Build a dollhouse yourself and organize a play area in the children’s room

Build a dollhouse yourself colorful-idea-tinkering-paper-dots-colorful-egg boxes-chairs

Make your daughter happy – we’ll show you quick ideas on how to get one Build a dollhouse yourself and be able to set up a cozy play area in the children’s room.

Build a dollhouse yourself as a gift for children

Build a dollhouse yourself three-storey-wood-gift-idea-children

If you have a Build a dollhouse yourself you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. Do you have old drawers or wall shelves at home? Use this as a basis. Try in advance whether the child’s favorite dolls will fit in it. Thoroughly sand the drawer with sandpaper and stain it in different colors. You can make a roof out of two wooden boards, or leave the house open. Buy colored paper or get old wallpaper scraps and stick them on the interior walls. The more colorful the better! Your little princess is sure to look forward to floral patterns and tender purple, pink and white color combinations!

Build and decorate your own dollhouse

Build a dollhouse yourself easy-idea-colorful-wall-design-rooms-toys

It’s not enough if you have one Build a dollhouse yourself. This needs suitable decoration so that it attracts the child’s attention and becomes a favorite toy. Organize the different areas of life in the doll’s house accordingly. Living room, bedroom, kitchen and even a balcony. Now you have found a nice activity for rainy days. You can spend quality time with the child, read fairy tales or play. Organize a children’s party with fresh drinks and games with dolls so that your daughter can proudly showcase the dollhouse. If you don’t have a lot of free time to do handicrafts, you can build a doll’s house out of cardboard, or organize a doll’s house in an old suitcase! You can find more exciting ideas on how to build a doll’s house yourself below – including a construction sketch.

Modern dollhouse idea


Use a wall niche

dollhouse-build-yourself-wall-niche-design-idea-sloping roof

Build a dollhouse yourself from drawers

Build your own roof drawer instructions

Paint the doll’s house white

old wall shelves paint white construction instructions

The end result – cozy sitting area

Build your own dollhouse gift children girl

Dollhouse made from old suitcase

Dollhouse suitcase knitting ideas play area children's room

Cardboard dollhouse

Cardboard purple blue nursery decorating little princess

Purple dollhouse design idea

Build wooden dollhouse yourself cancel original idea

Build a dollhouse yourself – use old drawers or wall shelves

Make design ideas yourself wood children's room decoration

Open dollhouse

Build wood yourself 10 room Barbie

Blueprint from the design above

Building plan wood yourself make children's room design

Cute design made from old wall shelves

Make pink dollhouse wallpaper scraps yourself

Dollhouse with decoration made from leftover wallpaper

Build your own dollhouse white wooden play area design

Small wooden dollhouse

Red and white dollhouse build yourself, set up a wooden play area

cute dollhouse nursery play area set up little princess

Build it yourself on the facade, stick on leftovers