Build a mobile bar counter yourself from wooden pallets for the garden

Build bar counter yourself wooden pallets-breakfast-outside

Ready for spring and summer outdoors? When we can sit outside on the terrace for a long time and have a few refreshing drinks with friends. A bar counter could provide more convenience. Today we’re going to show you how to get a compact Build a bar counter yourself can with simple materials such as wooden pallets and stone slabs.

Build your own bar counter from old pallets

Build bar counter yourself wooden pallets-clean-sand

Wooden pallets work well for an outdoor DIY bar. However, these must first be cleaned and sanded with sandpaper. Nail both pallets together and fix them with two small 2.5 x 7.5 cm wooden slats.

Build a bar counter yourself – simple instructions

bar counter-build-yourself-wooden-pallets-instructions-pieces of wood

Place wooden pallets upright. Nail two cedar planks onto it. Make sure the bar counter is stable on the patio floor. Then paint in white or another color and paint with weatherproof varnish.

Build bar counter yourself wooden pallets-wooden boards-storage space

Add a couple of bar stools in a contrasting color

bar counter-build-yourself-wooden-pallets-white-lacquered-red-bar stool

Enough space for a breakfast bowl and margarita glasses

Build your own bar counter - wooden pallets - wooden planks - red bowl

The white-red duo creates a nice contrast with the green background


a parasol and a container plant nicely rounds off the overall picture

Bar counter build wooden pallets-white-painted-parasol

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Second version of the bar counter made from wooden pallets

bar counter-build-yourself-garden-pallet-stone-slab-drinks

You need: 2 wooden pallets of the same size, a large plywood board or two small ones (122 × 28 cm or 2 each 61 x 28 cm), 4 stone slabs 30 × 30 cm, hinges, weatherproof spray paint in white, 2.5 mm wood screws, polyurethane glue, drilling machine.


Stack both pallets exactly on top of one another and screw them together with the hinge and wood screws. Stand the construction upright and lay the plywood board on it so that the overhang is the same on both sides and screw it down. Paint and let dry. Once the varnish has dried, apply wood glue to the plywood and place stone slabs on top.

Screw together wooden lapets

Bar counter-build-yourself-garden-hinge-connect-two-pallets

Place plywood board on top

bar counter-build-yourself-garden-plywood-panel-stability



Apply wood glue

Bar counter-build-yourself-garden-plywood-wood-glue

Place stone slabs on the plywood board

Bar counter-build-yourself-garden-wooden-pallets-stone-slabs-storage area

Bar counter is ready

bar counter-build-yourself-garden-party-drinks



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Bar counter-build-your-own-ideas-wood-pallet-paint-white


Bar counter-build-your-own-ideas-euro-pallets-stacked on top of each other

bar counter-build-ideas-white-lacquered-decorations-shelves