Apartment renovation – small studio gets a new look

set up kitchen dining area folding chairsWe’ll show you an example of how a small studio in Paris was completely transformed. the Apartment renovation clearly shows how practical and stylish furnishing can be done with a little imagination and skill.

Apartment renovation – designer solutions for limited spaces

Wall panel staircase white color

the Apartment renovation started with new wall paint. The walls were painted white, which makes the interior look brighter and more spacious. Completely white furniture and glass walls add to the overall concept. The narrow room could accommodate a small cooking block with built-in appliances and a dining area. A staircase with storage space leads to the sleeping area. The bathroom and sanitary area are located under the loft bed. All the furniture is in a minimalist style, simple and elegant. The stairwell can be used as a seat. The apartment is perfectly furnished for two people and offers all the comforts of modern furnishings.

Apartment renovation – lighting effects

white one bedroom apartment lighting system kitchen

The white color provides the perfect background for the integrated LED lighting system. A real light show awaits the residents in the evening. A wall panel is equipped with several light modules. Several lights are also installed under the stairwell. The lighting is the absolute highlight in the design and serves as decoration in the interior. Thanks to the clever combination of functionality and style, the Apartment renovation a studio was created that is perfect for young and modern people. Singles or young couples in particular can benefit from the design. We were definitely impressed by the completely white, puristic interior. The project was designed and implemented by the Betillon Dorval-Bory design office.

Small compact apartment

Colors white walls cooking block built-in appliances

Space in a one-room apartment is limited

space-saving facility stylish design

The stairs lead to the loft bed

Sleeping area saves space stairs

Light is used as decoration in the interior

Lighting bathroom sleeping area loft bed

A young couple’s new apartment

Flat seat stairs white minimalist

Wall panel with integrated lighting

Lighting system recessed lights

Bathroom screened with room divider

Japanese style bathroom lighting

Puristic bathroom completely in white

One-room apartment room divider puristic

Yellow lighting in the bathroom

yellow lighting under bathroom stairs

Puristic furnishings

Glass wall stylish design plant pots

Light as an accent

Window lighting glass partition

minimalist shower cubicle with glass wall

Glass wall shower stairwell

Completely white washbasin with base cabinet

shape shower cubicle white color

Sketches and plans of the lighting system

modern design sketch lighting system

Lighting living area plan sketch

Sketch of recessed LED lights project

Bathroom design recessed lamps

Room layout one-room apartment

Apartment renovation pictures beforehand