Distribute the leaves, the chestnut decorations and the other elements around the candles so that the plate can hardly be seen at the end. And now light candles, treat yourself to a glass of wine and let the day end comfortably!

Make table decorations for autumn DIY

You can also decorate flower bowls with chestnuts. To do this, first set up a flowering potted plant of your choice in the middle. For the next step you will still need moss – either self-collected or purchased. Wrap it around the plant’s cachepot as slowly and carefully as possible and then line the bottom of the plate with it as well. You can spread chestnuts, acorns or other suitable autumn decorations on it.

Set great accents with painted chestnut decorations

Decorate with acorns Fall decoration ideas easy DIY

You are not that good at handicrafts, but still want an original and unique autumn decoration with chestnuts? Then our next suggestion is just right for you! All you need are a few chestnuts you have collected yourself and a touch-up pencil in the color you want. It would be best if you adapt the color tones to the rest of the decoration or to the style of living in your apartment. There are absolutely no limits to your imagination when it comes to the patterns – anything you like is allowed! To avoid smudging, it is very important to let the paint dry well. You can either fill the beautifully painted chestnuts in a glass or arrange them on a decorative bowl and spice up your table decoration a little.

Decorate the door wreath with chestnuts

Make chestnut decorations yourself Heart window decorations for autumn

Decorate your door with the little treasures from the forest. Whether as a door wreath or for the window – our next idea for chestnut decorations is quickly tinkered and looks very elegant and stylish.

Required materials:

  • About 30 chestnuts – depending on how big you want your wreath.
  • Hand drill
  • Side cutter
  • Thick wire – over 1mm
  • Wide band of fabric
  • Needle nose pliers

Door wreath chestnut decoration simply tinker autumn decoration ideas

And this is how it is done:

  • Since the chestnuts are usually very soft inside and there is a risk of injury, you should drill them very slowly and carefully with the hand drill.
  • Thread the chestnuts you have drilled through onto the wire and form a wreath.
  • If you want a heart shape, twist the wreath a little in the middle and use pliers to twist the ends together.
  • Decorate with a beautiful and elegant bow and attach it to the door or window and your chestnut wreath is ready!

Unique greyhound as chestnut decoration

Make chestnut decoration lanterns yourself autumn decoration ideas for the garden

This wind chime is ready in no time and will be super easy even for the clumsy of you!

For this you need:

  • Chestnuts
  • a pair of cones, acorns, or leaves
  • Apples
  • line
  • branch

And this is how quickly it is done:

  • Thread the chestnuts, acorns, leaves and cones alternately on the cord and fix them at the ends.
  • Tie an apple to the end to weigh down.
  • Tie the finished ropes to a branch and your autumn decoration is ready to hang.

Tealights chestnut decoration

How to paint nuts Instructions table decorations for autumn easy

The next suggestion is the perfect upcycling idea for everyone who wants to live a little more sustainably. Do you have a couple of mason jars that are just lying around at home? Then turn it into an elegant autumn decoration that will give your living room a special touch of cosiness and comfort. All you need are a few chestnuts, a mason jar or a ball vase and of course tea lights. Fill the jar with chestnuts, place a tealight on it and your chestnut decoration is ready! Depending on your mood, you can also add cones or leaves or place a small chain of lights on the floor for a more romantic effect.

Decorating with chestnuts made easy

Chestnut decoration ideas for autumn decoration are easy to make yourself

These small chestnut balls can be perfectly hung over the dining table and give the whole room a warm, cozy autumn feeling.

Required materials:

  • Chestnuts
  • Golden color spray
  • Small transparent balls to hang up

This is how it’s done:

  • Spray the chestnuts with the paint spray and let them dry completely.
  • After they’re done, put them in the balls.
  • Thread in a little string to hang it up and you’re done!

For this simple idea, you can not only use chestnuts – the project will also be just as beautiful and elegant with acorns or small cones.

Funny Halloween chestnuts decoration

Make Halloween decoration yourself DIY pumpkin tinker

Many people associate autumn with Halloween and for this reason we would like to show you a very simple idea for chestnut decorations in which the festive mood is preprogrammed.

For this you will need:

  • Chestnuts
  • Pipe cleaner, green
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • adhesive
  • paint brush
  • Felt pen
  • scissors
  • Googly eyes

Step by step instructions:

  • First, color the chestnuts orange with the acrylic paint and let them dry.
  • Cut the pipe cleaner into four parts and bend the small pieces three times.
  • Put a small drop of glue on each chestnut and attach the green parts to it.
  • Then stick the googly eyes on the small pumpkins or paint creepy faces.

Funny ideas for chestnut decoration

Simply decorate decoration ideas for autumn with chestnuts

Make different animals out of chestnuts with your children and create your own zoo. It’s fun, unique, and everyone will have a lot of fun with it.

A little funny one Chestnut spider can be tinkered very quickly and would complement your Halloween decoration in a great way. For this you need a chestnut, two matches, 8 toothpicks for the legs and googly eyes. Slightly bend the toothpicks and insert them sideways into the chestnut. Then just stick the googly eyes on it and you’re done!

Or how about one Chestnut hedgehog? First you have to drill the chestnut in several places with a hand drill and then insert either pine needles or toothpicks into the holes. To make the self-made hedgehog look even more realistic, a halved acorn on the front is perfect for its snout.

Picture frame chestnut decoration

Picture frame yourself bastein autumn decoration ideas

Picture frames made of chestnut are a very atmospheric decoration idea for autumn that gives your bedroom a personal character.

Required materials:

  • A picture frame
  • Chestnuts
  • Craft glue

Whether you buy a new picture frame or spice up an old one that you no longer like is up to you. Instructions are not required – all you have to do is glue the chestnuts to the picture frame and dry them well permit.

Elegant table setting with chestnuts

Tinker table decorations for autumn yourself, simple decoration ideas

Cones, chestnuts, leaves and moss – everything you need for the perfect autumn decoration in one!

What you need for this:

  • 3 chestnuts
  • 3 acorns
  • toothpick
  • Yellow plasticine
  • drill
  • Decorative bowl
  • hot glue
  • Leaves, cones and moss to decorate

This is how it’s done:

  • First of all, boletus mushrooms are made from the chestnuts for this decoration. To do this, drill a hole in each chestnut and each acorn.
  • Take a little dough and spread it on the chestnut, then insert a toothpick into the hole and attach the glans to the other end.
  • Repeat the process with the other two chestnuts.
  • Glue the moss onto the decorative bowl and finally distribute the remaining decorative elements as you like best.

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