Build your own bar and ensure more fun in summer on the terrace or in the garden

Summer is almost here and if you want to have fun outside with friends, you can build a bar yourself. A DIY project like this can not only be cheap, it can also suit your own tastes and requirements. Plus, with the temperatures rising, late spring is also a great time to maximize that fun. You can work in the great outdoors while enjoying the warm weather. The following ideas and guides can help you prepare for the return of the summer get-togethers.

Build your own bar and enjoy it outdoors

square bar counter in the open air with pizza oven and matching table decorations, cozy ambience in the outside area

Regardless of whether you want to place the bar counter in a shady place in the back yard or stow it on the back porch or terrace, it not only beautifies the outside space, but is also suitable as a practical part of a summer kitchen or outdoor barbecue area. These examples of a DIY bar made from pallets or other reusable materials can inspire you even more to entertain your guests or family members in style with delicious drinks such as cocktails during the summer.

Use corrugated iron and beer kegs and build your own bar

Whether it’s a standalone function or part of a full kitchen, an outdoor bar can make your yard a destination and entertainment point. You can make this as easy or as laborious as you and your budget allow. Many are made from recycled materials and items like Euro pallets, boxes and barrels, while others are part of the bespoke kitchen. Some counters are attached to indoor kitchens and form a narrow worktop that is connected by a passage. Others are modified sheds or playhouses that you can reinterpret as entertainment areas or as quiet places to relax. Known as outdoor bars, home bars, backyard bars, outdoor pubs, DIY bars populate backyards and outdoor areas around the world.

Build a bar out of boxes

Stylish looking diy bar in white color made of boxes decorated with letters and artificial grass

This is a simple and practical variant that you can place anywhere in the garden. There are many different ways that you can stack the boxes to make your bar. For example, you can stack three boxes on top of each other to create three tall towers that you can then glue together with wood glue. Thanks to the mobility of the rollers, you can serve your guests drinks quickly without having to interrupt the party. So let’s go to the bar – right in your garden. Sink, oven and meat skewer included.

Materials needed for the bar

inviting atmosphere in the backyard with DIY bar build your own serving cocktails

  • 9 wooden boxes
  • Large piece of medium-density fibreboard (MDF board)
  • Wood glue
  • Drill bits and screws
  • Wood paint if you want to paint your boxes
  • 4 roles

Accessories for decoration

Colorful combination as a decoration for the bar counter in the garden consisting of plastic succulent glasses and flowers on letters with artificial grass

  • Fillable wooden letters to spell the word BAR
  • Artificial grass
  • Artificial succulents or other plants
  • scissors


Build bars from boxes that are stacked and fastened on top of each other

  • First, place two of the towers next to each other and the third at the end. You can then join the towers together with a drill and small screws. In this way you ensure that these will stand tightly together.
  • You can then paint the boxes with the paint, but you can also decorate them as you wish. However, there is also a wide range of colors and decoupage paper that you can use to cover the wooden boxes instead.
  • First, you can put the MDF board on top of the boxes and attach them to them with a little more wood glue.
  • Finally, when you do build the bar yourself, attach the wheels to the floor with a drill bit so you can make the whole thing mobile and move it around easily.

measure the letter and use scissors to cut out a roll of artificial grass

  • To add a touch of glamor, you can make an interesting BAR sign
  • Use a few fillable wooden letters and a roll of artificial turf. The latter can also look very cool as a table runner above the bar.
  • First measure the artificial grass and cut accordingly around the wooden letters. It is best to use sharp scissors for this, otherwise the process could be a little difficult.

Make white bar yourself, stack wooden boxes on top of each other and install rollers

  • Then slide the grass into the letters. You could glue it in place if you wanted, but usually these can be held in place really well.
  • Finally, play around with the succulents until you have them in a layout that suits your tastes.
  • Cut them all to size and make a hole through the grass to pierce the stems.
  • This DIY project can be really versatile if you want to style it for a garden party / barbecue or just sit there for your morning cup of coffee in the garden.

Build a DIY Euro pallet bar yourself

It’s always amazing what you can do with two old pallets and some wood. For example, a rustic looking bar counter can look great as a wine bar in your garden or at home when entertaining family and friends. That’s why we’re going to show you how to create one in just a few simple steps. However, you will need a little manual skill for this task. Start this project by cutting one of the pallets in half to form the two sides for the counter. Measure and mark the center point on the pallet where you want to make the cut. Then flip the palette over and measure and mark the center point on that side as well.

Build a diy bar yourself from pallets with black bar stools in the courtyard

  • First, use the circular saw to cut one side of the pallet in half.
  • Flip it over, then cut the other side.
  • If the circular saw does not cut all the way through, you can finish the job with a handsaw. Don’t forget to wear your safety equipment when using the circular saw.
  • Measure and mark the 45 degree miter cuts.
  • Set the pallet on its side. Use the specified square to measure and mark 45 degree angles on the ends of the pallet that you cut.
  • Cut off the ends of the pallet.
  • Use the circular saw to make the cuts where you marked them.
  • When cutting the miters, an extra pair of hands can be helpful to level the pallet.
  • A great tip to make sure you don’t hit nails while cutting is to remove boards that are being sawn. You can easily replace these once you’ve made your cuts.

Measure and mark the supports

Make old reusable diy euro pallets yourself and make them look rustic

The supports are the attachment points for your bar counter Measure the size of the gaps in the pallet, then transfer these measurements onto the 90mm x 45mm treated wood.

  • First, use the miter saw to cut off the wood for the supports.
  • Then hit the supports in with a hammer.
  • Pre-drill the holes with a 5.5mm bit, then secure the supports with the 75mm bugle screws.
  • Once the supports for the bar are built by yourself and these are in place, it is time to join the pallet and the two halves together to form the base of the counter.
  • Pre-drill the holes with a 5.5mm bit, then drive the 75mm bugle screws into the treated wood supports to join the three pallets together.
  • The straps on the front and back of the frame can help straighten and hold the frame.
  • Measure each side of the surfaces of the frame and transfer these measurements to the wood.
  • Use the jigsaw to cut the beams to size.
  • Attach the supports to the front and back of the pallets.
  • Measure the length of the three frames and transfer these measurements to the hardwood for the top of the bar counter.
  • Then set the miter saw to 45 degrees and cut the two shorter pieces of wood. Cut the piece of wood attached to the front of the counter 90 degrees.

Mount the front piece of wood

Woody structures made of euro pallets in the garden designed as a bathroom counter for a birthday party

  • First, insert the piece of wood for the front of the counter. There is a rim at the front and a 50mm overhang at the back.
  • Pre-drill the holes with a 5.5 mm bit, then countersink them with a 16 mm bit. Use the 75mm bugle screws to secure it in place.
  • Place the side pieces of wood for the top of the counter, remembering to leave a 50mm border on the back.
  • Then follow the line of the molding at the front and use your square to draw straight 45 degree lines so that the wood matches the shape of the molding.
  • Use the jigsaw to cut the edges of the two pieces of wood at 45 degrees.
  • If you are building the bar counter yourself, place one of the side panels first.
  • Pre-drill a hole with a 5.5 mm bit, then countersink it with a 16 mm bit.
  • Tighten the screws with the 75 mm horn.
  • Repeat this process to attach the other piece of wood to the top of the pole.
  • Use wood putty to fill in the screw holes and any gaps in the joints on top of the bar counter.
  • Let the putty dry, then sand it to get a smooth surface.
  • Start with 40-grit sandpaper to smooth out the lumps and finish with 240-grit sandpaper, wiping off the dust and then painting the whole thing with several coats.