Build your own shoe rack – cool ideas and instructions

Finding the right hallway furniture can be a daunting task. Especially in narrow and small hallways there is no free space for large shoe cabinets. With a shoe rack you can finally create order and at the same time guarantee an overview of your own shoe collection. With these instructions and upcycling ideas you can now build your own shoe rack yourself!

Build your own shoe rack – upcycling ideas

Build your own shoe rack metal pipes industrial style silver shoes books

If you have a Build your own shoe rack you don’t need to go to the hardware store straight away. First take a look around your own house – maybe you have several old wine boxes in the garage, or wooden pallets are lying in the garden shed? These only have to be sanded down with sandpaper and varnished or painted with paint – and you have a shoe rack system. To save space, you can attach the boxes to the wall.

Build your own shoe rack – a rotatable model with instructions

Build your own shoe rack – original ideas to imitate

Shoe rack design as an alternative to the shoe cabinet if there is not enough space

DIY wooden shoe storage

build your own shoe rack coat rack idea baby shoes wall design

The next idea is for everyone who is a little technically gifted. With a little skill you can build a wooden shoe rack yourself. You don’t need any blueprints at all, just a saw, possibly a drill, nails and a hammer. Measure the available space and determine how wide and how high the new wooden shoe rack will be. Then build the wooden structure and then seal the surface with wood varnish. complete!

Build your own shoe rack from drainpipes

Build your own shoe rack from tubes

Another cool idea is to build shoe racks out of pipes. This idea is space-saving and at the same time can accommodate your entire shoe collection. The advantages are clear: you always have an overview and always have your favorite shoes to hand, you can sort out old models and quickly find space for new ones after shopping trips. Simply saw off the pipes and then paint. At the end these are glued together with glue – done!

Make a shoe rack out of cardboard

Make a shoe rack out of cardboard instructions and ideas

Ballerinas, sneakers, pumps and of course boots: if each shoe model requires a different amount of space, storage space becomes problematic. Storing the entire shoe collection in boxes of the same size quickly proves to be impractical. In these cases, shoe boxes with an opening at the front offer a practical alternative to the shoe cabinet. They are available in different dimensions and have viewing windows. So you can always quickly see the contents of the respective shoebox. The best part is that the individual shoeboxes can be stacked on top of each other. So to make a cardboard shoe rack, all you need is shoe boxes and glue.

Make your own shoe rack out of shoeboxes

Make your own ideas and instructions for your own shoe rack from shoeboxes

You can buy the shoeboxes individually or opt for a shoebox set. On Amazon or Ebay you will find numerous variants for sets for up to 30 shoes. Just put them on top of each other and glue them together with glue for paper. If you wish, you can paint or write on the shoeboxes.

DIY shoe rack for high heel shoes

build your own shoe rack rod hang high heels women furniture

The third and very popular idea recently is to convert old or leftover drawers / furniture parts from Ikea cabinets. You can find numerous ideas and inspirations on the net, depending on which Ikea piece of furniture you are looking for a hack. For example, wall shelves for the children’s room, kitchen units and even old clothes racks that you can hang on a wall or even on the front door are ideal. This saves space for a hall coat rack, for example.

Shelf for shoes under bench

build your own shoe rack bench idea compartment flip flops sneakers hallway

Multifunctional furniture prevents the small hallway from sinking into chaos. If space is limited, for example, the combination of a bench and a shoe rack is a real storage space talent. The slippers and everyday shoes are stored below and are always ready to hand. Particularly practical for large families, because every family member can find their shoes quickly. However, it is better to store shoes for special occasions elsewhere.

Build your own shoe rack from wine boxes

build your own shoe rack wood crates stacking idea corridor furniture

Wine boxes also effectively display your favorite shoes. The shoe rack made of wine boxes gives the interior a rustic touch and blends in harmoniously with Scandinavian or country house furnishings. The wine boxes can be left untreated or painted in an accent color. They are also super practical, because you can pair handbags and shoes and put together everyday or festive ensembles.

Bench made of pallet wood and metal frame from Ikea

Rustic shoe racks build your own bench idea

The next idea is inspired by the industrial style that has been popular in recent years. Made from recycled wood with metal legs, this bench with shoe rack cuts a particularly good figure in a loft apartment with concrete or brick walls. It can be easily combined with an industrial wall light. As for the materials, the pallet wood is durable and has a light patina that gives it a vintage look. If you choose to do this, however, you should always buy new pallet wood. Because old pallets are treated with toxic chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Wall shelving system for the kitchen is used in the hallway

Shoe rack old sheet metal build your own ideas

There are many wall shelving systems for the living room and kitchen. And most of them also cut a fine figure in the hallway. Above all, it is important that you combine the individual components in such a way that they offer sufficient storage space for shoes, handbags and other accessories such as scarves and sunglasses. A mirror right next to the wall shelf system rounds off the furniture range in the hallway.

The storage space systems from Ikea offer numerous combination options

Hallway furniture shoe rack build your own ideas

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has long been known for its clever storage space systems. They give everyone the opportunity to find the perfect solution for their own space. And even more – because there are numerous Ikea hacks for the most famous Ikea models. In this way, you can give mass-produced goods an individual touch and become the interior designer of your own home yourself. So you can build a modular shelving system that is tailored to your own needs.

Use the old fruit boxes again – a little paint and they become wall shelves for the shoes

Shoe rack yourself build ideas colorful wooden boxes

Old fruit boxes are visually very similar to wine boxes. They can be stacked on top of each other or attached to the wall and then offer storage space for several pairs of shoes. Since old fruit boxes are often stained, you should first clean them thoroughly, then sand them with sandpaper and then paint them in any color. You can use them to set accents or paint them tone-on-tone with the wall.

Shoe rack made from a wooden strip – a space-saving idea for the bedroom

Shoe rack coat rack bedroom set up ideas

If there is no room for all of your shoes in the hallway, then you should store them elsewhere. Pumps and sandals with heels can also be stowed away in the bedroom. So you don’t stand in the way and there is finally order in the room. At the same time, you can effectively present your favorite shoes. A clothes rail on which the party outfits hang goes perfectly with this. This saves you time because you can put together an outfit in just a few minutes.

Instead of a walk-in closet – shoe rack and clothes rack in the hallway

Shoe rack space-saving hall furniture build your own ideas

Every centimeter counts, especially in one-room apartments. If there is no room for a wardrobe and most of the shoe racks found in furniture stores take up too much space, then there is nothing left but to stow clothes and shoes on the wall. Shoe racks made of glass look very decorative and effectively display the shoes.

The old Ikea kitchenette is being re-used

Kitchenette Ikea shoe rack Hallway furniture transforms ideas

Another Ikea Hack for the hallway, this time in bright green: an old kitchen unit becomes a functional shoe rack. Simply screw the kitchen unit vertically to the wall. Now all that remains is to spice it up. Painted in black and neon green, the piece of furniture looks great and is even more effective.

Cool space-saving idea – shoe rack instead of a large shoe cabinet

space-saving-ideas-shoe-rack-system-metal clothes rack

When space is tight, make good use of every niche and corner. Wall rails take up very little space and are therefore ideal for storing sneakers or ballerinas. Everyday operations just work perfectly and the shoes go unnoticed by your guests.

Shoe rack made from scraps of wood from the Ikea cabinet

Shoe rack-build-yourself-Ikea-wardrobe-parts-use

Space-saving shoe racks made from sewer pipes

Hallway furniture ideas shoe rack sewer pipe instructions

Build your own shoe rack from an old wooden box 

Shoe rack-build-your-own-ideas-wood-furniture

DIY shoe rack made of cardboard

Shoe rack-cardboard-do-it-yourself-ideas-original


Build your own shoe cupboard storage space ideas

Pallet furniture-build-it-yourself-shoe-rack-ideas-bench


Shoe racks-systems-ideas-instructions-wood

small shoe cabinet clothes hooks shoe rack system build yourself

Build your own shoe rack, paint brightly colored ideas