Beautify an old chair yourself – backrest made of cord and leather

beautify old chair yourself project leather backrest

Maybe you have some old chairs that are perfect for this interesting makeover. The project here is very simple and inexpensive. You don’t need to buy a lot of materials either. You can use leftovers from other projects to make a to beautify old chair yourself.

Spice up an old chair yourself

old chair decorate chair back braiding yellow lacquer

To embellish this old chair you will need:

– paint color

– An old chair with a back like that

– leather or fabric (10 cm x 20 cm)

– approx. 5 m poly cord

– A screw punch (optional, but it will make your job easier)

– A craft knife

– tape measure

– Pencil

– A couple of folder clips

Step 1:

Paint the chair with the lacquer paint. This chair had a classic spindle backrest, but you have to remove the spindles.

redesign the old chair yourself

old chair makeover chair back tape measure project

Step 2:

To determine the length of the piece of leather, measure 2 or 5 inches below the seat, above the center of the backrest, and back. It is better to cut a little more than too little. You can cut off the excess at the end.

leather piece white folder clips project tinker

Step 3:

Cut out the piece of leather, fold in half inside out, and place it over the back of the chair. Make a mark where the tire will begin to straighten. This indicates where you will be making the first hole.

leather piece white screw hole punch folder clips

Step 4:

Take the piece of leather off the chair and place it on a smooth surface. Fold it in half and secure with the binder clips – two at the top and two at the bottom. Start making the holes with the screw punch or a craft knife. From the marking downwards, at a distance of 2.50 cm.

decorate the old chair yourself

Step 5:

Place the piece of leather over the back of the chair. Take about 2 feet of string, find the center point and and tie a knot. Start weaving by threading each end of the rope through the top two holes, from the back. Loosen the knot and pull taut from both sides.

chair back braided polyseil cord yellow instructions

Step 6:

Keep the string taut. It is attached to the back of the chair. Follow steps A, B and C as shown in the photo. Do this on both sides.

chair reshape backrest leather braid neon cord

Step 7:

At the end, you will make a loop that you can also reinforce with glue.

chair black paint backrest leather cord yellow

decorate old chair yourself neon yellow cord leather white

spice up chair idea chair back poly cord leather piece

old chair black lacquer color cord yellow backrest

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