Build pallet furniture yourself: 60 ideas for living with used Euro pallets

Build your own pallet furniture terrace-balcony-sofa-coffee table-wall-plant shelves

Wooden euro pallets are environmentally friendly and inexpensive, especially when they are transformed into functional furnishing elements. If you Build pallet furniture yourself want, but you don’t have any ideas yet, take a look here. The hardest part of making furniture from wooden pallets is deconstruction. They are built to withstand heavy loads and withstand rough handling.

Build your own pallet furniture – vintage look

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-bedroom-bed-headboard

Used Euro pallets are abundant, free or at a nominal cost, wherever deliveries of heavy goods take place. Choose a simple project, like a coffee table or garden bench or swing. Depending on the design and dimensions of your project, you can use the Euro pallets with very few changes.

Build your own pallet furniture – idea for indoor and outdoor use

Build your own pallet furniture -balcony-sofa-colorful-upholstered seat cushions

Choose those pieces of furniture that do not require dismantling of the wooden pallet. You can use a reciprocating saw or other to cut the entire range to the appropriate dimensions for your furniture. A garden table is a good starter project for people who don’t want to deconstruct the pallets.

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Coffee table with castors

Build your own pallet furniture living room-coffee table-castors-Scandinavian furniture

If you need the wooden slats, remove the nails. On average, it takes around 30 minutes to deconstruct a euro pallet. Each wooden pallet yields 10 to 12 meters of usable lumber, depending on the condition of the wooden slats before you removed the nails.

Garden swing made from used Euro pallets

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-garden-swing-bed-children

So that you can build your own pallet furniture, measure the wooden slats and cut them to the desired size. Use nails or wood screws to secure the pieces together. Prepare your own design that also fits your interior.

Lounge sofa made from pallets

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-garden-furniture-corner-sofa-thick-seat cushions

Use sandpaper to sand the corners and edges of the wood pallet, including the places where you cut the wood or removed the nails. Finally, you can also have the Euro pallets painted or varnished.

Balcony furniture made from pallets

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-balcony-privacy-protection-coffee table

And what kind of furniture can you actually build yourself from pallets? In our picture gallery you will find lots of ideas and inspiration for beautiful pieces of furniture made from Euro pallets. We don’t just mean indoor furniture, but also great balcony and terrace furniture. They are suitable for a small balcony as well as for a spacious terrace and can be individually adapted to the garden style. By and large, all balcony furniture can be built from pallets. The garden sofa, the garden table or a garden armchair are great DIY ideas for outdoor furniture. Furthermore, the Euro pallets can be planted and designed as pretty vertical gardens.

Pallet table with glass top

Build your own pallet furniture coffee table-casters-glass-tabletop-shelf

Coffee tables made from pallets are particularly popular. They are a practical and at the same time stylish accessory for the home. The raw material gives the living room an industrial charm and combines beautifully with neutral colors and simple furniture design. You can easily build a coffee table from just one Euro pallet and arrange it on castors as desired. With a glass plate, the pallet coffee table is easier to care for and has a perfect look. The area under the table top can also be designed with matching glass plates and converted into a shelf. This offers a really practical idea for small apartments.

Cloakroom in the hallway

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-cloakroom-hall-clothespins-news

There is often not enough space in the hallway for various items such as keys, glasses, hats, etc. This is why a small cloakroom can be particularly practical in this area. Our next idea for building pallet furniture yourself relates precisely to this piece of furniture. For this project, however, you should pull the pallet apart, otherwise too much space will be required. The Euro pallet cloakroom can be attached to the wall in the hallway and designed with several hooks. With some clothespins you can also use the cloakroom for small notes.

Outdoor kitchen

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-garden-outdoor-kitchen-herbs

A whole kitchen made from Euro pallets? Yes, it’s possible. Several pallets are used for this outdoor kitchen and are equipped with various electrical appliances and a sink. The structure of the pallets also offers plenty of storage space that can be used for various kitchen items. One of the pallets can even be designed as a vertical herb garden. So you can collect fresh herbs in the outdoor kitchen and add them to the dish immediately. Although this DIY project for building pallet furniture yourself looks a bit more challenging, it is not, because you use all the pallets and simply screw them together.

Wooden spools as side tables

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-garden-terrace-wooden coil-side tables

If you want to design your garden with furniture made from recycled materials, then not only pallets are suitable. You can complement the pallet furniture with other pieces of furniture that have the same style. A great example of this are these side tables, which are built from large wooden cable drums. These tables as a DIY project are very easy to make yourself. You should simply sand and glaze the wood and the side table is ready. If desired, the side tables can be painted in any color to match your garden.

large garden table

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-garden-table-partition-wall-garden

With Euro pallets, you can build both small and large pallet furniture yourself. An example of this is this dining table, which offers enough space for four people. It can be built from a total of four pallets and painted as desired. In order for the table to be suitable for outdoor use, you should treat it correctly. A waterproof glaze is therefore a must for this.

Bar counter in the garden

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-outdoor-bar-garden-terrace-children

It is recommended that children spend more time outdoors when the weather is nice. If you are looking for great garden play options for your child, you can build a bar counter yourself from pallets. There the children can play shop and have fun with their friends. Don’t forget to build a small canopy to protect the little ones from the strong sun. If you build the bar counter big enough, you can also use it for drinks at garden parties.

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-plant table garden-rustic

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-plant-table-white-lacquered-pallets


Pallet furniture-build-yourself-bedroom-pallet-bed-red-black-painted

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-terrace-coffee-table-rolls-blue-painted

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-terrace-corner-sofa-white-wooden coil-side table

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-terrace-sofa-candle lantern


Pallet furniture-build-yourself-wall-design-vertical-garden-succulents

Pallet furniture-build-yourself-living-room-coffee-table-newspaper-shelf

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Pallet bed in the youth room

pallet bed youth room vintage castors

euro pallet bed build yourself turquoise green base brown bedroom

Bed platform made from wooden pallets

Euro pallet bed platform ornate furnishings

Wooden coffee table with castors

white wood coffee table euro pallet roll living room

Urban chic with used Euro pallets

urban chic used euro pallets white coffee table with castors

Sofa made from pallets and seat cushions  

Build your own pallet furniture sofa seat cushions modern design

garden furniture

Build your own pallet furniture sofa garden wood base

sofa bed cushions wood pallet rolls garden

Sitting area on the balcony

Build your own pallet furniture sitting area balcony sofa

Rocking bed  Build your own pallet furniture rocking bed

Retro furnishings and a coffee table made from pallets

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Modern living room and coffee table made from pallets with a glass top

modern living room pallet table with castors white glass top

even in the conference room

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environmentally friendly

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Pallet bed

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Build pallet furniture yourself

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low coffee table

coffee table glass plate euro pallets living room

Kitchen shelf with spices

Build your own pallet furniture kitchen shelf spices

Bedside table

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 Coffee table made from euro pallets

Build your own pallet furniture wooden coffee table with castors

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