Carving watermelon – 4 creative ideas with instructions to do by yourself

Watermelon carve cheshire cat-nose-strawberry-eyes-olive-alice-in-wonderland-table decoration

Do you want to make a creative and original decoration yourself for the party in summer? Watermelons are very popular in summer because they are sweet and refreshing at the same time. In addition, many different figures can be designed with it. Great ideas on how to make the interesting Carving watermelon and the related instructions can be found in the article. Let yourself be inspired and surprise your children and friends with beautiful table decorations at the next party.

Carving watermelon – the necessary materials and tools

Watermelon carving cheshire cat shape necessary tools materials

To carve the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland yourself, you need a large oval watermelon for the head, possibly seedless, and an elongated watermelon for the cat’s tail. You can use two black olives and a strawberry for the eyes and nose. A large kitchen knife, vegetable knife, chasing knife and melon cutter are also required for cutting and carving. Pins, wooden skewers and toothpicks are required to connect the individual parts. The cat’s face is drawn with a whiteboard marker so you know exactly where to carve.

Carving the Cheshire Cat out of watermelon – first step

Watermelon carving instructions-cheshire cat-markers-contour lines-chasing knife

First, the watermelons are washed under running cold water and patted dry. Then use the kitchen knife to cut 1 to 2 centimeters from the bottom of the oval watermelon to stabilize the base. Next, use the whiteboard marker to draw the Cheshire Cat’s face. The tufts of hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and teeth are to be marked. If you are unsure of the details, use a template provided by the cat as needed.

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Step 2: carve the design of the watermelon

Watermelon carve cheshire cat-eye-shapes-cut-out-paring knife

To carve the watermelon, first use the chasing knife for the contour lines of the mouth. The eyes and teeth can be cut off and hollowed out with the paring knife, but not too deep so that the pulp is not reached. Use these two instruments until the characteristics of the Cheshire Cat get a visible shape.

Step 3: use the elongated watermelon for the cat’s tail

Watermelon carve oblong-cat-tail-cut-out-strips-shapes

Cut out a cat’s tail from the peel of the elongated watermelon and cut off strips as shown in the picture to create the color pattern of the real Cheshire Cat. The rest of the watermelon can be used for dessert or for squeezing juice.

Final steps – attach the cat’s tail, fill in the carving and complete the design

Watermelon-carving-cheshire cat-fruit bowl-attaching cat's tail-wooden skewers

Next, cut the top of the carving back off with the paring knife and remove the back to make a bowl of fruit. Hollow out the watermelon with the melon cutter and use the pulp as a filling for the peel. Then attach the finished cat’s tail to the carving using the wooden skewers, half of the strawberry with the toothpick and the olives for eyes with pins. This is how watermelons are carved like the Cheshire Cat.

Carving watermelon – the hungry panda


This lovely panda can be carved out of a round, seedless watermelon. It is first washed and patted dry, then the base is stabilized, as in the Cheshire Cat carving. Next, a quarter circle is cut from the back of the watermelon to form a face in front and a peel of fruit on the back. The watermelon is hollowed out with a melon cutter and the pulp can be used for a fruit salad.

Design the face of the panda


Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth with a whiteboard marker. Use the chasing knife for a semicircle design around the eyes. Then carefully peel the green top layer of the watermelon with a peeler or paring knife to reveal the white layer. Leave greens around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Use the watermelon scraps to cut out round ears. Finally, fasten the ears and two blueberries with toothpicks, fill the fruit bowl with fruit salad and decorate the table with it.

Video tutorial – Carve panda out of watermelon

Carving a grill out of watermelon – an ideal decoration for the barbecue party

watermelon-carving-grill-stand-lid-fruits-wooden skewers-grill party

If you want to make the barbecue party even more thematic, you can shape a grill out of watermelon and serve fruit on a skewer. So your dessert is tasty yet healthy and matches the theme. For this DIY project you will need a mini watermelon, celery and fruit of your choice.

Tools for carving the watermelon grill

Watermelon-carving-tools-grill-knife-ice cream scoop-wooden skewers

The tools required for the watermelon grill are kitchen knives, paring knives, melon cutter or ice cream scoop, apple cutter, wooden skewers, toothpicks, wire cutters, and biscuit cutters if desired.

Carve watermelon – hollow out the pulp

watermelon-carving-seedless-pulp-hollowing-out-melon cutter

The watermelon is washed, patted dry and cut in half widthwise. The pulp is hollowed out with the ice cream scoop and used as a filling for the peel of the watermelon or for the wooden skewers. The other fruits are also peeled, cut into small pieces and put on the skewers. Different shapes can be created with the cookie cutters. You can grill the finished skewers if you want.

Create a stand for the watermelon


With three dense celery stalks, feet can be formed for the grill. You can easily make suitable holes for this with an apple cutter. They should be positioned correctly so that the grill is stable on the stands.

Shape the fruit bowl and fill it with fruit

watermelon-carving-pulp-blackberries-wooden skewers-grill grate

You can fill the empty peel of the watermelon with its pulp and blackberries so that the filling looks like fire and charcoal. Then the wooden skewers are attached to the upper part of the bowl as shown in order to make a grill grid. The protruding ends of the skewers are removed with the wire cutters. Put the fruit on the skewer and the lower part of the grill is ready.

Make a lid for the grill


You can use the other half of the watermelon to make a lid for the grill. Use the toothpicks to attach a small piece of celery to the top of the lid to form a handle. Then the watermelon grill is ready to serve.

Carve a creative handbag from an elongated watermelon


This handbag with glitter is a suitable decoration for girlish children’s birthdays or parties. The first thing to do is wash an elongated watermelon and cut it in half lengthwise. Then take one half and cut off the top end. Use a paring knife to cut out the pulp. This is the base of the bag, which can be placed on a flat plate.

Carve watermelon – form bag handles


Next, lay the other half with the cut side down. Then divide it in half again and cut a 3 to 5 centimeter wide slice from the longest part for the bag handle. Cut off the pulp and carve a wavy edge for the handle from watermelon. Attach the bag handle to the base of the bag with toothpicks and make any decorations with the rest of the watermelon. Shapes of any kind can be made from the pulp and used as a filling for the bag. With a hot glue gun, you can glue rhinestones on the shell and create a glittering effect.