Build your own bike mount for the wall – 30 ideas and instructions

Bicycles are the favorite vehicle of many young and active people. It is therefore particularly important how they are stored when they are not being used. In winter the bicycle is often neglected and left in a dark ladle. But it can become a great design element in the interior. All you need is a stable one Bicycle holder for wall, that you can build yourself. Take a look at the instructions for installing flexible bike racks in tight spaces and other practical design ideas.

Build your own bike mount for the wall – creative ideas and instructions

bike-mount-wall-build-yourself-ideas-brick wall-wood-shelf-joint-design

Designers create modern and at the same time multifunctional alternatives for attaching the bike to the wall. Above all, these are made of wood, as it always looks good in the interior and is also pretty easy to work with. There are very reduced and visually appealing variants that can also be easily copied.

Build your own bike mount for the wall – protect the bike from scratching

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-shelf-foldable-felt-wood

Bicycle holder for wall is simply built by yourself for bicycles with a straight frame. A stand or hook firmly fixed on the wall would hold the bike on the side of the frame. For the look, you decide for yourself whether it would be rough and roughly or nicely processed. The friction points are covered with felt or other soft material in order to avoid possible damage to the surface. Optionally, bicycles can also be attached to the handlebar, headset or rim.

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Bicycle holder for wall upright


Bicycle racks are available in numerous designs. Here is an example of how your bike could be mounted vertically on the wall in a cramped alcove. The bicycle holder in a niche is without a doubt a space-saving and practical solution, since such narrow areas usually remain unused. If you not only want to store your bike somewhere but also want to proudly show it off, there are several options. Popular options are the living room and the hallway. Anyone who has already decided to use the bicycle as a decorative piece must of course also design the bicycle holder to match the home furnishings.

Build bike mount for wall yourself – required materials and instructions

bicycle holder-wall-assemble-instructions-bicycle-holder-for-wall-assemble-yourself-instructions-materials-hinge-wooden board-hooks

Before attaching the mount, consider how often you will use the bike. If the bicycle is only used for decoration, you can choose any location for the hanging device. If, on the other hand, you drive often, it is best to find an easily accessible place that can also be cleaned quickly and easily, as the dirt from the bikes is also carried into the apartment. The empty wall under the stairs is also very suitable for the bicycle wall mount. It is not only practical, but also represents a unique and unusual wall decoration.

Screw the hinges to wooden boards

bike-mount-wall-build-yourself-instructions-wooden boards-hinge-assembly

Attach the hook to the hinge


Wall hook for him and her

Bicycle holder for wall -build-your-own-instructions-hook-wall-hook-assembly

* a DIY project by The Su Chef

Metal hook for attachment to the handlebar


Matching hooks for wall mounting

Bicycle holder for wall -build-your-own-ideas-hook-assembly-handlebar-headset-attachment

Easy self-assembly


* a DIY project by Thomas R. Stegelmann

Upcycling – bicycle holder for wall “Upcycle Fetish 1” 


* Design by Andreas Schieger, Australia

Use the handlebars of the racing bike as a wall bracket


Bicycle holder for wall made of wood with a simple, Scandinavian design


If you want a chic and practical bike rack for your home that matches the wooden furniture and the rest of the furnishings, this bike rack might be the right solution for you. It gives your bike a place of honor on the wall and it doesn’t get in your way. Such a bicycle shelf fits various pieces of furniture and impresses with its simple and discreet appearance. The Real also offers a small, practical storage area for your keys or sunglasses.

bicycle holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-shelf-wood-storage-space-bicycle

You can assemble a similar shelf from made-to-measure solid wood panels. The dimensions should be compatible with your bike. You can cut two recesses with a jigsaw on the right and left side. The individual plates are then assembled with suitable connections.

The shelf above offers space for the helmet


After you have screwed the individual parts together, you can work on the wood with oil or paint. To hang it up, get dowels that can hold the weight off the shelf and the bike and drill two holes in the rear wooden plate. The warm wood creates a great contrast to the cool metal of the bike frame.

A small hook serves as a helmet holder


* Designs by Copenhagenroad

Wall bracket as a drawer made of wood – Tian 

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-design-white-wood-drawer-minimalist

If you are looking for a rather inconspicuous bike mount, you can design an inexpensive and simple one from two table legs. For this craft project you will need two table legs that are approximately 35 centimeters long, screws and dowels. First measure the length of the center bar of your bike and mark where the table legs should be attached to the wall. Use a spirit level so that the bike is not tilted later. In the next step, drill the holes for the table leg fixation. Press the dowels into the wall and finally screw the two table legs tight. You can now hang up your bike. This holder also fits very well into a wall decoration such as a creative wall border.

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-shelf-white-wood-drawer-storage space

You can also use a racing bike handlebar to create an attractive bike mount for the wall. First, take apart the handlebars and stem so that you can reassemble them upside down later. You will also need a wooden disc with a diameter of 30 centimeters. Drill holes for the clamp screw and countersink nuts. Cut an old bicycle tube into narrow strips and use them to wrap the handlebars. Secure the ends with electrical tape. You can close the ends of the handlebars with two corks. Now you can screw the bicycle handlebar with the stem onto the wooden plate using the clamp. Now attach the bicycle saddle and screw it tight. Finally, all you have to do is mount the wall bracket with the appropriate pan head fittings, screws and dowels.

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-drawer-white-wood-frame-storage space

You can also attach the old racing steering wheel using an aluminum profile. The bike is mainly held here by the aluminum profile. The steering wheel helps prevent the bike from tipping over and gives the self-made wall bracket an attractive appearance. A piece of tension belt provides additional support.

Bicycle holder for wall as a functional wall shelf made of wood – Kappo 

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-wood-shelf-wall-shelf-storage-space-practical

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-shelf-wood-white-storage-space-design-modern

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-wall-shelf-storage-space-stylish-minimalist-white


* Designs by Mikili

bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-white-rectangular-storage-shelf-black

Geometrically bent shapes made of wood




* Designs by Woodstick


bike holder-wall-build-yourself-ideas-wood-shelf-storage-space-practical-frame

bike-mount-wall-build-yourself-ideas-wood-wooden boards-metal-parts-joint-arch

Bicycle hanging on the wall


Bicycle holder for wall -build-your-own-ideas-stand-wall-mounted-metal-tube-hooks