Build playground equipment in the garden yourself – upcycling ideas

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From now on the garden becomes a playground! Transform the outdoors – we’ll give you some ideas, just like you Play equipment in the garden can build yourself! Because old tires, skateboards and originally designed stepping stones can be a lot of fun for the little ones.

Play equipment in the garden – build a great bus for the keilnsten yourself


Children love to play with train compositions and cars. From old bricks you can turn into a racetrack. Decorate the track with Lego houses, plant low succulents and shade-loving shrubs and the race can begin!

Play equipment in the garden – swing made from used car tires in the backyard


A swing in the backyard will bring joy to young and old. If you haven’t disposed of your old car tires, don’t throw them away right away. You can make a lot out of this and put together great attractions for the small children. The swings made from old tires are still absolute classics. You can paint and label these together with the little ones. If you have a clipped skateboard in the garage, you can turn it into a cool swing for the kids.

Design a certain corner for a noise corner – playground equipment in the garden


You can make a noise corner for the little ones from old metal dishes. Just wait until the neighbors go on vacation. A lot can be made out of old tires – for example, jumping animals for the children! All you need is a bit of imagination and, of course, color. Let your creativity run free – you will find several suggestions in the photo gallery below.

Build playground equipment in the garden yourself from existing materials


Make inexpensive play equipment in the garden yourself and bring joy to the children

Playground equipment garden play area ideas climbing wall upcycling

Play equipment in the garden – demarcate the small play area with bricks

Play equipment garden play corner make bricks yourself

Playground equipment in the garden – swing made from skateboard in the backyard

Play equipment garden skateboard swing build your own ideas

Play equipment in the garden – jumping animals made from old tires

Playground equipment Garden Hopping animals make old tires themselves

Build a carousel seesaw out of old car tires and a wooden board yourself

Play equipment garden carousel seesaw build old tires yourself

Paint the old car tires imaginatively and use them as a swing

Play equipment garden ladybug swing old tires

Make jumping animals yourself out of old tires – cute zebra

Play equipment garden sandpit make jumping animals zebra yourself

Playground with a large sandbox – the sand is partly colored

Play equipment devices sandpit design gravel path ideas

The garden path becomes a playground – the children can play heaven and cave on numbered stepping stones

Playground equipment garden heaven and cave stepping stones ideas

 Build a swing out of old tires and decorate it imaginatively

Playground equipment garden swing old tires

An old boat becomes a playground in the garden – a play area with a pirate theme

Playground equipment garden ship wood playground do it yourself sandpit

Build a playhouse yourself from recycled wood in the garden

Play equipment garden sandpit slide ideas children's house

Make a swing yourself out of old tires and paint it imaginatively

Play equipment garden swing old tire ideas

Horse-shaped swing made from old tires

Play equipment garden swing build old tire ideas yourself

An old tree becomes a playground

Playground equipment garden old tree swing playground idea

Extend the old garden house and transform it into a playhouse

Playground equipment garden old garden shed extend wave slide

 Build a playhouse on an old tree trunk – a cool idea

Play equipment garden tree house build your own ideas playground

Playground equipment garden frog plant pot old tires upcycling

Playground equipment, garden, children's house, climbing wall, lawn area

Play equipment garden climbing system make tires yourself

Play equipment garden climbing system dragons make old tires yourself