Artificial flowers decoration – 9 beautiful and very easy DIY instructions!

Artificial flowers decoration bouquet home accessories flowers painting instructions

An artificial flower decoration looks particularly cheerful, fresh and colorful and makes every apartment much more beautiful! Artificial flowers have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason – they’re a great alternative to real flowers, last longer, and cost a lot less. In this article we show you 7 wonderful and very simple DIY instructions on what you can make yourself out of artificial flowers to give your home a fresh touch!

Artificial flowers decoration – beautiful napkin rings

Make napkin rings yourself DIY instructions table decoration wedding flowers

These wonderful napkin rings are ready in no time and complete your table decoration with a stylish and romantic charm. Match the artificial flower decoration with other items such as candles and napkins and you will get the perfect table setting for your wedding or a birthday.


  • a few artificial flowers of your choice
  • about 1 meter of cord
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Make napkin rings from artificial flowers yourself DIY instructions table decoration wedding

And this is how it is done:

  • Use the scissors to cut a piece of string 30 centimeters long. Form a circle and tie the ends together.
  • Use the remaining ends to form a small loop that will serve as the base for the artificial flower.
  • Cut off the stems and remove a few from the lower leaves.
  • First, glue all the leaves to the back of the flower with the hot glue gun and let them dry completely.
  • After about 15 minutes, glue the flower in the middle of the loop and let it dry for 1 hour. And your napkin rings are ready!

Beautiful artificial flowers decoration for the living room – hanging picture frame

Artificial flowers decoration ideas decorate the wall home accessories living trends

The artificial flower decoration not only ensures a good mood, you can also use it to set beautiful color accents. In the following we will show you how you can spice up a simple picture frame so that it becomes a real eye-catcher in your living room. Coordinate it with the rest of the accessories in the room and give your apartment a unique and very personal touch.

Everything you need for this:

  • Wire ring with mesh for hanging
  • Various artificial flowers of your choice, best to match the rest of the decoration
  • Floral wire
  • Cotton cord
  • Cable shears

Picture frames DIY instructions artificial flowers decoration ideas home accessories

Simple step by step instructions:

  • Cut about 8 inches from the wire and bend the end. Then wrap some cotton cord around the end and tie it in a knot as in the picture above.
  • Remove the stem from the artificial flower and instead secure the flower wire securely in the flower.
  • Then wrap the flower around the picture frame and adjust the flowers on the front.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the flowers. If you want, you can also add a few leaves – this will make the new picture frame look even fresher and happier!
  • Now all you have to do is hang up pictures using small clips and hang them on the wall!

Make pretty succulents from artificial flowers yourself

Artificial flowers deco terrarium Succulent plants do it yourself DIY instructions

Are you looking for a pretty artificial flower decoration that is ready in no time and is a real eye-catcher in every living room? Succulents are the new trend plants of the year and look like real works of art in and of themselves.

Required materials:

  • Sand – 2 or more shades, depending on your taste
  • artificial succulents
  • Decorative glass bowl or mason jars, if you have some at home
  • Cable shears

Artificial succulents decoration ideas home accessories set up living room

Prepare artificial succulents yourself – Instructions:

  • Cut the succulents diagonally with the cable shears.
  • Put the first layer of sand in the glass bowl and shake gently so it can settle.
  • Use a spoon to spread the second sand on top, making sure that the two layers do not mix.
  • Then add artificial succulents and press them lightly into the sand to set them in place.

Beautiful artificial flowers decoration made from old lightbulbs

Light bulbs upcycling ideas home accessories living trends summer

Bringing old objects to new life is becoming more and more popular, and old lightbulbs can be used to make excellent decorations. With the help of delicate, colorful artificial flowers, you can turn them into an excellent garland for the garden or living room in no time at all.


  • old lightbulbs or Christmas tree balls for handicrafts
  • colored sand or pearls
  • Stones or other small decorative objects
  • various artificial flowers
  • a cork or a small piece of cork
  • Superglue

Flower decoration ideas lightbulbs upcycling living sustainably DIY home accessories

First, we’ll show you the easiest way to hollow out an old lightbulb. To do this, you need pliers, tweezers, a thin screwdriver and gloves to protect against splinters.

  • Use the pliers to carefully separate the silver cap from the black plastic surface and use the screwdriver to hollow out the resulting hole.
  • To make it easier for you to place the artificial flower decoration later, you can widen the silver frame a bit with the pliers.
  • Use the screwdriver to push the inside of the light bulb to the side and slowly pull it out with the tweezers or shake it out.

Old light bulb decoration ideas flowers decoration sand purple garden decoration living trends

Flower vase made from old lightbulbs – step by step instructions:

  • First put some sand into the already hollowed out lightbulb.
  • Spread the stones on top with tweezers.
  • Line up the artificial flowers with a piece of wire.
  • Then glue the cork or the piece of cork into the hole with the superglue and make sure that everything is well closed.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining lightbulbs and attach them to a string of lights using superglue.

Artificial flower garland for a touch of romance in the bedroom

Bedroom decorating ideas Wall decorating rustic living trends

Turn your bedroom into a real oasis of well-being with this beautiful artificial flower decoration! The rose garland gives the room an individual charm and will certainly put you in a romantic mood immediately!

Required materials:

  • various artificial roses
  • a birch branch
  • a roll of string
  • Tacky Glue – a special adhesive that is particularly suitable for gluing wood
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cable shears

And this is how it is done:

  • Cut off the stems from the roses.
  • Place the artificial flowers in rows on a smooth surface – you will need around 18-20 artificial roses for a whole row.
  • Cut the string into pieces about 2 meters in size.
  • Cut about 20 centimeters of string and wrap it around the first artificial flower. Put a few drops of Tacky Glue on top and attach to the long thread.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the roses, leaving about 10 centimeters between the flowers.
  • Tie the twine around the birch branch.
  • And now all you have to do is hang the rose garland over your bed and relax!

Simple and quick idea for artificial flowers decoration – tea light holder yourself handcraft

Artificial flower decoration ideas, tealight holder, make yourself easy DIY instructions

For a beautiful, self-made tealight holder, slightly larger artificial flowers are best, such as sunflowers or petals.

For this you need:

  • large artificial flowers
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Modeling plaster
  • water
  • Wooden sticks
  • rubber gloves

And this is how it is done:

  • Mix the modeling plaster with the water. Remove the stems and dip the flowers in the mixture. Let dry completely on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
  • Immerse in the plaster bath again after about 20 minutes.
  • When dry, you can paint or decorate them as you like and use them as tealight holders.

This is how you give the old artificial flowers a new color!

Painting artificial flowers DIY instructions easy home accessories autumn

Are you bored of the old artificial flowers? Instead of throwing them away, you can recolor them to match the rest of the decorations in your home.

You need:

  • old artificial flowers
  • Spray paint of your choice
  • suitable surface for drying

This is how you succeed with the new artificial flower decoration:

  • First, wipe the dust off the plants with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Place the flowers on the surface and spray them with the color you have chosen. Let dry for 15 minutes.
  • Turn and spray again until everything is completely covered. Let dry for 1 hour and you’re done!

Give your old handbag a completely new look

Spice up handbag artificial flowers decoration ideas upcycling bracelet handbags

Artificial flowers decoration is not only suitable for your home. The flower patterns are all the rage this year – so why not decorate your old handbag with some pretty flowers?


  • an old handbag
  • Artificial flowers
  • Cable shears
  • Superglue

It’s that easy:

  • Use the cable shears to remove the stems and leaves from the artificial flowers.
  • Then arrange the plants in the desired shape on the handbag and fasten with the superglue.
  • Press firmly with your hands for about 5-10 minutes and your new, trendy handbag is ready!

Create the perfect bouquet of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers decoration bouquet porcelain vase decorate living room

The artificial flower decoration in the form of a beautiful bouquet makes absolutely every room shine and can always be adapted to the coming seasons. In the following we give you a few tips on how you can create the perfect bouquet all by yourself!

For example, you need:

  • 1 peach-colored magnolia branch
  • 2 cream-colored dahlia branches
  • 2 red dahlias
  • 3 branches of eucalyptus
  • 1 rose branch

Arranging bouquet of artificial flowers Home decor ideas Home trends Home accessories


  • Decide on your accent flower and place it in the matching flower vase – of the plants selected above, the peach-colored magnolia would be best suited.
  • Distribute the eucalyptus branches around the magnolia and bend the stems slightly outwards. The nice thing about the artificial flowers is that you can always bend them into the desired shape.
  • You can either leave the bouquet as it is or add more flowers. In this way you create even more movement in your new living room decoration.
  • Experiment with different flowers until you get the result you want.

Artificial flowers decoration upcycling ideas home accessories bouquet