Build industrial-chic shelves yourself – practical tips with rope and boards

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When a shelf breaks, many people find it much easier to buy a new one than to fix the old one. Home-made furniture and household items still have their own special charm and are also good for the wallet. Here we show you how you can make a very nice and practical one with the help of a rope and a couple of boards Build your own shelf can.

 Build your own shelf – building materials and construction method

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In order for you to creatively implement your individual ideas, you need to use the right tools and materials for building a shelf. We’ll give you some useful ideas that you could apply at home. You need four ropes or thick ropes with a length of 30 cm and a thickness of approx. 2 cm. Also prepare four thinner ropes – about 0.5 cm thick with the same length. You still need 2 wooden boards and a flat drill. The color of the ropes is of course also very important. Choose this color that suits your space. Shelf boards can also be pre-painted. You still need 2 hooks, a pair of scissors and an illuminator. If you have already procured the building materials for you, you can do so in your home workshop Build your own shelf.

  Build your own shelf – instructions for work

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Use the flat drill to drill four holes in the four corners of each board that are large enough for the ropes. Then paint the board on all sides. Take one of the thinner and one of the thicker ropes and insert them into the holes. First, tie 2 knots 30 cm apart. Pull the ends of the rope through the holes in the first board and tie them together underneath. When the shelf is ready, attach it to the wall. Check out our proposal in the pictures. So you can have a great one for a short time and with inexpensive utensils Build your own shelf!

Practical idea that emphasizes individual style

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