Build a bar counter yourself – 32 DIY ideas and instructions

Build your own bar counter-ideas-kitchen-modern-stainless steel-wenge-stool-ortange-upholstery

The kitchen counter in an open kitchen or a small bar at home looks extremely modern and attractive. The room looks much more inviting and makes the impression that the homeowner is particularly open and likes to receive guests. Stools and narrow high tables are good alternatives to the classic dining table and save space. One could narrow Build a bar counter yourself and set up a small bar in the apartment with drinks and beautiful glasses.

Build a bar counter yourself – DIY instructions

Build your own bar counter -instructions-wood-shelves-black-pendant-lights-drinks-deco

A cool idea is to assemble a construction from old cupboards or shelves and to put a nice representative plate on it. Two Billy shelves are placed in front of one another at a distance and a new wooden plate is attached to them. In between there is a refrigerator for drinks and ice cream, and there is space for glasses and bottles on the shelves. Beautiful pendant lights with a pleasant light that is not too strong are placed above the counter. The outer, visible side is clad with beautiful wooden boards that go well together with the plate.

Build a bar counter yourself – build a counter from Billy shelves

Build your own bar counter -instructions-shelves-black-ikea-materials-diy

Ikea furniture is not only easy to assemble without having to be an experienced craftsman, it can also be combined and used differently as an alternative. Nicely decorated and arranged in an ensemble, the mass-produced furniture appeared completely different and surprisingly individual.

Billy shelves as a substructure and a wooden panel on top

Build your own bar counter-instructions-shelves-black-ikea-wood-boards-plate

Small wooden counters are easily built by yourself with little patience and manual skill. Take a look at the instructions for bar counter in the country house style, as well as the great examples and inspiring ideas in the picture gallery.

Clad the bar counter with wood

Build your own bar counter-instructions-wood-cladding-boards-shelves-plate

Leave space for the refrigerator between the two shelves

Build your own bar counter-instructions-wood-cladding-plate-shelves-black-creative-boards

Build a bar counter and decorate it nicely

Build your own bar counter-instructions-wooden-counter-drinks-pendant-lights

Build a bar counter at home 

Build your own bar counter-instructions-counter-wood-plate-shelves-glasses-beverages

* a DIY project by Ikea Hackers

Country style with instructions

Build your own bar counter-instructions-country house style-white-wood-diy

Determine and measure the space


Assemble the frame from wooden panels

Build your own bar counter-instructions-wood-country-style-frame-assembly

Cover the sides with decorative wooden boards

Build your own bar counter-instructions-country-style-wood-white-plank floor-wooden beams

Build a bar counter yourself – put on a suitable wooden plate

Build your own bar counter-instructions-plate-wood-country-style-vintage-diy

* a DIY project from Buck House Blog

More inspiring ideas

Build your own bar counter-ideas-country-style-wood-white-vintage-parquet-floor

Country style white wooden kitchen counter




Build your own bar counter from Euro pallets

Bar-counter-build-ideas-euro-pallets-wood-material-kitchen-pendant lights

Build your own bar counter-ideas-euro-pallet-wood-kitchen-cozy-country-style


Build your own glass holder and wine rack using wood from a Euro pallet

Build your own bar counter-ideas-deco-shelf-glasses-wine shelf-wine glasses

Build your own bar counter-ideas-euro-pallets-led-lighting-colored-decoration

Build brick bar counters yourself

Bar counter-build-your-own-ideas-bricked-tiles-vintage-black-pendant-lights-modern

Build your own bar counter-ideas-glass-brick-stool-counter-granite-slab-office-public

Modern ideas for bar counters 

Build your own bar counter-ideas-stool-mirror-chandelier-pictures-wine

Build your own bar counter-ideas-industrial-style-stainless-steel-pipes-wood-floorboards






Build your own bar counter-ideas-plate-natural-wood-stool-rattan-natural stone-wall cladding-wall clock

Bar-counter-build-ideas-living-room-bar-behind-sofa-tubular furniture-wood



Build your own bar counter-ideas-outdoor-concrete-brick-lawn-watering-can-garden furniture


Build a bar counter yourself, metal trolley, marble worktop




Build your own bar counter-idea-diy-industrial-stool-towel-holder