Build your own lamp – DIY instructions for pendant lights

Pendant lamp rustic interior design

We’ll show you creative and inexpensive instructions on how to use a Build your own lamp can. It’s a simple idea that is easy to implement.

Build your own lamp – materials

Build your own lamp ideas materials

Before you get down to work, and your new one Build your own lamp, you need the following materials – basket / the shape is important, angular baskets will not fit /, cables, lightbulbs, ceiling rose, clamping nipples with union nuts. Before you buy everything you need, find out in the lighting shop which safety measures must be taken and which basket is suitable for your purposes. This idea was realized with a simple basket for trash from a home decor shop. Before you go shopping, it is important to measure how big a basket you will need. In addition, the basket should not be woven too tightly so that light can also be scattered through the basket.

Build your own lamp – instructions

Make your own lamp Instructions step 1

If you have a Build your own lamp you need to consider the size of the basket in advance. Measure the diameter and find the center of the basket. Drill a small hole through the basket for the lamp cord. Fasten the lamp parts on the basket as shown in the photo / pay attention to the advice that you received in the lamp shop about safety measures /. And done! It’s that easy to have rustic lighting in the dining room or living room. This pendant lamp was hung over a desk because the homeowner wanted to set up a small home office.

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