Build a loft bed yourself with Ikea furniture – designs of beds with storage space

When furnishing small rooms and apartments, one should always try to maximize the small space. If you want to set up a bedroom to save space, you can put the bed and the chest of drawers together and turn them into one Build a loft bed yourself. Here we present some Ikea hacks for furniture with which you can make a bed with storage space yourself and thus get the greatest benefit from the limited space.

Build a loft bed yourself from Ikea dressers

Build a loft bed yourself ikea-hack-nordli-dresser-white-children's room-blue

Every bedroom needs at least a bed, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and possibly a desk with a chair. However, if the available space is not enough, there are a few space-saving tricks that can be used to make the most of it.

Build a bed out of Ikea cabinets

Build a loft bed yourself, children's room-furnishing-storage space-nordli-chest of drawers

The bed with storage space is a good furnishing idea for a smaller room like the children’s room. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, you can save money and space at the same time with a loft bed made from Ikea chests of drawers and mattresses. The Ikea Bekväm step stool is perfect as a staircase to the loft bed with storage space.

Set up children’s room – build a loft bed yourself

Build a loft bed yourself bed-storage-malm-dresser-blue-children's room-boy

The principle for this Ikea hack is very simple. If you want to build a loft bed yourself, the first thing you need is a standard Ikea chest of drawers, for example from the Malm series. A comfortable mattress and a bed frame or slatted frame are also required. If desired, you can also install additional bed rails and head ends for protection.

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Ikea Malm chest of drawers as a bed frame

Build a loft bed yourself ikea-hack-dresser-kullen-storage-space-drawers

The functions of storage space and sleeping furniture are combined with storage areas and drawers under the bed. Such loft beds are perfect not only for a children’s room, but also for one-room apartments and student rooms. Chests of drawers from the Malm series by Ikea have handleless drawers and are a perfect match for bedrooms with a clean design.

Build a loft bed yourself – Ikea base cabinets for the kitchen as a bed frame

Build a loft bed yourself bed-storage space-kitchen cabinets-children's room-ikea-hack

If you want to build the loft bed yourself, there are also kitchen cabinets available as bed frames. They open to the outside and have enough storage space for clothes, books, school supplies and many others. Just note that you need a little deeper kitchen cabinets so that the top is wide enough for a bed.

Set up a creative children’s room


The kitchen cabinets can be painted any color to match the rest of the decor and wall color. If it is a children’s room, you can still replace the boring handles of the closets with small toys such as dinosaurs. This is how you create a creative design for the children’s room.

Bed with storage space for the bedroom

Build-your-own-loft-bed-bedroom-bed-storage-stolmen-chest of drawers

A combination of utility and modern style is achieved with an elegant bed with storage space. Most Ikea furniture is characterized by adjusted designs and creates a modern yet inexpensive home furnishings.

Build a loft bed yourself with extra storage space


If you want to build a loft bed yourself in the children’s room, then you should get a step stool for children. Even smaller children can get into bed in the evening and get out again in the morning. The fall protection would also be necessary to ensure child safety while sleeping.

Combine loft bed and chest of drawers


However, the step stool is not sufficient for higher chests of drawers as a loft bed. In this case, you can buy a ladder or build it yourself and build it into the bed. This also provides a play opportunity for the little ones because they usually like climbing games.

Practically furnishing children’s rooms

Build-your-own-loft-bed-children's-room-ikea-furniture-drawer-dresser-storage space

The children’s room for toddlers shouldn’t be too big, but it should definitely have a play area. The loft bed with storage space in the children’s room is a good furnishing idea for the smaller room, as it leaves enough space to play and even offers opportunities to play.

Ikea Hack – Build your own bed with storage space


If you would like to build a loft bed yourself in the student room or guest room, then you should choose the best place for it so that it takes up as little space as possible in the room. Loft beds with storage space are usually placed in the corner of the room or in an alcove to leave the rest of the space free.

Elegant bed with storage space


This bunk bed is perfect for small spaces as it is built on top of a dresser with drawers and cupboards and is intended for two people at the same time. Whether for a stylish children’s room or a modern student room, the bed with storage space made from Ikea furniture creates order in every room.

Make bunk beds with Ikea furniture yourself or have them installed


If you want to build a simple loft bed yourself from Ikea furniture, then you probably don’t need the help of a craftsman. However, if it is a bunk bed of a more complicated construction, then it would be advisable to hire the craftsman for the job. In this way you can ensure the safety of the loft bed and use it carefree.

Build loft beds yourself from kitchen cabinets and shelves


As already mentioned, you can not only build a loft bed yourself from Ikea chests of drawers, but also from kitchen cabinets and shelves. Here we show two examples of how this is possible. The bed with storage space from Ikea kitchen cabinets is built together with a free space for a bedside table and a staircase. The base cabinets open outwards and offer storage space for many different items. On the other hand, a loft bed made from Ikea shelves can serve as a bookcase and storage space at the same time. In the free shelves you can put storage baskets from Ikea, which play the role of drawers.

Remodel Ikea Nordli dresser in a bed with storage space


The Ikea Nordli chest of drawers is perfect as a bed frame if you want to build a loft bed yourself. The elegant design of the piece of furniture fits into any interior and can be decorated as desired. You can put two chests of drawers next to each other to make the bed longer with storage space. A bed frame is also required, at least on the outer side, to hold the mattress in place.

Use Ikea Expedit shelves as bed frames


You can use old Ikea Expedit shelves and a simple slatted frame to build a practical loft bed with plenty of storage space. This furnishing idea is particularly intended for student rooms, as the design is space-saving and offers enough space for all textbooks. In addition, the bed frame made of shelves can be painted as desired, spiced up and thus designed individually.

Ikea hacks – build a sofa bed or loft bed yourself


If it is not a bedroom but a small living room, you can replace the sofa with a space-saving sofa bed with storage space. Different Ikea furniture with storage space on which a mattress is placed are suitable for this. With a few sofa cushions on it, the sofa bed is perfect for watching TV or for a little nap in the afternoon.