Build the fireplace surround yourself and decorate it effectively

Build a fireplace surround yourself deco-idea-living room-white-green-spring

A decorative fireplace can be an interesting part of the interior. If you live in a city apartment, you can often not have a real fireplace built in because there is no chimney. A fireplace console is a good alternative. Functional and decorative at the same time, the fireplace surround can be set up anywhere and decorated according to mood and season. It is suitable for the home office, bedroom and dining room, but many believe that the perfect location is the living room. Where the whole family gathers in the evening. Today we’re going to give you a few tips and ideas on how to get one Build the fireplace surround yourself and decorate creatively.

Build the fireplace surround yourself from wooden pallets

Build fireplace surround yourself euro pallet-wooden boards-christmas decorations

The construction of the fireplace console is simple – two vertical columns and a horizontal plate. This project would be really easy for those skilled in the art. You can take a look at a few guides here. The best material for a decorative fireplace is wood in various forms. You decide for yourself whether a pallet, wooden boards, plywood panels or chipboard.

Build fireplace surround yourself – decorative fireplace made of wooden pallets

fireplace surround-build-yourself-wooden-pallet-assembled

Wooden pallets are a versatile and inexpensive material and can be used for many interesting construction projects. Perhaps the hardest part is disassembling the wooden pallet to extract the boards. After that, they are simply nailed together. You can see what the construction looks like from the back in the picture above.

LED tea lights instead of real candles


The top plate was not fixed to the fireplace surround, but is stable in its place. This decorative fireplace is easy to assemble and dismantle and is perfect for seasonal decorations such as autumn or Christmas. When it comes to decoration, you can replace the real candles with LED tea lights, especially if you live with small children. This means there is no risk of fire and you ensure the safety of your family.

Christmas decorations on the decorative fireplace


You can decorate the mantelpiece beautifully for every big party and give the apartment a festive atmosphere. Decorative fir trees, fir greens, candles and poinsettias are perfect for Christmas. The mantelpiece is also a suitable place for the Advent wreath.

* A project by Nonis House

Mirror in the fireplace console

fireplace surround-decoration-idea-white-mirror-background-candles

Decorative fireplaces are decorated differently. Often a group of pillar candles of different sizes are arranged there to represent the fire in the fireplace. A nice idea would be to put a mirror behind the candles that reflects the candlelight nicely.

Take a look at the other great ideas below in the picture gallery and let yourself be inspired!

Use the decorative fireplace as a bookshelf

fireplace surround-ideas-bookshelves-different-color-background

When you have finished building the fireplace surround yourself, you should think about its function in the room. You can not only design the decorative fireplace as a beautiful decoration, but also use it to store various objects. This variant is particularly suitable for small apartments, where the available storage space is often insufficient. Shelves can be built into the decorative fireplace and used for small objects and books.

Fire drawn in chalk

fireplace surround-build-wood-white-lacquered-shelves-blackboard-paint-firewood

If you cannot have a real fireplace installed in your own apartment, then the fire can be drawn in the fireplace surround for a playful effect. For this you need a black board, which you place between the pillars of the fireplace console, and chalk. Put some firewood in front of the decorative fireplace and draw the fire over it. Other great effects can be achieved with different colors. If you are also good at painting, then try to paint a realistic fire on a canvas and use the picture as a decoration for the fireplace surround.

Firewood in the decorative fireplace

fireplace surround-decoration-idea-firewood-scandinavian

Many people want to build a fireplace surround themselves to get the look of a real fireplace. In this case, some firewood is perfect for decorating the fireplace console. If the whole gap is filled with firewood, the decorative fireplace looks exactly like a real one. Thus the popular, rustic charm can be given to the room.

Antique look mirror

fireplace surround-ideas-mirrors-led-lighting-candles

If you have decided on the variant with a mirror, then it should not necessarily be new. With an old mirror you can conjure up a nice effect that creates a vintage flair in the room. You can find such an old mirror at the flea market or simply ask older relatives.

Stucco decorative fireplace for books and decorations in the home office

fireplace-surround-build-yourself-drywall-bookshelf-ornamental stucco

Building a stucco fireplace surround yourself can be a bit more difficult, but it looks really nice in the interior. The decorative fireplace can also be used as storage space for documents and books in the home office. Only a few shelves are required for this, which should be attached between the pillars of the fireplace surround. To make this area look tidier, you can also add two cabinet doors and design the fireplace console as one cabinet.

white plastered bricks in the decorative fireplace


If you want to design the living room in two colors, then a combination of white and a strong color is very suitable. You can design the white decorative fireplace inside with white bricks, or just imitate their appearance with wallpaper. For the mantelpiece you then need a decoration in the second, contrasting color. Beautiful pillar candles, garlands and pretty picture frames with photos go perfectly with it.

different sized white pillar candles


If you want a minimalist decoration for the fireplace surround, you are right with a few candles. For a creative effect, it is best to choose plain-colored pillar candles in different sizes. You don’t need more for a minimalist look.

arrange various decorations on the fireplace surround

fireplace surround-ideas-pillar candles-bookshelves

Building and decorating a beautiful fireplace surround yourself is an easy way to decorate the simple wall in the bedroom or living room. The presence of a fireplace enhances any room and creates a beautiful visual eye-catcher. The decorations for the mantelpiece should be coordinated with the style of the room and can also be designed as color accents in the room.


If you don’t have a fireplace in your apartment, but still want to put your Christmas stockings in the limelight, you can build a fireplace surround yourself. This is a good way to show off the popular Christmas decorations and create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment.


fireplace-surround-decoration-idea-stone-tiles-group-pillar candles


fireplace surround-decoration-idea-scandinavian-firewood-living room





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