Bring old drawers back to life – 12 great DIY ideas!

Old drawer ideas wall shelf jewelry box DIY home decor

Old furniture is often stowed in a garage corner or in the attic for a long time and simply forgotten. Even if the entire piece of furniture has lost its beauty, parts of it could still be used and transformed into something practical and beautiful. Do you have an old closet or chest of drawers at home that you actually want to part with? Never throw everything away completely – old drawers can still be very useful even if you no longer use them in their original state. In this article, we will show you many ingenious ideas on how you can make practical and beautiful shelves, flower pots or other home decorations out of the old drawers!

Use old drawers as jewelry boxes

Old drawer jewelry box ideas to reuse old furniture

How annoying are the moments when we’re in a rush trying to find our favorite necklace. But this is tangled up with the other 20 necklaces we own? Now is the end of the constantly knotted jewelry – old drawers are ideal for small jewelry boxes. The drawer knobs are also particularly useful for hanging your jewelry.

Old drawers used as cosmetics shelves

Old Drawer Ideas DIY Bathroom Shelf Wohnunsdeko Garten Ideen

Dainty old drawers are the ideal decorative shelves for your bathroom, where you can place your make-up items or perfumes. To protect the drawers from moisture, you should first coat them with acrylic varnish.

Old drawers as a country-style chest of drawers

Old Drawer Ideas Dresser Wooden Furniture DIY Instructions

You can always adapt the inner workings of your old drawers as required and desired. Do you like unique and unusual pieces of furniture in country house style, but shy away from buying because of the usually high prices? Then you could simply build a great vintage chest of drawers yourself from different drawers and set it up as an accent in your living room or bedroom. Find different old drawers at the flea market or in a furniture store for used furniture and think about how you would like to arrange them. Then you build the frame or have it made in a hardware store.

Old drawers as an original coffee table 

Reuse old drawer ideas Side table make ideas yourself

A decorative coffee table is sometimes much more than just a practical piece of furniture. It could become an accent that reflects the character of your home and enhances the overall decor. You don’t need much for your very own coffee table – either 1 large or 2 small old drawers, four furniture feet and perhaps a glass top and your table is already in front of you!

Old drawers used as bookshelves

Old drawer ideas bookcase apartment decorator with old furniture

A very simple and practical way to use old drawers as bookshelves is to put them upright and fill them with your favorite books and newspapers. Or how about a bookshelf for the children’s room that offers enough space for all the coloring and picture books? Simply saw off the front part of the old drawer and attach it to the wall. Several such compartments would even allow you to sort everything by subject and size. From now on there is also more order in the children’s room!

Old drawers as a stool and chest in one

Old drawers use stools yourself tinker rustic furnishings home decorating ideas

Combine storage space and a seat in one? Use old drawers to build a unique and functional stool. Not only will you have space for your magazines and the remote control, but you can also invite one more guest to your next movie night!

Old drawer ideas lamp old furniture reuse home decor ideas

For the very creative among you, stacked little old drawers can be used as Lamp base to serve. You could think that it is a designer piece and it gives the lamp and your apartment a particularly beautiful and rustic look!

Old drawers as under-bed compartments 

Make old drawer ideas under-bed compartment yourself Instructions for home decoration

There isn’t much to explain here. Simply screw the rollers under the old drawers, fill them and slide them under the bed. So absolutely every corner in your apartment is used sensibly.

Old drawers as plant containers for your balcony or garden

Old drawer ideas old furniture Wohnunsdeko garden ideas

Who says that you can only plant your flowers and plants in conventional flower pots? Using some pretty old drawers, for example, will definitely make your garden decor look a lot more interesting. These can be used specifically as accents and provide that certain something. Paint your old pieces of furniture with a paint suitable for outdoor use so that you can protect them from the elements. And of course you should also drill a few holes in the floors for the water drainage.

Dog bed made from old drawers for your furry friend

Reuse old drawers Dog bed from old furniture ideas instructions DIY

Don’t forget your little four-legged friend either – put a pillow in an old drawer and the new cozy corner for your friend is ready for free!

Turn old drawers into a cute dollhouse

Old Drawer Ideas DIY Dollhouse Wohnunsdeko Garden Ideas

A cute dollhouse for your children can be built very easily and quickly from old drawers. All you will need for this is 2 or 3 drawers. Let your imagination run wild to paint and decorate the house with many different colors. Your kids will definitely love it!

Old drawers as shelves – DIY instructions

Old drawer wall shelf itself make home decoration ideas yellow chair

If a chest of drawers is no longer usable or broken, the associated drawers often end up in the bulky waste. But next time you should keep it – you can make a lot of beautiful and interesting furniture out of it, which can find a place anywhere in your apartment. One option would be to convert old drawers into a decorative shelf. So that it doesn’t look monotonous and boring, you can also use drawers in different colors and sizes.

Old drawer decorating ideas small shelf vintage rustic decor ideas

Wall shelf made from old drawer tools:

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Masonry drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Hot glue gun

If you want to build a large shelf, you should first connect two old drawers together and screw them to the wall. They bind the foundation for your wall shelf – so you don’t have to drill holes in the wall for every single drawer.

Build your own old drawers as wall shelves Instructions Ideas Home decor ideas

  • A drawer is sawed through in the middle.
  • Two drawers are placed next to each other so that they form a line and then screwed together. So that the other drawers can be placed on it, the knobs should point outwards or downwards.
  • Pre-drill holes so you can hang them on the wall.

Old drawers as a wall shelf rustic decor ideas inspirations

  • Use a masonry drill to attach the two screwed-together drawers to the wall. Arrange the rest on top and screw them together.
  • For decoration you can use some motif paper for the inside or color the drawers with an opaque varnish and acrylic paint. If you decide to paint, we recommend sanding the painted surface until it feels a bit rough so that the new paint will stick well.

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