Build your own bedside table – DIY bedside table

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A bed side table is a really functional piece of furniture that can really teach you about comfort while lounging in bed. It serves as a breakfast table and at the same time as a storage area, especially when you want to do something quickly on the laptop or watch a film while lying down. One can be relatively easy Build bed table yourself, because the construction is uncomplicated and should not have a high load-bearing capacity.

Build your own bed table and design it individually

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It’s always nice to be able to create and personalize one or the other piece of furniture and decoration yourself. This brings a breath of fresh air to the room design and provides a really individual touch. Alternatively, basic furniture, such as some from Ikea, can simply be spiced up, processed and repurposed.

Build a bed table yourself – simple, practical and functional

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A side table for bed from the Malm collection is available from Ikea in white or black. The simple, straightforward design looks very unobtrusive, which is why it is very popular. However, you can redesign it or make one yourself.

Bed bridge – as a storage table for working on the laptop or for breakfast in bed


The bed bridge is very practical and offers a stable surface that can be used as an alternative to the bedside tables. Thanks to the functional castors, it can also be moved over the bed when needed.

Bed table – use as additional storage space when not in use

Build bed table yourself -white-console-table-romantic-checkered wall decoration

Breakfast in bed or simply more free time that you like to spend in bed can only be afforded on weekends or on vacation days. Then the bed bridge is simply pushed to the side, next to a wall and used as an additional storage area.

Build a bed table yourself and also use it as a console table


The bed bridge is basically a narrow console table, the length of which corresponds to the width of the bed and frames it. There are no additional shelves under the table top or any drawers. Castors offer the flexibility to move the table easily with one movement and to reposition it.

Build a bed table yourself – simple DIY instructions


You can build a bed table yourself and adapt it to your bed size. Previous craftsmanship is a prerequisite for the best possible results, but is not a must, as the construction consists of three wooden panels and should not have a great load-bearing capacity. But the side table should be stable.

Build a bed table yourself – useful materials


Which materials from the tree species are needed for the handicraft project:

  • three wooden panels – two of the same size for the sides and one for the vertical shelf
  • Screws
  • 4 pieces of angle connector
  • 4 rolls
  • Drill, cordless screwdriver, sandpaper or grinding machine
  • Paint or glaze

Prepare the wooden panels – sand, prime and color


You should determine the size of the bed table yourself. It is best to lie down in bed and think about how high you want the table top to be. (When lying down, there should be enough space above your legs.) Measure from the floor to the desired point and also the width of the bed with the bed frame. Add another 10 centimeters to each side, for a total of 20 centimeters. In this way, the bed bridge can be set up, moved and disrupted without any bed linen.

Fasten the panels using angle connectors


Panels can be cut to measure at the local hardware store. Alternatively, you can opt for plywood or MDF, with a variety of veneers and colors already available. Further treatment of the panels, such as sanding and painting, is then not necessary.

Pre-drill holes in the right places


The stable construction is achieved through sustainable angle connectors. These form a right angle with the two plates and enable stable standing. Make a note of where the fasteners will be attached and make pilot holes at these points. This will make your work a lot easier when you are putting the construction together.

Stable angle connector for sustainable bed table construction


The size of the angle connectors determines how stable the table will be. Our tip: get advice at the hardware store or take some at least 10 x 10 cm.

Pre-drill holes on the lower side of the side panels


You should attach the rollers to the lower side of the side plates. Obtain the thickness of the wooden panels and fix them with the screws.

Mount rollers on the lower panel width for each side panel


The size of the rollers depends mainly on how much load they are and on what kind of flooring they should move. Choose the right one according to your spatial situation.

Build the bed table yourself – a total of three panels are required


Basically, the overbed table consists of three panels – a shelf and two sides. These are assembled using angle connectors. Use a cordless screwdriver and also screws for wooden material according to the thickness of the wooden panels.

Build a simple bed table yourself and adapt it to your individual bed design


You can either color the wooden panels beforehand or afterwards when the table is completely upright. We recommend water-based paints for wood or a water-based glaze that looks as natural as possible. Design the color according to your individual taste or if there is a wooden floor or furniture made of wood, you can glaze your bed bridge with a similar look.

Build and wallpaper a console or bed table yourself


If you really want to lend your filing table individually, wallpaper it. Use firm, robust fabric such as linen or other upholstery fabric with a pattern. You can also use water-based wood glue as a suitable adhesive. Before the upholstery, roughen the surface of the table and prime once with only the wood glue. This pretreatment promises the upholstery fabric will last longer.

Simple or with a chic vintage character – bed breakfast table


The beauty of putting something together for yourself so that it fits your individual style. Modern or vintage, playful or simple design is up to you!

Build a storage table behind the couch or a bed table yourself

Build-your-own-storage-table-behind-behind-sofa-couch-living room

The side table can be found not only in the bedroom, but also behind the sofa or as a console table in the hallway. This piece of furniture is really multifaceted and if it is not used properly as a bed table, it will certainly find another practical use.

Build bed table yourself – storage table for bed in wood look


You can also have a bed breakfast table made to measure or, if you are purchasing new furniture for the bedroom, you can also think of a storage table.

Build the bed table yourself – the bed bridge is a little wider than plan the bed


If you want to put together a bed bridge on your own, you should first consider the width of the bed. Allow for a distance so that the bed table can move freely.

Side table on castors – if there is no space on both sides of the bed


If you don’t have free space on the side of the bed, you don’t have to do without a bed table. One like the one in the picture is only run on one side of the bed and offers additional mobile storage space in the sleeping area.

* DIY bed table on casters – a project by Rhody Life