Build a Lego table for the children’s room yourself: DIY ideas for a great play table

lego table children's room play table wooden building blocks

We all know how children sink into exciting games and create their own world around them. Most children, regardless of gender, are so fascinated by the Lego game in particular that they are captivated by the great, colorful building blocks and can spend hours tinkering with your works of art on the floor. What do you think of a Lego table for the children’s room, where your child can have fun undisturbed and at the same time keep the Lego bricks tidy? In the following article we have put together great ideas for you on how you can build a practical and original Lego table yourself and thus give adolescents a lot of fun.

Lego play table for the children’s room – great ideas with instructions


If you have already decided to make a Lego table for the children’s room yourself, you have several design options to choose from. First, consider how much space is available in the space provided so that you can make a suitable Lego game table. For the first project for a Lego table, which we have selected for you, any small wooden table, such as a side table, is suitable.

lego plate box game table

You can add side walls to the table so that the sometimes tiny Lego building blocks don’t keep falling off the table. For this you will need wooden boards, if you like, leftover pieces of a renovation project, which you then cut at 45 degree angles and fasten to the table from below with screws and glue. In the middle of the table you can attach Lego base plates on which the children can build buildings and other figures and proudly present their creations.

Design the Ikea Lego table


Of course, you can turn a simple Ikea table into a Lego table by simply gluing the base plate onto the table. All around you can create a road marking with tape where the younger children can drive their self-assembled Lego Duplo cars. First fill up the vehicles at the gas station and then off we go.

Practical Lego table with storage space


If you build a Lego table yourself, it is definitely worthwhile to think about Lego storage. For example, pull-out shelves with plastic containers would be a practical idea. If the storage basket is attached in the middle under the table, you can cut a small hole directly above the basket. In this way, your child can quickly tidy up the building blocks that are not currently needed. A suitable cover ensures that the hole can be covered as required.


A Lego table can be a real highlight in the children’s room and act as a decorative element in the interior. For example, you can choose Lego base plates in colors that harmonize with the rest of the furniture or create a contrast. The plastic storage boxes in the example above also fit perfectly into the overall interior.


If the Lego gaming table has a storage compartment, there is no need to assemble the rails for the plastic baskets. Simply get several storage boxes with lids and arrange them on the storage compartment. The children can sort the individual building blocks by color and always have everything to hand. You can position chairs or stools around the Lego game table, depending on the height.

highway lego plate drawer storage

If you want to offer quick access to the Lego building blocks of various sizes, you can screw a rail to the side of the table in addition to a rail for the pull-out basket and hang up containers for the individual sizes. Another alternative would be, for example, a tool cabinet with several transparent compartments. Especially if your child is no longer concerned with Lego Duplo, but has already invented the very small parts for themselves.

bedroom-playroom-wooden drawers

For this great handicraft project you need an Ikea shelf frame, which is actually intended for storing and organizing toys, and the corresponding boxes in which your child will stow and keep the toy building blocks. Secure the base plates with hot glue. Now you can attach some wooden boards to the side, which you also equip with narrow Lego plates. There your child can set up the various Lego figures from their collection and conjure up a unique decoration for their original Lego play table.


Anyone who would like to beautify the creative gaming table and make it age-appropriate can easily achieve this with the help of washi tape. You can also make this Lego table mobile in no time at all so that the children always have their favorite toys within easy reach, regardless of where you are in the apartment. To do this, attach four wheels to the underside of the shelf frame.

playroom children's room storage system table

If you have older Lego-enthusiastic children at home who like to spend exciting afternoons with their friends, you can make a large and even height-adjustable Lego table yourself out of two shelf frames and a plywood sheet. Leave the task to your children to decorate the table thematically and to their heart’s content.


If the table is to be housed in a separate play room, you can conjure up a great Lego Land with the appropriate wall design in the colors of the Lego building blocks, where the adolescents feel really comfortable. In their own Lego world, the children’s creativity is encouraged and impressive buildings are often created.

play table-large-storage-built-in-chairs

If you would like to build a square Lego table with integrated compartments, you can design it by sawing it out. Take the boxes you want to build in and sketch them out once on the table. Then saw out the marked area and fix the boxes.

lego table storage compartments children's room

Finally, attach the building block boards with double-sided tape or hot glue. You may be able to close the storage box with the appropriate lids. The children can use the creative, self-made Lego play table for other purposes and the Lego bricks are stowed away dust-free.

storage-table-top-build-yourself-lego-building blocks

If your child is now a passionate Lego collector, then such a Lego play table with plenty of storage space might be an excellent solution for you. For this simple Lego project, you’ll need two or three roll containers with drawers and a sheet of plywood. Now you need to attach the plywood to the trolleys and attach the base plates to the table top.

lego-table-low-children's room

If you want to give your self-built Lego table an individual touch, the side walls can also be made from Lego bricks in any color arrangement. You still need suitable chairs and the fun can begin!