80s outfit for theme party – 40 suggestions for what to wear!

80s theme party outfit neon green mini skirt crop top

Do you urgently need inspiration for an 80s theme party outfit? We are happy to help and give you some ideas on how you can recreate the look. Because at that time, brightly colored clothing was really trendy. Combined with a lot of jewelry according to the motto – more is more – the decade cannot be confused with any other fashion epoch.

80s outfit for theme party – trendy cuts

80s-theme party-outfit-ideas-colorful-design-pink-net-top-neon-yellow-top-leggings

Oh, the 80s – the time when studded belts, tulle skirts, shirts with shoulder pads and leggings in neon colors were all the rage. Real trendsetters back then liked to try out new outfits – and in this decade everything was really possible, the main thing was colorful and eye-catching! These basic principles help to find orientation in the chaotic world of fashion at first sight:

 – The 80s fashion was strongly influenced by the gymnastics trend – that’s why sportswear / back then leggings and body / were often worn on the street. Plastic bangles and hairbands in strong neon shades completed the outfit. Men also liked to combine sports jackets and trainers with carrot jeans.

– Those who were not on the gymnastics trend, combined casual, airy tops / s. the off-the-shoulder blouse on the poster from the American film Flashdance / with tight, body-hugging jeans with a high waist. In addition, wide belts were worn.

– The evening wear was also striking – the women’s shirts and jackets were worn with shoulder pads, the tiered or tulle skirt was often combined with a cropped, tight top.

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Put together an 80s outfit for a theme party

80s-theme party-outfit-women-net top-white-bustier-pink-gold belt

Even if you don’t have 80s fashion at home, you can put together an outfit with little cost and skill. Our tip – wear jeans, a brightly colored top and a cropped blouse in a contrasting color to the theme party. Invest in accessories – large belts, plastic jewelry and matching gauntlets will complete the look.

80s outfit with gauntlets, aviator glasses and t-shirts with prints

80s-theme party-outfit-t-shirt-large-aviator glasses-fingerless-gloves

Typical for the fashion of the 80s are experimental combinations of women’s outfits. For example, you can put together an outfit that is narrow at the bottom and large at the top. Just put on an oversized shirt and combine it with leggings or tight-fitting pants. If you have a large sweatshirt in your closet that has long since been forgotten, you can cut out the neck so that it hangs down from the shoulders. You are welcome to wear a sports bra or tank top in a bright color underneath. As a top for your themed party wear, a t-shirt with large shoulder pads would be very suitable. You can cut the padding out of foam and simply sew it onto the shirt.

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80s outfit – evening wear in the style of the 80s

80s theme party outfit-large-paper-eye glasses-glitter dress

As already mentioned, the fashion conscious of the 80s wore bright and bold colors and made them the hallmarks of this fashion wave. Neon colors were absolutely indispensable in this decade. If you have already chosen your upper and lower part, you can add great accents with accessories in bold colors and give your outfit the finishing touch. If you want to attract attention by choosing the color of your clothes, you can combine different, bright colors with each other and create a unique outfit. A neon pink top would go perfectly with a neon green mini skirt. The colored accent in your outfit can also wear the tights. Put on gauntlets of a different color over them and the desired colorful outfit is ready.

80s theme party outfit – maybe the parents have just the right dress lying around?

80s theme party outfit prom styling retro dress glitter

In addition to the flashy clothes, denim clothing also enjoyed great popularity in the 80s. For example, women can combine a denim skirt with a denim jacket and men can combine jeans with a denim jacket. Pull a tight shirt under the jacket. Preferably wear different types of denim. In the style of the 80s, you can also combine the denim fabrics with lace. The contrast of materials is another important feature of this style. The look you want can be achieved very easily with a denim skirt or faded jeans and a lace top.

Two affordable 80s style outfits

80s-themed party-outfit-disco-outfits-mini-dress-high-sandals-leggings

In the 1980s, aerobic and sportswear were also very popular. You can easily achieve a perfect 80s look by combining sports pants with a jacket and comfortable sneakers. A sweater made of velor or velvet rounds off the look. For the famous and popular training outfit at the time, you need a skin-tight body, colorful leggings, a wide headband and a sweatband on your wrists.

Colorful, striking, original – that was the fashion of the 80s

80s-theme party-outfit-leggings-silver-pink-mini-skirt-blue-top-colorful-jewelry

A perfect outfit naturally also includes the right hairstyle. At the theme party, for example, you can wear your hair with playful waves. The classic hairstyle in the 80s for women was the permanent wave. Basically, the voluminous hairstyles shaped the 80s. If your hair is just as garish as the rest of your outfit, you can be sure that you will attract enthusiastic looks at the theme party. Of course, the easiest way to achieve the 80s pop star look is to put on a wig at the party. For last minute styling, you can tease your hair with the comb and give your hairstyle a better hold with some hairspray. You can also use a curler or curling iron to give your hair more volume. Another classic 80s hairstyle is the side ponytail. For an authentic look, curl your hair before tying it in a ponytail. For men, the so-called mullet hairstyle was very popular, which you can also imitate with a suitable wig. Many stars wore the typical “short front, long back” hairstyle.

80s theme party outfit – evening dresses in the style of the 80s – tiered skirt was very trendy at the time

80s-theme party-outfit-fashion-evening wear-prom-gold-ruesche-lace

Heavy earrings, eye-catching necklaces made of many necklaces falling on top of each other or a colored belt look absolutely authentic. The right party items undoubtedly also include sunglasses with colored temples or with a gold rim. The women, but also the punk men, can use a dark lipstick to put on make-up, which is typical of the 80s. The women can make up their entire eyelids with a light eyeshadow or maybe combine two or three colors.

80s theme party outfit – The so-called gymnastics trend comes from the USA

80s-themed party-outfit-women-hairband-leggings-loose-t-shirts

Modern interpretation of 80s fashion

80s-theme party-outfit-comic figure-leggings-colorful-wig-yellow

80s theme party outfit – leather jackets were only worn by the coolest guys back then

80s-themed party-outfit-jewelry-off shoulder-top-jeans-leather jacket

Pink, yellow, orange and green – leggings in neon colors are also trendy this year

80s-theme party-outfit-do-it-yourself-neon-leggings-denim shorts-yellow-top

80s-theme party-outfit-do-it-yourself-men-jogging-jacket-T-shirt

80s theme party outfit-skirt-floral pattern-blouse-pink-wig

80s theme party outfit-wig-t-shirt-print-neon-jewelry

80s-theme party-outfit-wide-clothing-men-glasses-shirt-tutu-skirt

80s theme party outfit women glitter ideas

80s theme party outfit jackets colorful ideas

The more conspicuous the clothes, the more conspicuous the hairstyles

80s theme party outfit men wig net top

80s theme party outfit shoulder pads blue glitter dress

80s-theme party-outfit-school-uniform-sweet

80s theme party outfit magic cube headdress handbag

80s theme party outfit women men animal pattern rivet belt plastic shoulder pads

80s-themed party-outfit-women-ruesche-rock-black-leggings-sandals

80s-themed party outfit-bridesmaid-ideas-tutu-skirt-pink

These accessories from the 80s are also in trend this summer

80s theme party outfit leggings lego pattern ideas

80s themed party outfit neon color yellow necklace

80s-themed party-outfit-neon-gauntlets-women-silver-pumps

80s-themed party-outfit-neon color-pumps-orange-yellow

80s-theme party-outfit-jewelry-spice up-ideas-fashion

 Outfit inspired by the movie Flashdance

80s theme party outfit flash dance body cuffs off shoulder blouse

80s theme party outfit flash dance outfit ideas

Outfit Ideas for Couples – Dirty Dancing

80s-theme party-outfit-baby-costume-ideas-women-men

Outfit Ideas for Men – Indiana Jones

80s theme party outfit ideas shirt pants men

Outfit ideas for men – Terminator leather jacket

80s theme party outfit leather jacket sunglasses terminator movie

Madonna became a fashion icon at the time

80s theme party outfit Madonna fishnet blouse black top

80s-theme party-outfit-ghost hunter-film-inspired-look-men

80s-themed party-outfit-beautiful-in-pink-movie-flower-leggings

80s theme party outfit Tom Cruise shirt

80s theme party outfit top gun movie outfit

80s theme party outfit neon-color-chains-beads-clothespins-hair-accessory

80s theme party outfit rock-leather-clothing-sunglasses-cassette recorder

80s-theme party-outfit-ball-dresses-suit-puff sleeves

80s-theme party-outfit-arm warmers-ponytail-hair-tie-top-gray