Building a sofa from pallets – exciting DIY projects

Building a sofa from pallets-balcony furniture-design ideas

Here’s an idea for your next DIY project – build a sofa out of pallets! The piece of furniture can be assembled very quickly and will be fun for both beginners and experienced craft enthusiasts. Let yourself be inspired by the exciting examples in the photo series!

A sofa made of pallets gives the interior a rustic touch


Only completely new Euro pallets with an untreated surface are suitable for indoor use. The most important advantage of the pallets is their construction – they can be arranged one on top of the other or next to one another according to the spatial conditions and your own concept and are then usually screwed together. The seat cushions play a decisive role in terms of comfort.

A sofa made of pallets can spice up the simple interior and give character to the puristically furnished room. The piece of furniture looks particularly good in furnishings in Scandinavian, vintage, shabby chic living styles.

Pallet sofa for the terrace or balcony

Building a sofa from pallets-modern-ideas-balcony

If the Euro pallets are used, they can be used outdoors. The comfortable lounge furniture can withstand rain and snow without any problems and is usually treated against insects. That is why they are not only an inexpensive, but also a practical alternative to ordinary wooden garden furniture that has to be stored in the garage in winter. Even more so – pallet furniture can be painted or varnished in cheerful colors.

A sofa made of pallets spices up the Scandinavian interior of the living room


Modern living room furniture – corner sofa made of euro pallets


The sofa made of pallets blends in harmoniously with modern furnishings

Sofa-pallets-build-stylish-sitting area-living room

Pallet sofa painted in dark gray


Sofa made of recycled wood for the small, puristically furnished living room


The shabby chic living room is also furnished with a sofa made of euro pallets


Sofa with a wooden frame made from Euro pallets – painted in delicate pink nuances


Sofa made from new, untreated Euro pallets with colorful throw pillows


Garden furniture made from pallets – a practical alternative to lounge sofas made from real wood

Build a sofa from pallets-make-your-own-balcony furniture

The sofa made of pallets can easily withstand thunderstorms and does not have to be stored in the garage in winter


Sofa from pallets-build-lounge-seating area design






Sofa-pallets-build-leather-seat cushions-small-living room

Sofa-pallets-build-white-living area