3 upcycling ideas for clothes and sewing instructions

Upcycling ideas for clothes-sewing-old-clothes-new-fashion

It is well known that materials such as glass, paper and plastic can be recycled, which is why they are disposed of separately in order to make the process cheaper. But what about the old clothes and textiles that are thrown away as waste in households and industry. Designers use scraps of fabric to create new, trendy clothing, thereby protecting nature as well. However, one should not be professionally involved in fashion in order to beautify the old clothes. We introduce 3 simple ones Upcycling ideas for clothes and sewing instructions.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – 3 easy sewing instructions

Upcycling ideas for clothes - sewing instructions - Peter Pan collar - gray - dots - red

For every upcycling idea there is an old piece of clothing – T-shirt or dress, which is decorated with scraps of fabric and redesigned. Basic knowledge of sewing, a sewing machine and of course sewing accessories are required. The first sewing instructions sew a Peter Pan collar onto a basic T-shirt.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – sew your own T-shirt with Peter Pan collar

upcycling-ideas-clothing-sewing-instructions-Peter Pan-collar-template-template

To make a Peter Pan collar, draw the shape you want on paper and create a stencil. Remove the correct bottom of the collar from the neckline of the T-shirt. Plan a distance of about 1-1.5 cm for the seam. Cut out two identical collars from a scrap piece of fabric with a suitable design using the template you created.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – sew Peter Pan collar out of fabric according to the template

upcycling-ideas-clothing-sewing-instructions-Peter Pan-collar-fabric-old-clothes

Sew the two cutouts for the collar together. Make sure the fronts match and you sew on the back. A precise, clean seam is an important prerequisite for successful results. When looking for the right fabric for the Peter Pan collar, don’t choose a jersey or thick materials, but rather shirt fabric.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – sewing Peter Pan collar onto a basic T-shirt

upcycling-ideas-clothing-sewing-instructions-t-shirt-Peter Pan collar-red-dots

When the Peter Pan collar is done on its own, you can start sewing it together. Fix with pins and then sew it precisely onto the neckline of the T-shirt. In this case, the seam is in the foreground and has a design meaning, which is why it should be very precise and clean.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – decorate a T-shirt with a Peter Pan collar

upcycling-ideas-clothing-sewing-instructions-Peter Pan-collar-t-shirt-before-after

As a great result like this, you can match the Peter Pan collar design to that of the T-shirt. It looks especially nice when the fabric of the collar is patterned and the color of the T-shirt can be found there.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – mullet T-shirt with an interesting back


The so-called mullet T-shirts and blouses, those with a longer back, have recently become very fashionable. Playful versions with a back made of patterned fabric add a playful, youthful touch. However, this model top can be designed relatively easily yourself.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – VOkuhila sew your own t-shirt from old clothes


Sew a mullet t-shirt yourself when you are upcycling an old one. Take a T-shirt in basic color, blouse also possible, and fabric with interesting designs and patterns. It should be as big as the back of the top.

Upcycling ideas for clothes made from old clothes – choose suitable scraps of fabric and a T-shirt


For the playful back part, relatively thin fabrics are wonderfully suitable, which are color-coordinated with the basic color of the T-shirt. Interesting motifs will emphasize the individual appearance and attract attention.

Cut 2/3 of the back of the T-shirt


Take the old t-shirt and cut 2/3 of the back. It usually looks appealing if the part falls 3-4 cm under the sleeve. Also plan in advance where the seam will run and calculate plus 1 centimeter.

Use the cut part as a template

upcycling-ideas-clothing-sewing-instructions-t-shirt-black-cut out

The cut-out fabric of the back will serve as a template and accordingly cut a piece from the patterned residue. Allow a few more centimeters for the seams and of course an extended back length.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – the fabrics match


Cut out the lower area of ​​the new back section in a curved shape to allow a smooth transition to the front of the top. A pleated blind in the middle of the back is possible on request. So the extra fabric will be a trapezoid shape. Fix with pins and sew precisely together.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – fix them in place with embroidery needles


Upcycling ideas for clothes – old t-shirt in Vconvert okuhila t-shirt


Precise seams for successful results


Creative Upcycling ideas for clothes made from scraps of fabric and old clothes


Upcycling ideas for clothes – decorate black dress with contrasting lace


Contrasting dresses with lace details are very trendy and ensure a feminine look. Inspired by a girl’s dress like this, a passionate seamstress interpreted the model. She has adorned her basic black dress with beige lace very successfully.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – decorate the little black dress with lace


The combination with the tip in light beige or creamy white brings a vintage note to the outfit and makes it appear very feminine. It is advisable to invest a little more money in high-quality pointed tips made from natural fibers. To achieve a stylish appearance, avoid shiny lace or those with shimmering accents.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – choose a black dress and nice lace


For the upcycling project you need a basic dress in a dark color, black or dark blue is best. You choose the tip with large motifs that can easily be cut out and brought to a desired composition.

Upcycling ideas for clothes – attaching lace to an old dress in a contrasting color


Place the lace motifs anywhere you like. Design the contrasting accents and fix by hand with thread and needle so that the decorations do not move later when sewing together.

Cut out the tip nicely and clean it


In the following example, the asymmetrical lace accents in the lower and upper areas are extremely successful. This design looks wonderful because the tip also has an irregular character.

Upcycling ideas for clothes with their own style


With a bit of lace and some free time, you can bring that old boring dress to a new life. You are welcome to recycle old clothes that look good on you in this way. Others that are already lacking or do not match your exact size, but have interesting colors and patterns, can be used wonderfully for all decorations.

Attach lace in a contrasting color to the boring black dress


According to this upcycling idea, other items of clothing can also be embellished and given a new look. For a stylish look, combine it with discreet jewelry, a small bag and elegant, classic heel shoes so that the home-made decoration really comes into its own.

Tasteful, self-decorated black dress


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