Building a garden table out of wood – 30 ideas with cable drums

You have seen them several times and maybe you would have thought back then that they look interesting and funny. The cable reels can usually be found at electrical wholesalers, building contractors or even on Ebay and can be easily upcycled and repurposed like wooden pallets. If you have a Wooden garden table then consider building one yourself from a cable drum. As versatile as the Euro pallets, coffee tables or side tables for indoor use are made from cable reels. Check out these great ideas and get inspiration for your own projects.

wooden garden table bar idea summer cable drum sunshade stand

Build a garden table from a wooden cable drum

wooden garden table rustic counters design bar stool terrace cable drum

Converting a cable reel into a garden table is extremely easy. This is thanks to its convenient shape. Just let them stand upright and that’s pretty much it. The nicest part is the decoration of the tabletop on top. There are several options available, including mosaic, glass plate, adding a parasol into the gap or installing a champagne cooler. However, the effort for this DIY project is minimal, which is why the cable reels are so in demand.

A DIY garden table in mosaic design as a decoration for the garden

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Build a mobile bar counter yourself from wooden pallets for the garden

Building a garden table out of wood – It’s that easy with a wooden cable drum

wooden garden table minibar idea cable drum cupboard wine glasses wheels

If you like the original look of the cable reel, then you can’t edit the surface either. This way you will have a table with a rustic-vintage-industrial-chic look on the terrace. Alternatively, you can sand and paint the cable drum or paint it in a nice, light color such as white, pink or blue. If your cable reel is small, you can mount rollers and make the table more mobile and versatile. You will find a few more interesting solutions in our collection of ideas. Take a look at this!

Wood bar made from a cable drum

wooden garden table end table idea cable drum cupboard alcohol minibar

Garden table with ice bucket

wooden garden table cable drum idea ice bucket flower pots

Embellish the table top with mosaic


Side table made of cable reel and corner sofa made of pallets

garden table-wood-terrace-cable drum-pallet-corner sofa-wall shelf

Garden table made of wood cable reel with integrated parasol

garden table made of wood-cable drum-sunshade-middle

Decorate the cable drum table – maritime flair with thread and tendrils

garden table-wood-ideas-cable-drum-decoration-yarn-tendrils-pallet-sofa

white lacquered cable drum table

garden table-wood-ideas-cable-drum-terrace-planter-lower shelf

Terrace furniture made from wooden boxes, cable reels and pallets

garden table-wood-cable-drum-fruit-crate-pallets-outdoor-furniture



garden table-wood-cable drum-side table-terrace

garden table made of wood-glass plate-cable reel-romantic-atmosphere-dinner


garden table made of wood-cable drum-project-middle-champagne cooler-ice

garden table made of wood-cable reel-rustic-wedding-decoration

wooden garden table ideas-cable reel-pink-painting-pallet bench

garden table-wood-cable reel-upcycling-ideas

wooden garden table ideas-cable reel-tuscan flair

garden table-wood-upcycling-cable-drum-cactus-pot

wooden-cable-drum-side-table-white-reading corner

wooden-cable-drum-living room-table-white-rolls

garden table-wood-ideas-cable-drum-fairy lights-base-wrap

cable drum-wooden table-dining area-glass plate

garden table-wood-ideas-cable-drum-country-wedding-deco