Build your own desk thanks to these 15 great inspirations

Build your desk yourself wood-table-top-uneven-edges

The desk is one of those pieces of furniture in the apartment that shouldn’t be missing these days. After all, the computer or laptop also needs its space and you in turn need a place where you can work in peace. But the desk is also a necessity in the children’s room so that your child can do handicrafts, paint or do their homework in peace. You can save a lot of money by getting the new one Build your desk yourself. There are also many practical variants that are easy to imitate and also do not take much time. So the only problem left is coming up with the right idea. For this you need inspiration, which we would like to give you through this article from ideas for the desk yourself.

1. Build your own desk with a simple design

Build your own desk shelves-legs-wood

The design for this desk is simple, but still original. The table is neither too big nor too small and can therefore be placed anywhere. It has practical shelves on the sides and thus also storage space for various office items.

2. Build a large and spacious desk yourself

Build your own desk white-storage space-storage boxes-drawers

Here you can see a large corner desk that has a lot of storage space. This is achieved through many drawers and shelves. You can also spread out on the work surface. It’s a perfect idea to build your own desk.

3. Build a floating desk yourself

Build a desk yourself, wood-wall-mounted compartment

A desk doesn’t always have to be large to be functional. As you can see, this simple and modern idea for building your own desk easily offers space for a laptop or for writing. You can also slide the laptop into the desk when it is not in use to protect it from dust. The desk is a real eye-catcher!

4. Build a minimalist desk yourself


This idea of ​​building your own desk is also modern. The combination of natural and white lacquered wood is particularly effective. You can also implement this idea for an interplay of several colors.

5. Mini desk


If you don’t need a desk too often, a smaller one will certainly be enough for you. In this case, you can build such a desk yourself and use one of the corners of any room to set it up. In any case, the desk is very effective.

6. A desk made of an old wooden door and pipes


7. Desk with integrated magazine rack

Build your own desk -integrated-magazine-shelf

8. Foldable function

Build your own desk-foldable-pocket-lamp-steering arm

9. Convert the cot into a desk


10. With a large pin board

desk-build-yourself-wall-mounted-bulletin board

11. Under the stairs


12. flexible design


13. With secret compartment


14. Organization system for the drawers