Building planters out of wood: DIY – projects for flower boxes

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From April hobby gardeners like to stay outdoors. And then at the latest the question arises of how to give the outside area a structured look. Of the Planter made of wood proves to be a functional addition – it can optically separate the terrace from the lawn, creates order and offers the possibility of displaying the houseplants in the garden.

Wooden planter in combination with a garden bench


This wooden planter was actually bought ready-made from a local hardware store and then rebuilt. First, the bucket was divided into two – the first half was turned into a garden bench, the second – planted with trees. On the one hand, the garden owners now have more seats, on the other hand, the trees cast shadows on the cozy seating area.

Wooden planter in combination with a garden table


This garden table is custom-made and was built by a local carpenter. However, skilled gardeners can be inspired. Our tip – buy two planters and mount a table top on them. complete!

Build a planter from an old beer barrel

Planter-wooden-wine barrel-flowers-climbing plants-ivy

A beer barrel can be quickly transformed into a planter. The simplest variant is to arrange the individual planters in the beer barrel. Optionally, the barrel can be covered with steel / foil and planted. And the small indoor fountain? Of course, it also fits in.

Build your own planter from recycled wood

Planter-wood-recycled-pallet-ideas-allotment garden

Recycled wood is extremely durable – the planters made from Euro pallets, for example, can withstand snow and rain without any problems. At the same time, a wooden flower box blends harmoniously into the garden landscape.

Build planters out of old parquet / wood tiles


These planters follow the latest upcycling trend. The homeowners have renovated their living room and replaced the parquet floor. They then built various planters out of the old parquet. With a little color they became eye catchers.

You can find more imaginative DIY projects in the photo gallery below.

Build planters out of wooden pallets


Planters in the allotment garden – a cool idea for the backyard


Upcycling trend – old furniture is turned into planter

Planter-wooden-chest of drawers-old-new-planting-ideas

Paint the wooden planter gray and decorate it with river stones


Give new planters the trendy old look with a coat of paint


Garden bench and planter made of wood – the perfect duo for the allotment garden


Beautify the old planter with rivets


Build your own planter from an old cupboard

Planter-wood-recycled-flower box-ideas

Planter-wooden-wine box-build-it-yourself-ideas-DIY





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