Build your own desk – 20 inspirations to imitate

Build your own desk shabby chic wood rustic metal legs door

If you have a Build your desk yourself then these inspirations will come to your aid. Whether small or large, made from old table parts or brand new, these ideas are practical and interesting, and offer an alternative for every facility.

Build your own desk – install desks

desk build yourself vitrine white folding door idea chair wood

The simplest and at the same time space-saving variant of how you can use one Build your desk yourself can, namely ‘transform a cupboard with a hinged door into a desk. The cabinet door should of course be tested in advance to see whether it can hold the laptop and of course too many books should not be on it. Second, the cabinet door should be at a suitable height – if it is higher, you can use a bar stool instead of a chair. Paint the door a contrasting color to make it look better – and you’re done. The bookshelf offers a similar option – you can simply use the lower shelf as a desk.

Build your own desk – models on the wall

Build your own desk wall shelf idea simply white chair

If you currently have an old table from your parents, you can repaint it and turn it into a desk. If some of the table’s legs are damaged, you can simply attach one side of the table to the wall, or lean it on a cupboard. Build your desk yourself Above all, means finding inventive designs where you can use your old furniture. If you buy all the parts new, you can choose a wooden top with metal legs and castors – the construction is pretty simple and the table can be moved if necessary.

Build your own desk – simple constructions

Build your own desk modern wood wall floating effect fan

The simplest table construction is also the easiest to build. Who his Build your desk yourself can build a simple table and then integrate creative shelving systems in the design – for example, place three identical baskets on top of each other instead of building shelves. If you’ve just done a renovation and have metal structures available, you can use them as the base for your desk. Be creative and think of other ways to get one without too much effort Build your desk yourself can.

Nice and practical desk

desk build yourself triangle legs shelf idea original look wood lamp

Use the shelf as a desk


Desk with cupboard and shelves

Build practical-space-saving-furniture-teen-room-yourself

Simple table with a small wooden stool


Space-saving alternative

small white desk

Baskets instead of shelves – a simple desk

Space Saving Office Designs Desk

Table with separate shelving system

Build a modern white desk yourself

Simple metal construction

minimalist office decor home

Desk made up of several parts

Build your own desk ideas

Simple white table in combination with a great chair


Desk with wheels in the nursery

Build your own-practical-desk-with-castors-yourself

Vintage desk design

more practical-build-your-own-desk

Build your own desk cabinet idea

Build your own wooden table with castors