Bed made from Euro pallets – make cheap furniture yourself


If you like tinkering and building, then you can use this passion perfectly to furnish and decorate your home. Perhaps you happen to be looking for a cheap bed that is also effective. Then is a Bed made from Euro pallets just right for you and we have prepared simple instructions that will help you build one quickly and easily.

In order to implement the instructions for the bed made from Euro pallets, little effort and time is required and this bed is also very cheap in terms of costs. You have the option of designing it in terms of color according to your taste and you can also determine the size individually. But what exactly do you need to build the bed? You can find out below:

Build a bed from Euro pallets: Here’s how it works

Wood-bed-from-Euro-pallets-building-instructions-build yourself

To make the bed from Euro pallets yourself, you need:

– Pallets (you can determine the quantity by measuring and comparing your mattress and the pallets)

– a saw

– Sandpaper and sander

– drill

– Paint in any color or natural

– Sealing varnish

– extra pieces of wood to fill the gaps between the boards (see below), as well as for the feet

Before you start building the bed out of Euro pallets, carefully inspect the pallets. You should hammer or remove protruding nails in the wood to avoid injuries or to protect the mattress from damage.

Bed made from Euro pallets: cutting the pallets


After you have measured your mattress, you can start cutting the pallets. If you want, the pallets can be a little wider than the mattress itself. This gives the bed made of Euro pallets an effective edge, which is also useful because you can temporarily place glasses, books or other objects there.

If you cut off one of the lower bars that hold the individual boards together when cutting the pallets, you can easily add it again afterwards and even use the same nails for it.



After you have prepared the pallets so far for the bed of Euro pallets, they must of course be sanded. To do this, use sandpaper and, if possible, a sanding machine. This not only makes grinding easier, it also saves time, which in this case is a great advantage. Since the wood on pallets is very rough, you will have to sand it for a while. So if you have a sanding machine on hand, be sure to use it to sand the bed out of Euro pallets.

Sanding the wood from pallets

Grinding machine-cheap-bed-from-Euro-pallet-make-yourself-pictures

The pallets for the bed from Euro pallets can be made more stable by filling the space between the upper and lower boards with a piece of wood, which then serves as a support. Two of the sides of a pallet already have such bars, the rest of which you need to add yourself.

Bed-with-pallet-frame-extra-pieces of wood-fill-spaces-between-boards

Then you can screw the individual parts for the bed from Euro pallets together. In the event that the pallets have different heights, we have a trick: lay them upside down on the floor (the boards facing down) and only then screw them together. Thanks to the level floor, the pallets will also have the same height.

Screw boards together

Make-your-own-bed-from-Euro-pallets-different-heights-screw together


Now we come to the cosmetic part, namely the painting of the bed from Euro pallets. First apply the colored varnish. Let the first coat dry well before applying a second one. If this is also dry, apply two more coats of the sealing varnish.


Finally, you need a few more feet. This is especially necessary when the pallets have different heights so that the bed made of Euro pallets does not wobble. You can also use the feet to determine how high the bed should be. Wheels are also a great and practical option for feet. These make it easier to adjust the bed, which is particularly advantageous if you want to vacuum and wipe under the bed.

Bed made from Euro pallets with a vintage headboard

bedroom-bed-from-euro-pallets-vintage-look-bed headboard

Daybed made from Euro pallets


Pictures: Pinterest, Santiagodiy