Baptism gifts and packaging yourself – 20 ideas

baptism favors cross-seed paper-girl-boy-card

When planning the christening party, you are mainly concerned with finding the right decoration and color, distributing the seats, finding suitable flowers and creating the perfect atmosphere. You can quickly forget a lot. That is why we would like to remind you of the guests and that you can make them happy too by including small gifts for guests. This also has another advantage, because the gifts also serve as table decorations for baptism, which look very nice in the midst of the other decorations. We have put together some ideas for guest gifts for the baptism that you can also make yourself.

If you decide to buy gifts, you may at least need interesting packaging. In this way you present small objects or sweets in a more original way. We have also put together some simple instructions for this. No matter which of the ideas you choose, the gift ideas will be of special importance and serve as small keepsakes for the guests. But more on that below!

Make baptism gifts yourself

favors for baptism guardian angel-tinker-wood-buttons-wing-wire

Since it is a Christian festival, it is an advantage if every gift has a suitable motif. This can be a cross, but star sheep, which symbolize the star of Bethlehem, are also suitable. Of course this is not an obligation! If you like other ideas better, you are of course free to choose. We’d like to start with some gift ideas and move on to packaging ideas later.

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Baptism gifts and packaging yourself – 20 ideas

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Favors for baptism in a glass – small messages

baptism favors glass-sand message in a bottle

Let’s start with this idea for baptism favors in a glass. It’s a quick and easy idea, so it’s also suitable if you are expecting a lot of guests. You need:

  • small glass vials with corks
  • white, decorative sand
  • coarse glitter
  • Silk ribbon in any color
  • Jute yarn
  • Paper for printing or writing on
  • self-adhesive rhinestones
  • Crosses
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue

baptism favors glitter cross gift silk ribbon idea

  1. Writing on the paper takes the most time. You will receive your messages faster if you write them on the computer and then simply print them out. You have two options to choose between, depending on how much time and inclination you have. Every guest can have one and the same message. This can be thanks, congratulations, a quote and the like. Depending on the occasion, you can also assign a different quote to each guest and in this way create personalized guest gifts for the baptism.
  2. The scraps of paper are then rolled up. Make sure that you make the right size so that the roll fits into the bottle later. You can use a pen to help you roll it up. While the paper is still wrapped around the pen, secure the roll with a piece of jute twine.
  3. Now fill the glasses with the sand, each with a roll and some glitter and cut sufficiently long silk ribbons, which you mark with small crosses.
  4. Put on the cork. Put some hot glue on the neck of the bottle. This is where you start wrapping yarn. After a few turns, put another drop on the neck and fix the end in this way too.
  5. Tie the silk ribbon around the neck of the bottle in the same way. Form a loop and decorate each with a rhinestone. complete!


You don’t necessarily have to choose a bottle-shaped container for the idea. You can also design the favors for the baptism with test tubes or any other container. Small jam jars, for example, look very cute. In principle, it all depends on what you want to put in the container.


The decorations for the interior can vary at will. Edible ingredients such as cocoa, smarties or other sweets and herbs and spices that are suitable for making tea are also suitable. You are welcome to put both sweet gift ideas and those with herbs on a table so that everyone can choose their own gift. In that case, however, you’d better make a larger number, so that in the end there isn’t something left for someone that they don’t really want.

Decorative flower balls

favors for baptism decoration-flowers-paper-punch-styrofoam-ball-design

The balls are the perfect decoration for the table, which those present can also use for their home afterwards. You need:

  • Styrofoam balls of any size
  • a punch for flower motifs
  • Pins with a pretty head
  • Craft paper in any color

The goal is to cover the entire ball with flowers. To do this, punch out a lot of flowers. With the help of the pins, these are then attached to the styrofoam ball. Make sure that the individual flowers overlap so that the ball itself is no longer visible at the end. You can choose pink for girls and blue for boys for the paper. If you have used a certain main color for the entire party decoration, the balls can also be matched to it.

Making seed paper

favors for baptism sheep-seed paper-egg carton-inspiration-diy-simple

Seed paper is an interesting thing and wonderful if you want to make your own baptism favors. It is paper that contains flower seeds and can later be planted in the garden or in a flower pot, depending on the type of flower. It is best to choose small seeds, as these can be better integrated into the paper.

You can use any waste paper for the paper. Only glossy paper is not suitable. Egg cartons are also a wonderful option, especially if you choose colored ones. In principle, the paper you are using should be able to soak up moisture. Otherwise you will need water, a sieve, flower seeds, a cookie cutter with any motif and a bath towel or nappy insert for the project.

favors for baptism buttons-decoration-box-tinker-colored-seed paper

  1. Shred the paper in a bowl and add water. Let the paper soak for a few hours (preferably overnight).
  2. You can then use a mixer to process the paper water into a kind of puree.
  3. Then stir in the seeds and then lay out the sieve.
  4. Place the cookie cutter in the sieve and fill it with the paper to get the shape you want. The water also drips off automatically.
  5. Press the paper down again to squeeze out any remaining water.
  6. Now remove the cookie cutter (make sure that the seed paper does not fall out) and place the seed paper on a surface that can soak up more water (towel or diaper liners). Now the cookie cutter is free again for the next motif.
  7. The finished seed paper motifs must dry completely. Note that direct sunlight can cause colored paper to fade a little to dry it.

Guest gifts for baptism – make soap from lavender yourself


Those in attendance are sure to be at least as happy about good-smelling soap. You can buy these, but this gift will be much cheaper and of course more original if you make it yourself. The ingredients are enough for a very large bar of soap, which you either cut into smaller pieces at the end or you pour the liquid into several molds at the same time. It is best to try the recipe out first to be able to estimate how much you will need for all guests. The soap does not necessarily have to be too big for a gift. In addition to casting molds, you will need:

  • 500 g coconut oil
  • 600 g rapeseed oil
  • 500 g of olive oil
  • 520 ml of distilled water
  • 220 g sodium hydroxide
  • 50 ml of lavender oil
  • 2 handfuls of lavender or less
  • two steel pots or bowls for heating
  • Wooden spoon
  • Kitchen thermometer


  1. Pay attention to the order of preparation! Heat the first three oils to 60 degrees.
  2. In the meantime, pour the water into a bowl and add sodium hydroxide for a lye. This creates gases that you shouldn’t breathe.
  3. Add the lye to the oils and stir until the liquid becomes thick.
  4. Finally stir in lavender oil and flowers, pour into molds and let harden.

Give away sweets


If you would like to give something sweet as a gift, there are also many different variants. Home-baked food is of course preferable to what has been bought. Whether cookies that you design and label with fondant or homemade pralines does not matter. You can use a candy box for the baptism gifts, which you can make yourself out of paper. Cupcakes can also be decorated with crosses, angel wings and the like to match the occasion. The best way to pack the sweets is in one of the packaging ideas below or you can come up with something yourself. For cupcakes, on the other hand, beautiful muffin cases are available that you can use as gifts.

cake pops


So-called cake pops are very popular, which also makes them the perfect gift idea. They are made from finished cake base. We even have some delicious recipes for you here. You decide for yourself how you offer the cake pops as guest gifts for the baptism. Either each guest receives a cake on a stick in their place or you create a bouquet of these cake pops on a table next to them (e.g. the dessert table), from which everyone can take one allowed. When you package and design them, you can go back to using ribbons, photos, tags, or labels with messages on them.

Further ideas

favors for baptism ideas-candles-photo-key-rings-rosary-ladies

Otherwise, you can still make a wide variety of bracelets and chains for women and key rings for men. The candle is also wonderfully suitable as a guest favors for baptism, which can be individually designed with the help of the decoupage technique. Stickers and pendants are also well suited for the design of the candles and can be provided with a photo of the baptized child for guest gifts for the baptism. You can just as easily buy ready-made lanterns and then decorate them as well.

Packaging for the guest gift


Guest favors for the baptism with chocolate, sweets or other small things are best packed in self-made boxes or other ideas. Craft paper and cardboard are good materials and can be designed very nicely with punches or serrated scissors. You can also put small labels on the packaging, on which either the name of the guest or the name of the baptized child, as well as the date, thanks and congratulations are written.


These little boxes that you can also use to give away cupcakes are very cute. But of course other items can also be stowed in it. How to make this cupcake box can be seen in the instructions above. A wide strip of paper is glued onto a paper circle to hold the box. This task is easiest if you glue the circle onto a bracelet, string or something similar and then put the paper strip inside.

For the lid, use a compass to draw a circle on paper that you divide into 15 segments. Measure approx. 5 mm from the edge in each segment and mark these places. Now you can design the wavy edge. After that, as shown, cut off three of the segments, adding a tab to glue on. The curves are still folded, after which you can glue the flap to the other edge. This creates the shape of a pyramid. You can also design the tip.


You can even use a simple paper cup to make interesting packaging for your baptism favors. It is best to choose a colored mug. Make eight evenly spaced cuts, making the length of the cut equal to the top radius of the cup. The flaps thus obtained are then folded inward. Before you close the mug, fill it with gifts of your choice.

diy bomboniere box folding instructions

Such classic boxes are also made very quickly and easily. The first thing you need is a stencil that you draw on plain paper with a pair of compasses. You will get a shape made up of two intersecting circles. You can also record the places where the paper will later be folded. You then transfer this figure onto colored construction paper, after which you fold the paper. You can customize the gift box with ribbons, string and other decorations.


If you want to sew packaging for the favors for the baptism, you can use any fabric for this purpose. Pretty bags can also be made with lace or linen fabric. Of course, such bags can also be bought ready-made, but after all you want to design something very individual. At the end, the small bags are only filled and closed with a nice ribbon. The tape can then be used at the same time to attach a label.

Make your own christening candy packaging

Baptism gifts - make your own baptismal candy packaging

We all know the crackers, which are very popular in the UK, especially on New Year’s Eve. Their appealing look is also very suitable for baptism gifts. And the best part about this idea is that you can easily make it yourself. In the following, we will show you simple instructions that you can adapt to suit your needs. Just use colors for the paper that match those of your planned decoration. You can then hide anything inside: sweets, small bath bombs, tags as a reminder of this big day or whatever else comes to mind. You can make a baptismal candy packaging yourself:

  • Tissue paper or wrapping paper
  • Toilet paper rolls (or from kitchen paper for larger candies)
  • line
  • any decorations such as stickers, rhinestones, ribbons etc..
  • small gifts to fill the christening sweets
  • Glue

Make your own DIY christening candy as guest favors - simple instructions with a toilet roll

For these type of baptism favors, use tissue paper to cut squares large enough to cover the openings in the roll. Glue one side of the toilet roll shut with one of the squares. Then you can fill it up, after which you also close the other side. Then cut out a large square either from wrapping paper or from tissue paper, with which you completely wrap the roll and glue the paper in place. This piece should therefore be a little longer than the circumference of the roll and also significantly longer so that you can tie the ends together at the end to get the typical look of the crackers. Use string to tie it together, which you can then hide with a nice ribbon. After you have made the christening candy packaging yourself, you can decorate it as you like, attach a label or other things.

Christening sweets made of fabric as guest gifts for baptism

Make crackers as christening gifts for the guests with fabric

Of course, not only paper is suitable for wrapping. If you want the guest gifts for the baptism to look particularly elegant and romantic, you can also make the baptismal candy packaging yourself with beautiful fabrics. Tissue handkerchiefs or scraps of fabric from your last sewing projects are ideal for this. However, if these do not match the theme of the decoration, you can of course also buy new fabrics. Lines are particularly suitable here. To do handicrafts, proceed in the same way as if you were to work with paper. Textile scissors would be an advantage, but normal craft scissors can do it if necessary.

Make geometric christening sweets yourself for a modern baptism

Favors for baptism - baptism sweets without toilet paper roll with template

If you want to make the handicraft even easier, you can use a template. We have two such templates for this geometric christening candy – one in normal size and one in small format for smaller models. All you have to do is print out the template on whatever paper you want and then cut it out along the solid lines. The easiest and cleanest way to cut out the diamonds is with a cutter. Then fold each candy along the dashed lines, fill them up and tie them together.

Print out the template and cut it out

Instructions for crafting with a template for DIY crackers

If the monochrome version looks too modern for you, you can of course also use motif paper that meets your requirements. Nowadays you can find paper with a wide variety of patterns, including, for example, floral patterns for a more romantic look. Be creative if you make the baptismal candy packaging yourself for baptism favors.

Fold shape

Cut out and fold the template for a Christmas candy as a gift wrap

Template for sweets in normal size.

template for mini format.

Nice idea made from crepe paper

Make your own christening candy packaging from crepe paper

Make transparent christening candy packaging yourself

Transparent christening sweets for a cool gift idea

Romantic with roses, angular or simple in neutral colors

Ideas to give away to guests - sweets with roses, square and round

Decorate the christening sweets nicely

Cool gifts for the christening party to make yourself out of paper or textile