Building a table out of wine boxes – 12 practical DIY ideas and building instructions

Table made from wine boxes diy living room table storage space

If you find the usual furniture from the store too boring and do not want to spend a lot of money on designer furniture, then you can easily build unique pieces of furniture yourself. Pallets or various wooden boxes, such as fruit or wine boxes, are often used for this. A Table made from wine boxes can add charm to any room and can be built in just a few steps. Below are a few DIY projects for different tables that you can build yourself from wine crates. Let yourself be inspired and furnish your apartment individually and elegantly.

Table made of wine boxes as a unique piece of furniture

Table made of wine boxes, side table-metal legs-shelf-diy

If you want to build furniture yourself from wine boxes, you can use both new and used wooden boxes. The used wine boxes have some signs of use, such as cracks and dents, but they look really charming and elegant. If the box also has a stamp or imprint, the self-made furniture will also have a unique vintage look. With new wine boxes, on the other hand, you can design modern furnishings for the living room or bedroom yourself.

Build a practical table from wine boxes – side table with storage space

Table made of wine boxes, side table-legs-storage space-bookshelf

The furniture from wine boxes is a practical piece of furniture, especially for the small apartment, because they offer additional storage space for storing various items. An elegant side table is created from two wine boxes, the bottoms of which are screwed together, which also serves as a shelf. This makes a nice and practical idea for the hallway or the bedroom.

Build a coffee table yourself from wine boxes

Table from wine boxes roll-build-storage-indoor plants

Beautiful coffee tables for the living room can also be built from old wooden boxes. You can use either four or six fruit or wine boxes for this. Four wine boxes can be used to build a square living room table that offers plenty of storage space. The table made of wine boxes can be colored as desired and can be built on castors if desired.

Materials needed for a table made from wine boxes

Build a table from wine boxes-materials-wooden boxes-plywood

A coffee table made from wine boxes is a good furnishing idea for large or small living rooms. The materials you will need for this DIY project are four wine boxes, a wooden board, wood screws and a cordless screwdriver. If you wish, you can still get furniture castors to build the table on castors. You can also treat the wine boxes beforehand with sandpaper and wood stain so that they better match your interior.

Correctly organize wine boxes for a coffee table


To make a table out of crates of wine, you need to organize the crates correctly. All four boxes are placed on one side with the bottom inward. If you have arranged the boxes correctly, there will be a gap in the middle. Depending on the size of the boxes, the resulting gap will also be of different sizes.

Color and varnish wine crates


If you have decided to stain or stain the wine boxes, you should do so before assembling. First of all, the boxes should be cleaned of dust and dirt. Then they can be colored as desired or treated with wood stain. To seal the paint and protect the surface from moisture and mold, you should also treat the boxes with varnish, wax or wood oil.

Assemble table from wine boxes

table-wine-crate-building-instructions-screwing-wooden crates

When the wine boxes have dried well after processing, you can start assembling them. The boxes are first screwed together and then screwed to the wooden plate. Use enough screws to ensure that the wooden boxes are tight against each other and do not wobble.

Wine crates table on castors

table-wine-crate-castors-plywood-plate-wheel-screw on

If you want to build the table from wine boxes with castors, then they should first be screwed to the plywood top. You need a total of four rollers, which should be screwed tightly to the four corners. It is best to use furniture castors with brakes. Finally, you should screw the wine boxes and the plywood together. Use at least two screws on each side for this.

Wine crate table with shelf


You can either leave the gap in the middle of the coffee table made of wine boxes open and fill it with decoration of your choice or design it as a shelf. In order to be able to use the area, you should first measure it and cut a suitable wooden board for it. The plate can then be installed in the gap using four mounting brackets.

Coffee table made from wine boxes with storage space


The storage space in the middle of the coffee table is perfect for house plants, candles or for storing various items, such as the remote control for the television. You can still store books, newspapers and magazines in the wine boxes.

Table made of wine boxes in keeping with the decor


If the look or color of the old wine boxes just doesn’t match your interior, you don’t need to forego the idea of ​​a table made from wine boxes. Just find a color that goes better with the interior and color the table accordingly. It shouldn’t always look like wood.

Vintage table made from wine boxes


The wine boxes with stamp from the corresponding winery have a wonderful vintage look and are perfect for a nostalgic interior. The inscriptions in elegant fonts give a retro flair and are perfect for a romantic ambience in your own home.

Wine crate table with glass top for easier cleaning

table-wine crate-coffee table-glass top-living room

If you want a coffee table with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, you can put a matching glass plate on the table made of wine crates. First measure the table and order a glass plate with rounded edges for it. To even out the level, you can place small cork plates between the wood and the glass.

If you want to give the living room a new, fresh look, you can build a table out of wine boxes and spice it up with a personal motif. For a completely individual and unique look, you need an aluminum dibond plate with a motif of your choice. You also need four wine boxes, a carrier plate, four rollers, screws, a drill and a cordless screwdriver. The first step is to attach the rollers to the underside of the carrier plate. Mount the castors just next to the edge of the plate so that the table is stable enough. Turn the plate over and lay the boxes symmetrically with the open side facing outwards. The support plate should be large enough that the wine boxes are not leaned against one another. This way you get additional storage space. The gaps between the wine boxes are particularly suitable for magazines and books. Screw the boxes to the carrier plate and attach the aluminum dibond plate.

Build a living room table with six wine boxes

table-wine crate-coffee table-white-lacquering-living room table

In addition to a square table, an elongated coffee table can also be built from wine boxes. Six instead of four wine crates are required for this, and the additional crates should be installed on two opposite sides. Apart from the different order of the wooden boxes, the assembly instructions for this table made of wine boxes are the same as explained above.

Practical table made from wine boxes for the living room

table-wine crate-living room table-practical-idea-storage space

With a longer wine crate coffee table, you also get even more storage space in the living room. To put several items in order, you can also buy matching storage boxes for the wine crates. This makes the room look tidy and you always have your items to hand.

Build a table out of wine boxes – bedside table

table-wine crate-bedside table-wood-table lamp-flowers

Old wine boxes can be used not only to build practical coffee tables for the living room, but also elegant bedside tables. They are perfect for the area next to the bed and offer enough space for the table lamp, the book and personal items. You can build the table made of wine boxes as large as you want so that it fits the height of the bed.

Materials for the bedside table made from wine boxes

Build-your-own-paint the table-wine-crate-bedside table

For this simple DIY project for the bedside table, all you need is wine boxes with lids and possibly wood stain. You can find cheap wine boxes at wine dealers or on the Internet, for example. In this case, too, you can paint the boxes so that they match your interior. The lacquered wine boxes should dry well before assembly, which works best outdoors, for example on the balcony.

Assemble lacquered wine boxes

table-wine-crates-build-bedside-wooden crates-varnish

To build the bedside table, you can simply stack the wine boxes with lids on top of each other. Since the construction is not stable in this way, it would be better to fasten the individual boxes together with a few wood screws.

Bedside table made from wine boxes for the bedroom

table-wine crate-bedroom-bedside table-practical

The bedside table made from wine crates is a practical and inexpensive idea for the bedroom that does not take up too much time and still looks really stylish. The area created is perfect for your personal items such as jewelry and mobile phones, and there is still space for the table lamp and / or for decoration.

Build bedside table with shelf yourself


Even from just one wine box, storage space miracles can be conjured up for the apartment. For this bedside table you need a single wine box with a lid, four small steel table legs, a cordless screwdriver, screws and mounting brackets.

Polishing table from wine crates


First, the wine box is polished with a suitable wax so that the wood gets the popular aged look. If desired, the inner back can also be decorated with fabric or wrapping paper with any pattern. You choose the exact design yourself.

Install the shelf


A shelf and a lower table top for more storage space are then built from the lid of the wine box. To fix the shelf in the box, you can either use screws or the mounting brackets. So you get a bedside table that has two table tops and two shelves – enough space for books, the tablet and everything you want to have close at hand.

Tighten the table legs


The last step is to attach the legs of the bedside table. The best way to do this is to use table legs with screws, because they are very easy to assemble. If you want to give the room a natural flair, you can also attach wooden legs and in this way ensure a uniform look. You can also put a wine box on stilts and use it as a practical chest of drawers. When you have screwed in all four table legs, the bedside table made from a wine box is ready.

Build a side table with legs


A side table from a wine box can be built in a similar way. You can also decorate the box very individually and creatively to bring it into harmony with the furnishings. For example, for wine boxes with handles, you can use some thread of a suitable color and wrap the handles with it. The choice of color is of course also up to you. A great design is created if you only paint the outside of the handmade side table in a color of your choice. A white coat of paint gives your creation a modern and elegant touch, while the unworked inside of the wine box exudes a natural charm. A great color pattern is also created if you paint the table legs and the wine box in contrasting colors. Let your creativity run free while designing!

DIY furniture made from wine boxes for a beautiful interior

table-wine crate-wooden crate-side table-storage space-legs

The finished table made of wine crates can be used as a shelf and side table and is perfect for storing various items. You can use the inside of the box as a small bookcase, for example, and decorate the table top with beautiful house plants and decorations.

DIY table made from wine boxes – side table


As another creative and inexpensive idea for a side table made of wooden boxes, we present the following DIY project. Again, only a single wooden box is used for this, from which you can build the side table with storage space yourself. In this case, however, the table legs are also built by the user, using copper tubing.

Side table made from wine boxes and pipes


A frame for the side table is built from copper pipes of various sizes. A pipe cutter, pipe angle, T-pipe angle and screws are required for this. In order to harmonize with the wood type of the wine box, the tubes can be colored with a suitable spray paint. The finished table made of wine boxes is perfect for a rustic interior and becomes a real eye-catcher in any room.

You can create a practical and very chic desk from fruit or wine boxes. So you will save money and have a unique eye-catcher in the room. You need a total of eight boxes for the timeless design. The legs of the original desk are built from two wine boxes each. They just need to be screwed together. The boxes are a practical storage space where you can store books, important documents and various office items. Plus, everything you need is close at hand. Then attach a wooden plate and finally place two boxes on either side of the table top. Your table made of wine boxes is transformed into a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can use the fruit boxes on your self-made desk as practical shelves that offer enough storage space for office materials, documents and of course for unanimous decoration.

Such a table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, if you are a passionate gardener, you can use this attractive and comfortable table as a practical planting table. This table is a great helper for hobby gardeners. There is storage space for garden utensils, tools, work gloves and rubber boots. The potting of your plants, as well as pruning or watering, can also be carried out comfortably on the wide table top. Let your creativity run free and decorate the gardener’s table according to your own ideas. For example, put blooming and fragrant plants on the table and turn it into a unique flower display. A new coat of paint gives your plant table a fresh touch and sets colorful accents in the garden. Small decorative ceramic figurines or lanterns will also find their place there.