Build your own lighthouse for the garden – ideas for maritime garden decorations

Lighthouse for the garden maritime-gartendeko

In addition to flower beds, raised beds and a well-tended lawn, beautiful garden decorations are an important part of a well-designed garden. However, you can not only decorate the outdoor area for a special occasion, such as Easter, but also for any popular theme. Thematic gardens bring a very special flair and are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to decorate your own outdoor area for the summer, you can conjure up a wonderful maritime garden decoration with a lighthouse for the garden. A nautical decoration is perfect for the hot summer that reminds you of the sea every day.


Garden lighthouses come in a variety of sizes and designs to match your own outdoor space. The choice of colors and patterns is just as large. You decide for yourself whether a classic combination of white and red or blue, or colorful color combinations that go with the rest of the garden decoration. However, if you want a completely individual design, you can even build a lighthouse for the garden yourself and decorate it according to your personal taste. In this article, you’ll find some great lighthouse ideas and DIY projects that you can quickly and easily recreate from simple materials. let yourself be inspired!

Build your own lighthouse for the garden from clay pots


With a self-made decoration you can design your own garden individually and decorate it creatively. A lighthouse provides a real maritime flair and is sure to be popular with all sea fans. So it is perfect for personal use as well as a gift for seafarers. If you build the lighthouse yourself, you can choose the size, the colors and the decoration yourself.

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Without a doubt, the easiest way to build a lighthouse for the garden is from a few old clay pots. The planters should be of different sizes, but you need at least three different sizes. You can even use five or more clay pots for taller lighthouses. It is also important that the pots are the same shape as they will be stacked on top of each other when assembled. The exact procedure can be found below.

lighthouse-garden-light-garden decoration

If you build this beautiful garden decoration element with a light, you can make creative garden lighting yourself. With a suitable garden lamp or simple solar lamp, you can design the lighthouse and illuminate the garden at night. Of course, just one light is not enough to illuminate the entire garden. Therefore you can either build several lighthouses or use the light only as part of the decoration. In both cases, the lighthouse for the garden benefits from a lamp, because it looks much more realistic and eye-catching.

lighthouse-garden-solar-lighting-garden decoration

If you build such a garden decoration yourself, you can conjure up an individual design. Lighthouses made of clay pots can be painted as you like, if you have the right color. Acrylic paint for outdoor use is best for this, because it is UV, heat and weather-resistant and therefore lasts longer. With it you can not only paint the garden decoration, but also decorate it creatively with different patterns and elements. For example, if you paint in some cracks and decorate them appropriately, you can give the tower an outdated look.

Build your own garden lighthouse – instructions


A lighthouse for the garden can be easily copied and does not require expensive materials or a lot of skill. To make sure of this, take a look at the assembly instructions shown. The lighthouse shown is built from a total of four clay pots and painted in the classic combination of white, red and blue. Here is the full list of materials for this DIY project:

  • 4 clay pots – 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, 1 extra small
  • 2 small clay coasters
  • white, red, dark blue and black acrylic paint for outdoor use
  • Power glue
  • Glass candle holders
  • battery operated tea light
  • Paintbrush

In the first step, collect all the materials and then clean the clay pots with a damp cloth. Usually any size clay pots will do, provided you use four different increasing sizes. Then the three larger clay pots are painted in two colors by painting the edges white and the rest of them red. Paint a total of three coats, letting the paint dry after each coat. This creates a strong color.


If you want, you can provide the lighthouse for the garden with small black rectangles as windows. It is best to use a stencil made of masking tape to create the correct shape for the windows. One window per pot is sufficient. Now it only remains to paint the extra-small clay pot and the clay coasters. A contrasting color is needed for this, in this case dark blue.

Once all the elements of the lighthouse have been painted and dry, then we come to the assembly. To do this, place the largest clay pot upside down on the work table and spread some glue around the edge of the floor. Then place the middle clay pot on top of the larger one, again with the bottom up. Press lightly as needed so that both pots stick in place. Repeat the process with the small clay pot and let dry for the appropriate time.


In the last step, the light is installed. First glue one of the clay coaster to the bottom of the smallest clay pot. Then glue the extra-small clay pot upside down on the bottom of the second clay coaster. Now place the glass candle holder with a battery-operated tea light on the top of the lighthouse and cover it with the “lid”.

Great ideas for a lighthouse for the garden

lighthouse-garden-white-red-garden decoration

After the lighthouse is ready for the garden, you should find a suitable place for your new garden decoration in the garden. The clay pots are usually solid and ensure a stable construction of the lighthouse. In general, lighthouses made from four or more clay pots are much more stable and work better as free-standing decorations. If you have a garden pond, then the lighthouse is perfect as a decoration for this area. In combination with the water, the maritime feeling is significantly enhanced.


If you are particularly fond of lighthouses, you can build not just one, but several yourself and conjure up a fancy garden decoration with a maritime flair. For example, you can make towers of different sizes by using clay pots of different sizes. Regarding the light, you can use solar lamps, battery-operated tea lights or even a normal tea light. However, since the open flame is undesirable in the garden, you should definitely put tea lights in a closed container.

Lighthouse garden decor garden light idea

With a self-made lighthouse for the garden you can decorate the garden stairs or the steps at the house entrance. In this case, you can adapt the design to the front door or the color of the external wall and facade of the house. With beautiful lighthouses with light, this area can also be illuminated in a creative way.


Would you like to make a fancy garden decoration yourself, then you can decorate the lighthouse as you wish. In addition to the windows, you can, for example, add a door with a ladder and other decorations of your choice. Other elements and decorations associated with the sea go well with the lighthouse for the garden. Small seashells that you collected on your last seaside vacation are perfect as a creative decoration for the area around the tower. If you want to put the garden decoration in scene, you can put it on some mulch.


The lighthouse for the garden made from clay pots is an easy DIY project that has many options for execution. Be creative with the design and, above all, the decoration of your own model in order to make a fancy garden decoration yourself. The projects are also suitable for handicrafts with children.

Build your own lighthouse for the garden from tin cans

lighthouse-garden-do-it-yourself-tin cans

The clay pots are definitely the most popular material for building small lighthouses for garden decorations. However, there are also other ways to build a lighthouse for the garden yourself. For example, tin cans or metal pails can be used, which are painted with any color and assembled into a simple tower. The following materials and tools are required for this project:

  • 2 metal buckets – 1 large and 1 small
  • Mason jar with screw cap
  • Power glue
  • Acrylic paints for outdoors
  • LED light
  • Paintbrush
  • tongs

lighthouse garden tin can pliers

Metal pails are usually made with straps and a handle, so you’ll need to remove these in the first step. The easiest way to do this is with a pair of pliers. In order for the tower to look nice in the end, you need to try to completely remove the supports.

Lighthouse-garden-build-yourself-paint-tin cans

To build the lighthouse, place the large metal bucket bottom up and glue the small one to it with the power glue. Then stick the lid of the jar upside down on the tip. Let the glue dry well and only then can you start painting. Whether monochrome, with stripes, dots or other patterns, only your creativity decides. Apply at least three coats of the paint to make it brighter.


When the design is done and the paint is dry, place an LED light in the lid and screw the mason jar onto it. A modern lighthouse for the garden can be built without a lot of time and effort. With several such lighthouses you can decorate your flower beds and illuminate them at night. The neighbors certainly do not have such a garden decoration!


The metal buckets made of zinc are a great idea for garden decorations and can be transformed perfectly into elegant lighthouses. If you have a taller metal bucket with a small diameter, you can convert it into a lighthouse for the garden. It gets even more creative if you decorate the top with some succulents.