Build a wooden porch swing yourself – instructions

hollywood swing made of wood round design fairy lights fireplace chairs

A cozy sitting area in the garden around the open fireplace – this is the quickest way to describe this construction project. On the hexagon construction, for which we are giving you instructions below, there are not one, but 5 Hollywood swing made of wood attached. Don’t be fooled – what may seem difficult and time-consuming at first glance is indeed a weekend project.

Wooden Hollywood swing – materials for the construction project

Build a swing yourself, open fireplace, round wooden posts

For the weekend project – Hollywood swing made of wood do you need the following materials:

– Support posts / 6 pieces / – 3 meters high, 6 wooden beams for the roof structure / lower hexagon / – 2.40 meters long, 6 wooden beams for the roof structure / upper hexagon / – 2.08 meters long, swings that are no more than 1.80 Meters wide.

Screw bolts – this is where you can get advice from the hardware store so that you can choose the right fastening for the wood.

You will need help from at least one skilled friend for the project.

Wooden Hollywood Swing – Instructions

Build the wooden swing yourself Construction of the fireplace ready

First choose the right location – the terrain should not be sloping. Then mark the correct position of the support posts / 2.4 meters apart /, dig holes, fix the posts vertically / with a level you can test again to be sure that they are really straight /. Stabilize the posts with wooden construction /s.Photo/. Then you can concrete the piles. Note that the wooden structure that stabilizes the posts is still there. Ready for day 1.

Bury wood beams

Hexagon Shape Support Structure Attach Post Step 1

Day. 2 – on the second day the roof structure is built. First connect all support posts with the six wooden beams / 2.40 long / /s.Photo/. The stabilizers can now be removed. The second hexagon is built from the shorter 6 wooden beams / 2.08 meters / and connects the middle of the longer beams. This is necessary because otherwise the construction will not be able to withstand 5 swings.

Once the construction is in place, the swings can be attached. Then all wooden parts should be varnished or painted. If you want, you can put an open fire bowl in the middle – in this case, simply treat the area with an anti-weed agent and then spread gravel on the ground.

The construction of the roof structure

Attach the hexagon post construction at the top Step 2

The first wooden beams connect the posts

Wooden assembly instructions attach post concrete step 3

The second wooden beams also form a hexagon and connect the centers of the first

Buried post gravel flooring open hearth

When the construction is finished, the open hearth can be built

open hearth gravel flooring construction roof finished step 4

At the end the wood is varnished – and that’s it!

build up paint wood make waterproof step 6

Seating area garden five porch swing set up hexagon construction

Build your own Hollywood swing ideas guide

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hollywood swing made of wood scaffolding pergola strips garden decoration

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