Build your own kitchen island – tips and instructions

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As soon as you move into a new apartment or house, there is a lot of renovation work. The kitchen in particular often requires a lot of work – the space there is very often limited, you just don’t have enough cupboards and can’t find enough storage space. There remains only one option – a kitchen island. We’ll give you tips on how to get one Build a kitchen island yourself can.

Build your own kitchen island – step by step

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A simple way of doing a Build a kitchen island yourself, we offer you here. It’s four easy steps, and here is a list of the tools you’ll need to do it:

– Base cabinets for bathrooms

– Kitchen counter of your choice

– backboard

– Combination screw

– nails for finishing

– Special glue for wood

– Exact dimensions of the countertop

Step 1 – Get all of the items on the list. If you bought the bathroom cabinets, place them side by side and measure the total length, width and height. You can buy ready-made countertops and have them cut in the store according to the dimensions of the cabinets.

Build your own kitchen island – step 2

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One Build kitchen island yourself is not difficult – when you have everything ready, you need to screw the two cabinets together with your nails. Screw this from the inside. Measure the total length and width of the back of the new construction. Cut the backboard according to your dimensions – you can choose a wooden board or another suitable board of your choice. Glue the countertop to the cabinet and screw in nails for fastening.

Build your own kitchen island – step 3

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When you get your new Build a kitchen island yourself, you only have to attach the worktop additionally. Stick this with the glue and wait 24 hours for it to dry off. And done! You can decorate your new kitchen island with a bit of imagination – paint the cabinets a different color or mount wheels, so that the kitchen island is mobile.

Make a rustic design yourself

kitchen island build yourself rustic design terrace wood parquet

Green kitchen island with wooden cabinets

practical green kitchen island building tips

Small black classic kitchen island


Modern square kitchen island with bar

Build a modern kitchen island yourself

Small kitchen island made of wood


Homemade kitchen island

Build your own wooden kitchen island

Self-made kitchen island – table with worktop

large kitchen island table stainless steel counter

 Kitchen island made up of several cabinets glued together


Bright yellow kitchen island with a bar




Kitchen island storage space

Wooden counter-kitchen island-storage space ideas