Beautify Ikea paper lamp – creative DIY projects with the Regolit lampshade

ikea paper lamp regolit embellish ideas hacks

The Ikea furniture has become an indispensable part of the modern apartment and many of us own at least one item from the Swedish furniture manufacturer at home. Ikea furniture is also very popular among DIY enthusiasts because it offers numerous ideas for redesigning and remodeling. Such DIY projects are still known as Ikea hacks and can be implemented with a variety of furniture and furnishings. Everyone knows, for example, the cheap Ikea paper lampshade that hangs in thousands of homes around the world. However, there is a lot more potential in the simple Ikea paper lamp than you might think. In today’s post we present some creative DIY projects in which the Regolit lampshade from Ikea plays the main role.

Beautify Ikea Regolit paper lamp

ikea hacks hanging lampshade decorate napkins

Ikea Regolit is a paper lampshade that is suitable for hanging lights. Rice paper is used for its production and each handmade umbrella is unique. The Regolit lamp fits perfectly with the Hemma lamp suspension and the best thing is that both items together cost around 5 euros.

If you find the simple white Ikea paper lampshade too boring, you can embellish it in different ways and thus transform it into a real designer piece. So let your creativity run free and choose a suitable idea for your Ikea paper lamp. A few DIY projects for inspiration can be found below.

Decorate the Ikea lampshade made of paper with the napkin technique

ikea hacks paper lamp regolit embellish napkins

First we will show you how you can decorate the Regolit lamp with the well-known napkin technique. This method is really simple and does not require great skill. First of all, you should collect the necessary materials, namely:

  • an Ikea Regolit rice paper lamp
  • Napkins with a motif of your choice
  • scissors
  • Napkin glue *
  • paint brush

* Napkin glue is not cheap, but luckily you can make the glue yourself at home. All you need is a small pack of wallpaper paste, enough water for it and half as much wood glue as paste, which you stir in an old, unused cup. You should keep the self-made napkin glue in a sealable can so that it does not dry out.

ikea paper lamp embellish napkins roses

Start by cutting out the designs from the napkins. In the example, the napkins are decorated with large, red roses, but you can also choose any other motif. Just note that large motifs are easier to cut out and transfer to the paper lamp. We also recommend motifs that are shown on a white background.

cut out roses napkins deco napkin technique

Tear off the top layer of each napkin where the motif is shown. Otherwise the motif will be too thick and will not adhere well to the lampshade. Get enough napkins to decorate the paper lamp at once.

ikea paper lamp embellish napkin technique instructions

Now you can start with the decoupage. Place the cut-out napkin directly on the Ikea paper lamp and secure it with the napkin glue by brushing directly over it with the brush.

instructions paper lamp ikea decorate napkins roses

Then glue more and more napkins until you get the design you want. Be careful not to tear the napkins or paper lamp. It gets quite wet if a lot of glue is applied.

ikea regolit paper lamp embellish ideas to make yourself

Finally, let the glue dry well and put the lamp on. For such a lamp it is better to use a light bulb that is not too strong to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. But one thing is certain in any case – the colorful motifs will create beautiful light effects in the room.

Creatively redesign the Ikea Regolit paper lamp

beautiful ikea ideas to make yourself regolit remodel paper lamp

Although these paper lanterns look a bit complicated, you can make one yourself in 30 minutes or less. They look stylish and effective during the day and, in combination with a weak light bulb, have a warm look in the evening.

The basis for this project is again an Ikea Regolit paper lamp, which is decorated with several small circles made of tissue paper in any color. You also need double-sided tape with which the paper circles are attached to the lamp.

Start at the bottom of the Ikea paper lamp by taping the circles of tissue paper around the opening with double-sided adhesive tape so that they overlap. Continue until the whole lampshade is covered. Using this method, you can not only create single-colored paper lanterns, but also create beautiful patterns, such as two-tone or with all the colors of the rainbow.

DIY project – stylish hanging lamp for the dining room

ikea paper lamp regolit lampshade embellish feathers

Pendant lights are a typical choice for the area above the dining table. If you want to furnish your dining area elegantly and with an eye for detail, then take a look at the following project! So how do you find a spring lamp for the space above the dining table? Or why not for the living room too?

Such lamps usually cost a lot, but DIY enthusiasts can copy the Ikea Regolit paper lamp and some simple feather boas. We show how to do it!

ikea hacks paper lamp regolit embellish feathers

The necessary materials for this project are:

  • Ikea paper lamp
  • approx. 5 feather boas in any color
  • Napkin glue, e.g. B. Mod Podge
  • scissors
  • paint brush

ikea paper lamp embellish feather boa stick

For this project, it’s easier if you start in the middle of the paper lampshade. Use the brush to apply a thick layer of napkin glue around the center of the Ikea paper lamp. Then carefully take a feather boa and wrap it around the umbrella so that it sticks to the applied glue. Cut off the excess and leave it aside. Then make two layers above and two below the middle using the same method. With the excess parts that have been cut off, tape the upper and lower sides of the screen, where the circumference is smaller.

ikea hacks regolit lampshade paper decorate

An LED lamp with no more than 9 watts is recommended for this hanging lamp, as these do not get too warm. To clean the accumulated dust on the feather lamp, you can use a hair dryer on cold setting.

ikea paper lampshade embellish white feathers

And this is what the pendant lamp looks like in the evening. The white feathers filter the light and create a pleasant, cozy room atmosphere that makes you feel good. Please note that with feather boas in other colors, the lighting effects in the room also differ.

DIY paper lampshade in an ombré look

ikea regolit paper lamp embellish ombre green

If you want to give a room in the apartment a color accent, then a hanging lamp is exactly the right solution. Hanging lamps are not so eye-catching, but can still add subtle accents to the interior. If you are currently looking for a cheap DIY idea for the ceiling lamp in the living room or bedroom, then you can spice up a simple Regolit paper lampshade from Ikea with color.

ikea paper lamp decorate ombre look green

The ombré look is not only very popular for hairstyles and nail design, but is also becoming more and more common in interior design. Be it an original wall design or a decorative piece of furniture – the Ombré looks beautiful in the interior.

You can also give the well-known Ikea paper lamp a pretty ombré effect. All you need is a palette of watercolors, a paintbrush and a bowl of water. Begin to paint the lamp from the bottom up with a rich shade of the selected color, always diluting the color a little for the transition upwards. Just make sure that the brush is not too wet, otherwise holes can appear in the paper lamp. Also note that the watercolors will fade a bit after they dry out. To make the effect more intense, you can apply another layer of the paint.

Ikea hacks with Regolit lampshade for the nursery

kids room ideas ikea hacks hot air balloon decoration diy

A children’s room should be designed to be atmospheric and encourage the creativity of the little ones. Therefore, homemade furniture, decoration and accessories are perfect for this area of ​​the apartment. For the Ikea Regolit lamp, for example, there are numerous Ikea hacks that are especially suitable for furnishing a child’s room. We have put together a few nice ideas with instructions below.

DIY hot air balloon made from Ikea paper lamp

ikea hacks do-it-yourself ideas materials hot air balloon

A popular motif for decoration in the nursery is undoubtedly the hot air balloon – whether in the form of a baby mobile or as a wall motif. An Ikea paper lamp can also be used to make a beautiful hot air balloon, which creates a good atmosphere in the children’s and baby rooms. The following materials are required for this project:

  • Ikea Regolit paper lampshade
  • a cup, e.g. B. a piece from the Ikea Ljusnan 3-piece set
  • Ikea Östernäs leather handles
  • Ikea Titta Djur finger puppets
  • line
  • Wooden beads
  • black felt pads in different sizes
  • duct tape
  • needle
  • screwdriver

ikea paper lamp embellish remodel glued felt gliders

First, fold up the Ikea paper lamp and decorate the shade with black felt gliders in different sizes (other colors are of course also perfectly fine, depending on the effect you achieve in the children’s room). Alternatively, you can paint the lampshade, decorate it with sequins, tissue paper or whatever. There are no limits for your creativity.

ikea hack diy hot air balloon basket install leather handles

Then assemble the leather handles on the sides of the basket according to the assembly instructions. You will need a screwdriver to do this.

DIY hot air balloon ikea hacks string wooden beads decorate

Now tie a string on the inside of each of the screws. The cords should be the same length. To decorate them, thread a few wooden beads each that you hold in place with knots at the top and bottom.

ikea hacks regolit thread paper lampshade cord

To hang the basket, you should tie the strings on the metal ring of the lampshade. To do this, the paper has to be perforated a bit, which is easiest to do with a needle. Make sure that the distances between the cords and the lampshade are the same. For more stability, you can leave two opposing cords a little longer and not attach them to the metal ring, but to the lamp suspension.

ikea paper lamp lampshade remodel hot air balloon kids room

It remains only to fix the finger puppets in the basket. If the children want to play with it, it is worth fastening with a Velcro fastener on the inside. If the animals only stay in the basket as a decoration, you can sew them on.

And so your hot air balloon from the Ikea paper lamp is ready! Whether you use it as a lamp or just as a hanging decoration is completely up to you.

Hot air balloon made from Tvärs table lamp and Regolit hanging lampshade

ikea hacks lamps regolit paper lamp tvärs table lamp diy hot air balloon

If you would like to make a pretty night lamp for the nursery yourself, then you can use the Regolit lampshade. In this example it is again a hot air balloon, which this time consists of two Ikea lamps. In addition to the paper lampshade, you also need the Tvärs table lamp, which you can turn upside down. Then just stick the paper lampshade on it and the beautiful hot air balloon table lamp is ready.

Decorate Ikea paper lamp for the nursery

ikea paper lamp regolit beautify children's room hack

The ideas for redesigning the Ikea paper lamp for the children’s room are simply endless. Any motifs and patterns can be created with paint, fabric or paper, which look delightful in the children’s room. When choosing, consider the color scheme of the room in order to create a beautiful design for the lamp.

For example, you can paint a face on the lampshade or turn it into a favorite animal. For Halloween and Martin’s parade, on the other hand, the balloon lamp can be used to make lanterns and decorate them to match the occasion. A decoration with small motifs such as butterflies, stars or flowers would also cut a particularly good figure in the children’s or baby’s room. Be creative and create your own works of art from the cheap Ikea Regolit paper lamp!