Bride Make-Up – Make-up ideas for your wedding

Make up ideas to emphasize eyes face

Every bride wants to look good at her wedding – the dream dress fits, the hairstyle is just perfect. And then comes the make-up – if applied correctly, the make-up can accentuate the face. But there are a few things you should pay attention to – we will give you an overview of the basic rules for a beautiful Bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup – basic rules that you should follow

Bride romantic natural makeup

So that Bridal makeup To emphasize their natural beauty, these makeup tips should help you:

– The first thing you should ask yourself is – when will the wedding be celebrated – during the day or in the evening?

If you are celebrating on the day, choose eye shadow and powder in neutral shades and apply a subtle lip gloss in pink / apricot. You can bring out your eyes better with a mascara for extra long eyelashes. Don’t forget about the eyebrows – well-shaped eyebrows can rejuvenate the face.

If you’re partying in the evening, you can opt for smokey eyes and choose a shade of darker lip gloss.

– No matter which variant you choose, there is one thing you should definitely do – test the make-up. And if you want to do your own makeup during the day, then you should practice at least 2-3 times in advance. Often the wedding day is hectic and you probably won’t have that much time to put on your make-up.

– Wash your face, let it dry – do not put cream on it. Only then can you put on make-up.

– To make the makeup last longer, replace the Fond de Teint with powder.

Bridal make-up – subtle and natural for the day

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Emphasize the eyes – with mascara and kohl

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Select beautiful eyeshadows in natural nuances according to the skin color

Bride Ideas Smokey Eye Make Up Ideas

Try the make-up at least once

Emphasize eyes mascara mascara

Instead of applying fond de teint powder to the face

Apply makeup ideas mascara lipstick

Subtle brown-gold eyeshadows

Make up ideas Smokey eyes hairstyle naturally

 Emphasize the eyes with kohl

Ideas romantic red lips lace dress

 Red lipstick should be avoided on the wedding day – in any case, this make-up looks pretty romantic

Ideas beige gold nuances wedding autumn winter

 Subtle in natural nuances – the make-up is selected in harmony with the hairstyle

Make-up ideas wedding natural nuances colors

red lipstick eyes smokey evening

Ideas apply red lipstick eyes mascara

Make-up ideas, of course, fall season

Make Up white eyeshadow black kajal

blue emphasize bride applying wedding eyeshadow

emphasize mascara, apply pink lip gloss

Lips eyes emphasize beautiful bride

Wedding bridal eyes accentuate black kohl

Make up ideas eyes bride wedding day

Make up ideas bride charming pink lipstick

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Bride make-up ideas lipstick natural nuances pink apricosa