Build your own birdhouse – instructions and blueprint

Wooden bird house garden

We’ll show you step by step how to get one Build your own bird house – this guide is pretty simple and good for beginners. In addition to this, you don’t need a lot of instruments to put the birdhouse together. All you need for this cute little house is an electric drill and several clamps. The total cost of this birdhouse is around 10 euros and it can be built in one to two hours. Here are the instructions:

Build your own birdhouse – materials

Build your own bird house

If you like this Build your own bird house you need the following materials:

– Cedar wood, cut into – 2 pieces X 14cm long, 2 pieces X 10.2cm long

– Plywood cut to 1 piece 21.6cm X 21.6cm and 1 piece 10.2 X10.2

– 0.6 wooden dowels / oak is best /

– Weather-resistant varnish especially for garden and brushing

– Electric drill and drill bits – 1/4 “, 5/16”, 1 3/8 “Forstner bits

– glue for wood,

– sandpaper

Build your own birdhouse – the main construction

Build your own birdhouse instructions

Use the Forstner bit to drill a hole 1/3 from the ground in one of the 14 cm long pieces of wood – the hole should be in the center of the piece of wood. Glue all the pieces together and let them dry out. The 14cm pieces should be in the front and back, the shorter pieces of wood form the left and right sides, and the 10.2X10.2 plywood should serve as the bottom. After everything is dry, find the center line in the front and back / s. Photo below right / and using the 5/16 ”drill bit, drill a hole 2.5cm wideX2.5cm deep from each side – front and back.

Build your own bird house – mount the roof

Birdhouse building instructions blueprint

If you have a Build your own bird house, next you need to mount a roof. Drill 0.6cm holes for the wooden dowels in the roof. The holes should be four inches from the edge in the front and on the side. It is better if you drill the holes at the back at an incline of 30 degrees and the holes in the front at a slope of 40 degrees. If you are unsure whether you will handle this task easily, you can simply drill the holes at 90 degrees – this will make the roof flat. Then insert the wooden dowels into the holes in the roof and glue them. However, do not glue the wooden dowels to the house itself – this will allow you to remove the roof and clean the birdhouse in the future. Sand everything down, paint the wood.

Done – now you can attach the birdhouse to a tree or place it on a pipe. Also enjoy other creative suggestions below.

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